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I would love for you to apply to my first ever faves page! 


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks only)


  • A follow from me (if I’m not already following you) and a new friend
  • A feature spot on my faves page
  • Exposure to almost 15k followers - I’ll queue tons from you!

To increase your chances:

  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Talk to me! I’d love to get to know you better
  • Follow my fashion blog

Banner was made by the wonderful Gaby. Request one of her gorgeous banners here

Good luck! I will be choosing when I’m satisfied with the notes (:

Marauders preference: First date

Remus Lupin

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Cuddling and reading in the common room

Sirius Black

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Trying to prank Dumbledore, then detention. It was his fault

James Potter

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The prank war to end all prank wars. You’re still counting the casualties

Peter Pettigrew

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Being a third wheel because Peter’s chilling with his new best friend

A/N: If you want to give me feedback or request one of these types of posts, my ask is here!

Hi my loves! Well, once i got 1K followers (yeyyyy, thank you so much, i’m really happy) i decided to host my very first awards. The theme will be the songs of the Eurovision ( Go Portugal!)


  • must be following me, i will check 
  • reblog this post, likes don’t count as an entry, but may be used as bookmarks
  • please be nice and don’t delete the caption or self promote on this post.


best url -  Hey Mamma (Moldavia)

best icon - Skeletons (Azerbaijan)

best posts - This is love (Greece)

best theme - I can’t go on (Sweden)

best color scheme - Flashlight (Poland)

best overall - Amar pelos dois (Portugal)

nicest blogger - Fly with me (Armenia)

Maria’s fave - Don’t come easy (Australia)


  • a new follower (me!) and friend
  • a place on an amazing showcase page (under construction)
  • promos up on request (max. 2/week) and the chance to collab
  • tons of queues

higher chances:

  • talk to me! i love to meet new people!
  • reblog this post more than once, so i notice you more


this  banner was created by me and the picture was found on tumblr.
i will pick the winners when i are satisfied with the notes. please don’t let this flop, otherwise i will pretend, it never happened.

if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. 

 happy reblogging and good luck!

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Hello, Beautiful!! Since I’m super busy with school, I’ll need lots of Queues to keep my blog active and my Queue is running low so fast! So I’ve decided to make my own Queue Group! Yay!!


  • Must be following me (desiering​)
  • Must reblog this post at least once, likes will only count as bookmarking
  • Please be an active blogger.


  • Follow from me and a new friend
  • A spot on a queue page (under construction)
  • Constant stream of queues!!
  • New Friends :)
  • New blogs to follow & to queue from!

Higher Chances:

  • Reblog this more than once
  • Talk to me! Don’t be shy :)
  • Have a similar blog style


  • Banner made by the beautiful talented Haniah <3
  • I will pick when I’m happy with the notes!
  • No limit of blogs! The more the merrier!
  • Please don’t let this flop

Good luck & Happy Reblogging! <3

- Kit


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Hey everyone! I’m so excited to update my faves page! Thank you so much for 30k+ followers, I’m so happy, it means a lot to me and every single one of you count. I promised I’d update my faves page once I hit my goal, so here is fadeaux’s faves 2.0

 R U L E S : 

  • Must be following fadeaux (Stefanie)
  • Reblogs only, likes won’t be counted

P E R K S :

  • A spot on my faves page 
  • Promos and Queues to 30,000+ followers 
  • A new best friend
  • A follow from me if not already following 

H I G H E R | C H A N C E S 

  • Talk to me and be my friend :)
  • The more you reblog, the more I notice you 




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Hello everyone! I’ve decided that it’s about time I made an official favourites page because over the past few months I have come across so many beautiful blogs, which I want to showcase. I can’t wait to have a page on my blog featuring all of you beautiful people :) 


  • mbf me (rheminiscent)
  • Must reblog this post at least once (likes only count as bookmarking)
  • Do not self-promote or delete this text (it won’t show up on your blog)


  • A new friend
  • A follow from me if not already
  • Queues all the time
  • A spot on my new faves page (under co.)
  • Promos weekly upon request
  • Personal and blog advice 

Higher Chances:

  • Have a clean, organised blog
  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Talk to me, I don’t bite and I love getting to know my followers :) 
  • Reblog my uploads (will make me notice you)
  • Follow me on instagram @chemrow 


  • Banner made by me (rheminiscent)
  • I will choose when I am satisfied with the notes
  • Amount of people may vary depending on the reblogs
  • Apply here for my Shoe Designer Awards
  • Apply here for the Arizona Tea Awards
  • Apply here for the Celeb Sibling Awards
  • Apply here for the Happiness Awards  
  • Feel free to ask any questions

I wish you all the best of luck and happy re-blogging :) 

Lots of love, 

Charlie xxx

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Hiiii! I’ve decided to make a faves page because there are so many blogs I like and I’ve been wanting one since forever haha


  • must be following me
  • reblog this (likes don’t count)


  • a follow from me
  • a new friend
  • a spot on my faves page (still have to make it)
  • I’ll queue a lot from you

Higher chances:

  • talk to me! (I really love it when people send me messages)
  • have a similar blogstyle (this isn’t necessary)
  • reblog this post more than once


  • I think I’ll choose 15-20 blogs once I’m happy with the notes
  • I made the banner (it’s not my pic)

You can always message me if you have any questions! Happy reblogging x

(i hope this will get any notes so I don’t embarras myself omg)

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Since heaps of blogs in my current faves have either changed url or blog style, I decided to update my faves!


  • Please be following me (infuseing)
  • Reblogs only, you can reblog more than once (likes only count as a bookmark)


  • A follow from me
  • A new friend
  • A spot on my faves page
  • html/theme help
  • gain followers


Good luck! <3

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Hello :) I’m lately gaining many followers, so I decided to increase my favorite page.


  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog this post , likes don’t count


  • A follow from me
  • Promo
  • A new friend
  • A spot on my Favorite Page

Higer Chance:

  • Follow me on instagram (filipaaraujo_)
  • Reblog several times
  • Having the same blog style as I 

I will be announcing the winners at 1/08/2015

If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Good luck :)