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Indian Food (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Warnings: Swearing, Sexual References,

Word Count: 850+

I was cleaning our house, if I had to sum it up, it would be that it looked like a pig sty, until I was done with it; to be more specific, it was Bucky and I’s house.

We first met as I was assigned to look after him and help him with keeping out of his bad mindset as well as becoming a friend.

Steve would pop around most days to keep his good friend company, often I would make them snacks and then leave them to it, but then they started to invite me to their ‘boys only’ meetings and we all got along well.

It was interesting listening to the old men reminisce about their life before everything got incredibly complicated and also, them discussing new technology- I found it rather amusing.

Bucky- as he had to spend every day, day in day out, with me- eventually he had to break down his walls and open up to me and I soon found out he didn’t trust easily so I felt blessed.

Then, slowly but surely, we fell senselessly and passionately in love with each other, sure, we had our bumps along the way but we were going well and also laying low.

After the fight with Steve, Bucky and Tony, we had to, the governments did not like Buck one bit.

I heard the door open “Buck?” I asked.

“mm, yeah. It’s me” He hummed, carrying the numerous groceries in.

I went to the door to help him and after we were done, he gave me one of his infamous side smiles.

Bucky snaked his hands around my waist “you do such a good job looking after me and this house, how did I ever get so lucky?” he chuckled gruffly.

“I don’t know Buck, how did you?” I said, being cheeky.

“do I have to explain it to you, you old man? Have you lost your memory again?” I laughed.

“maybe, but I haven’t lost my looks” he smiled into my hair.

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A friend called Fluffy

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Ok, I have an oddly specific request. Don’t ask me how my mind came up with that one. xD Reader adopts a dog with only 3 legs and even though Tony was strictly against a pet in the Avengers tower, he ends up making a high tec prosthetic leg and a collar that can “call” some kind of cage, that protects the dog in case of an attack (like his suit) Cute and Fluffy, please! :)


Tried to be as fluffy as possible but fluffy doesn’t come easily to me (my personal WIPs are mostly angst based) so I worry that I’m not doing it right. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Implied/background Tony x Reader

Words: 3448

Set  Post-Avengers  Pre-Avengers AOU

Your friendship with Tony Stark had, for the most part, been an incredibly strong one. The major hiccup had occurred close to the beginning of your time together. As a retired Shield agent it had been ridiculously hard to find a job that you liked and that didn’t look too far into your hidden past. When you applied for a security position at Stark tower you counted your blessings that you’d entertained Tony and Happy so that they hired you on the spot and ignored Pepper’s scolding about
protocol and paperwork.
Everything was fine until Natasha Romanov, a very close friend of yours from your shield days, arrived posing as Tony’s Personal Assistant. Knowing that Nat could never tell you the purpose of her mission, you stormed into Tony’s office and quit your job while shouting that there were easier ways to spy on you. Tony, being how he is, hacked into the Shield archives to find why on earth people would be spying on you, he also had a sneaky peak at your file, before he got in touch with you to explain that he’d had nothing to do with it. You let him explain himself and when he went to meet Fury and Nat at the donut shop to discuss the Avengers you went with him as backup and that’s how you’d been dragged into joining.
You’d been mad at the time but it had given you a whole host of new and old friends that you could count on. Tony appreciated that you struggled with socialising sometimes but he was unprepared to tolerate this solution.

