new gamertag

I’m wanting more friends on Xbox to play with/be in parties talking and all that because I don’t have anyone to talk to whilst I play and it’d be nice to form some new friendships! Gamertag; SassyLass xoxo

I’m currently playing Destiny 2, Black ops 3 and Gears Of War 4 but mainly the first two.

So I changed my gamertag on xbl

It used to be Sinful Accident.

I tried to change it to SwAlexandria, which stands for Sleeping with Alexandria. I came up with it by combining my two favorite bands, Sleeping with Sirens and Asking Alexandria.

It was fucking taken.

So my brother and I decided to come up with something original, which was similar so it’d look like we were brothers. Either that, or just good friends.

I came up with SINxPride.
His is SINxGreed.

It looks sick as fuck when we’re on the top of the leaderboards together