“Absolutely not! Get that mongrel out of the tower and make sure it takes it’s flees with it.” Tony declared dramatically as he gestured to the sleeping ball of fur in Steve’s arms next to you. You’d found the poor pup abandoned and missing a front leg, luckily he wasn’t bleeding so it looked to be a birth defect, on one your walks through the city with Steve. It was a regular thing, he’d tell you about what life used to be like for him before the war and you’d fill him in on new technology, he found you a lot more patient and approachable than Tony when he’d once tried to explain something to Steve. You scratched the pups ear and he snuggled further into Steve’s arms, in comparison to the Super Solider arms the puppy looked even tinier, “Don’t worry Fluffy, you ignore the mean man.”
“Fluffy?” Tony mocked as he poured himself a small glass of whiskey.
“It’s from Harry Potter.” You countered as you continued to scratch the pups ear.
“You realise you’re a grown woman right?” Tony taunted as he gestured at you with his drink.
“And you’re a grown man so stop acting like a child.” You countered.
“My house, my rules.” Tony argued.
“Come on Stark, Y/N found the poor guy abandoned.” Steve tried to help you.
“Great so it’s probably diseased.” Tony grumbled and poured himself another drink.
“Come on Tony, you can’t make Y/N kick the dog out, it’ll struggle on its own.” Bruce finally looked up from his papers to ass his two cents.

“So it’s my fault it’s missing a leg?” Tony responded.
“It’s your fault that you’re overreacting.” Nat offered dryly from behind her book.
“Not overreacting. What’s the little mongrel gonna do when the big green guy makes an appearance and it can’t run away? Also, this is my tower, or are we forgetting that?” Tony argued childishly and Bruce shot him a long suffering look.
“Tony I’m not throwing Fluffy out.” You folded your arms across your chest, stood your ground and stared down the billionaire. He crossed his own arms and stared back. Everyone was silent for a few minutes, Nat and Bruce both watched the scene over their reading materials and Steve scratched Fluffy’s back while pretending that he wasn’t interesting in watching your staring match.

“A week.” Tony relented first, he would never win against your stare or silent treatment, that and he liked the sound of his own voice too much, he continued, “A week to find the creature a new home and out of mine permanently.”
“A week to convince you then.” You gave him a small smile.
Tony shook his head, “I’m serious Y/N!”
“I know you are Tony.” You blew him a sarcastic kiss before scooping the precious bundle from Steve’s arms and sauntering down the corridor.

The first few days of Fluffy’s stay, Tony refused to look at the pup and barked sarcastic remarks at any of the Avengers who brought in anything related dog related, like his bed or toys. He also ordered JARVIS to lock the dog out of all rooms apart from your bedroom, with Bruce’s help you managed to override this so that Fluffy could also get into the lounge, Steve’s bedroom, Bruce’s bedroom and even the labs.

Tony threw a temper tantrum.

The day after Tony got progressively worse, he spent the morning spraying Steve and Clint with flee spray, you assumed he picked on them because he feared doing it to Nat or Bruce and he’d hate for you to ignore him if he pissed you off. That, you guessed, was part of the problem. Tony Stark basically functioned on attention; whether it be from the paparazzi or his friends, he had his name on the building for God Sake. But he prized your attention over others and right now you were giving it to Fluffy, a stupid dog, rather than him.

That was why he was currently working in his lab away from you and your new bestie. He most definitely wasn’t pouting. He was studying a projection for the mechanics of his new suit when he was interrupted by the sounds of tiny paws against his tile floor.

Tap, tap, thud.

Tony rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the sound and focused back on the projection in front of him. He’d get Bruce back later for getting around JARVIS to let Fluffy into the lab, his partner in science seemed to think that Tony just needed time to get used to the idea of having a pet. Bruce argued that once Tony saw how happy the pup made you that he’d warm up to Fluffy as well.

Fluffy leaned against Tony’s calves, his stump front leg angled slightly onto Tony’s shoes for more support as he looked up at Tony quizzically.
“Away you, I’m busy.” Tony shoo’d him with a wave of his hand before stepping away from the pup and walking around to his desk, he reached for some papers and knocked a screwdriver so that it rolled onto the floor.
Tony let out a noise of frustration and glared at Fluffy who was wagging his tail happily at the superhero, “I suppose you found that funny.” Tony accused.
Fluffy wagged more at the attention and with some difficultly the pup made its way to the screw driver and lifted it with his mouth.
“No, no that’s not for you mutt.” Tony grumbled.
Fluffy took a limp forward, he wobbled for a moment before falling forward onto his muzzle. Tony rolled his eyes but Fluffy was back up, wagging his tail and limping, with the occasional face plant, towards Tony with the screwdriver.
Tony took the screwdriver and dramatically wiped it on one of the rags on his desk. He scooped Fluffy up with one big hand and carried him to the door, with the puppy happily licking his hand, before putting him down outside the lab door. Fluffy fell again unbalanced but was back up and happily yipping at Tony again within the moment. Tony shoo’d him and shut the door.

That night you and Tony where cuddled up on the sofa watching an awfully dull physics documentary that Tony had chosen, it was his turn to choose, but it was hard for him to watch it because he was too busy glaring at Fluffy curled up in your lap.
“You know it’s a thief right? Stole from me in broad daylight.” Tony rambled in your ear.
You gave him a small, bored smile and reached up to pat his face sarcastically, “Tony he was playing fetch.”
“Well he wasn’t playing it well.” He reached up to your hand on his face and laced his fingers with yours.
After a few moments on peace and just enjoying each other in silence, Tony added, “I just don’t see why you like him so much.”
“He’s adorable.” You answered simply.
“And I’m not?” He pouted and you couldn’t help but laugh at him.

He let you have a few moments more peace before he started again, “I know you found him, but why’d you get a broken one?”
You gave him an angry glare, “Can you think of literally anyone in this tower who isn’t a little bit broken?”
He snapped his mouth shut and withdrew his hands from yours and folded his hands across his chest. He always got pouty when it was brought up; Tony was very cagey about his panic attacks, he didn’t like to let anyone in past his emotional guard. But you were both close, you’d been there for many of his panic attacks and he’d been there for your insecurities and social short comings after being raised in Shield from a child.
He didn’t say much before giving you a quick kiss on the head and heading off to bed, you leaned back in your seat and rubbed Fluffy’s ear as he slept in your lap. Even if he could talk to you more than anyone else other than Rhodes, you hoped that one day Tony would be able to talk about his issues openly.

The next few days followed the same pattern of Fluffy interrupting Tony working and bringing him things that he absolutely wasn’t dropping on purpose. Whatever you said, he was just being extra clumsy and well if the mutt was going to earn his keep and bring Tony his items back then it couldn’t be helped. Then in the evening you, Tony and the other Avengers would retire to the sitting room and Fluffy would hop from one lap to another, Tony continued to lift the pup up and put him back into your lap.

When the final day of Fluffy’s probation came you and Tony had already argued about the puppy’s fate twice before either of you had your morning coffee. You were furious because Fury had put you on a body guarding mission for the next two days and you knew that Tony wouldn’t be above getting rid of Fluffy in your absence. As you and Clint were leaving, you coerced Steve, Nat and Bruce to insure that Fluffy would be safe and still there upon your return.

That had been Tony’s plan exactly. He’d given you the time and now it was up, simple as that. But things are rarely that simple. Tony’s plans changed five hours into your assignment; he was pouring himself a drink at the bar and looking up Dog Shelters on his tablet while Bruce read his papers on the sofa, occasionally throwing Fluffy his toy bone. Fluffy was half way through struggling to walk back to Bruce when the doors banged open and Natasha was rushing a hospital bed through.

Tony and Bruce jumped up and rushed to help.
“Bruce! He’s been shot twice.” Natasha explained quickly and Bruce was already tenderly pressing the skin on Clint’s neck to get a pulse time. Clint was sprawled over the hospital bed, blood was splashed over his torso and one of this thighs from bullet wounds.
“Get him to the lab, my medical kit is there.” Bruce ordered and they were all running together.
“Nat did you get her?” Clint slurred his words slightly and tried to sit up but Bruce’s gentle hand kept him lay down.
“Steve’s looking for her, you just worry about yourself okay.” Natasha tried to reassure him.
“What? What do you mean?” Tony demanded. Bruce continued to push Clint’s bed towards the labs while Natasha turned to Tony and stopped him by gently raising her hands.
“Tony I need you stay calm,” She started, “But the family Clint and Y/N were watching got attacked, Clint got hurt saving the kids but we’ve lost contact with Y/N and the mother.”

Tony didn’t hear Natasha calling after him as he ran, full pelt, to the garage. He skidded to a halt in front of his suit and instructed JARVIS to start to suiting him up. His breathing crumbled and he fell down to his knees.
Not now, not now.
He had to get out there and help find you. His chest tightened and heaved, his throat burned from the effort of trying to force himself to breathe but only ended in him swallowing painful gulps of harsh air.

Tap, tap, thud.

The sound barely registered with Tony as he slid down from his knees to rest on his hands as well.

Tap, tap, thud.

This time Fluffy fell against Tony’s hands and the puppy looked up with curious eyes at Tony. Fluffy lay over his hands and rolled on his back trying to get the man’s attention. Tony pulled the puppy into his arms and cuddled him as he rode out the last of his panic attack. He sat for some moments in silence, trying to calm down after the particularly vicious panic attack. Fluffy remained in his arms, turning over trying to reach Tony’s face so that he could lick it.
“Fluffy you have such a stupid name.” Tony grumbled as he put the puppy down and shook Fluffy’s little stump gently.


It took three days for you to come around.
Steve had taken chase as soon as Natasha had gotten Clint and the rest of the family you were protecting away, he found you and the mother to the family fairly quickly but not quick enough to stop the three bullets that you took protecting the woman.
He’d gotten you to the tower and Bruce shortly after Tony had gotten over his panic attack, though he was still feeling quite awkward about being of no use to anyone as both you and Clint were recovering, so he spent his time working on a project he knew that you would approve of.

And that’s why, after you’d woken and Bruce had checked you over, you were woken up after dosing off by Tony Stark shaking you because he was too childish to wait.
“Tony it’s good to see you but Bruce promised that I could go back to sleep.” You groaned and tried to roll over away from him but found that you had to stay lay on your back because of the tubes monitoring your fluids.
“Open your eyes I’ve got a surprise.” Tony instructed before you heard him leave the room. With an angry grunt you forced yourself to open your eyes and sit up as much as you could. Focusing the sleep out of your eyes the first thing that you gaze landed on was the piles of machinery in the corner of the room, wires, tools and oil were collected in the armchair that should have hosted visitors.
You scowled at the mess, you must really have been out of it to not notice when Bruce was checking you over earlier. The door opened again and Tony leaned back on the door holding it open. The first thing you noticed where the thick black bags under his eyes, he looked like he’d not slept since you’d last seen him. His jeans and AC/DC t-shirt were splattered with oil.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” He gave you a little wave from where he stood.
“Is this where you tell me that you’re my surprise? Because I’m not impressed.” You asked him dryly.

He gave you a mock offended look, “I’m hurt. No this is your surprise.”  He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Or attempted too. You tried not to laugh as he failed to whistle again before leaning out of the doorway and rapidly gestured to whoever was out there.
“I’m tired Tony can we do this another ti-” You cut yourself out with a small excited squeak as Fluffy bounded into the room, his missing leg replaced with a small metal one. He tried to jump up to you on the bed twice before you leaned down and helped him up.

He wiggled about excitedly, his metal paw flying up and knocking him off balance.
You laughed and Tony joined you from the other side of the room, “He’s not quite got the hang of it yet.”

“Tony this is amazing.” You breathed and Tony gave a fake bow to the compliment.
“What do you think to the colour scheme? I had some paint left over.” He asked as you inspected the matching collar and leg designed to look like Tony’s suit. Fluffy yipped happily at having both of your attention.
“Well Fluffy likes it at least,” You smiled and turned to the billionaire, “Why? What made you change your mind?”
Tony glanced away from your inquisitive eyes, his expression awkward, “Yeah well I was tired of him getting nose prints all over my tiled floor.”
Shaking your head you leaned up and kissed his cheek and watched as his face flushed and he tried desperately to bring back his usual sleek demeanour.


As the months passed you learnt more about the leg that Tony had made for Fluffy, it was as Clint insisted on calling it ‘pimped out’ as was the collar. Tony had made them both fully adjustable to accommodate the puppy as he grew. Fluffy was with you and Steve in the gym when the fire alarm went off and Tony and Natasha burst into the room fully suited and booted.
“What’s the situation?” Steve asked and kicked his shield up from the floor and into his hand.

“It’s a precaution, Bruce is looking a little green eyed and out of control upstairs, we want as few civilians as possible. Suit up.” Tony explained and Steve took off down the hall to get changed whereas you just pulled your combat boots on over your sports leggings. Your suit was mostly whatever clothes where functional enough to fight in that you hadn’t yet destroyed

“JARVIS start Dog House protocol.” Tony instructed and you watched amazed as four bits of glass surrounded with metal edging zoomed past the three of you and start for Fluffy’s now beeping collar. It set itself around him and he barked and yipped happily as he tried to play in his new box.
“Tony is he coming to be alright in there.” You asked concerned even though the puppy seemed fully content.

“It’s the same glass we used on the cage that we made for the Hulk on Shield’s aircraft, he can breathe fine and it’ll keep him safe even if he went out of the window right now. You can say it, I’m a genius.” Tony explained to you as the three of you took off down the hall.
A tower shaking roar from the Hulk upstairs stopped them all in their stride, “I’ll stroke your ego later.” You promised.
“It’s a date.” He gave you a cheeky wink and engaged the thrusters on his hands and feet and flew straight up through the ceiling.
With another Hulk roar echoing in your ears and Clint shouting at you both through Natasha’s earpiece you and her ran towards the stairs, “I don’t know what you see in him.” Natasha conversed as you took the stairs two at a time.
“Nat I know what you’re going to say and stop trying to set me up with Steve.” You scolded her.
“She’s trying to what?!” Tony let out an indignant shout through Nat’s earpiece and you both laughed as you made your way up to the fight.

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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

I’ll start of by saying that while this anime has a lot of good elements to it there is a bit left to be desired when it comes to the overall show itself. The story centers around a steam smith named Ikoma who along with others is attempting to rid the world of undead monsters whom have super strength and rib cages which make it difficult for revolutionary era weapons to do any sort of damage. One day Ikoma finds himself and others being overrun by the monsters and he quickly draws them toward his home where he decides to use a secret weapon he had been working on in the hopes that it will finally be able to pierce the monster’s ribcage. In the middle of being attacked he is able to kill a monster and shoot a bullet straight through its heart, but his excitement turns to horror as he realizes that he’s been bitten. He quickly stops the virus from spreading to his brain in an effort to save himself from it and while it does work he finds that he now has super human strength just like the monsters he has been fighting. He must find a way to convince the others that he is still himself while also using his new found technology to help them gain the upper hand.

The Characters

There are a lot of likeable characters present and their personalities differ vastly and play a part in their decision making, but there are some problems of note. While you do get to know each one of the main characters bit by bit I get the feeling that the anime itself was rushed. Without giving to much away in terms of storyline I will say that a lot of things that should have been explained much sooner about the characters are left toward the end of the anime which makes it difficult to get the full scope of each character and an explanation of their actions. I feel that the anime itself would have done far better had it been within twenty four episodes instead of twelve. It felt vary rushed and the character development was lacking in a lot of areas. While this was indeed the case I will note that the animators did a fantastic job with the body language of all the characters and you can really see the parts of their personality come out in their body language and the way they speak to one another throughout the story. It is important to note however, that some characters don’t really have a back story at all even though they play a large part in what happens in the story itself and this became very frustrating at times. It felt as if they were only half finished and that they were forced to try to fit all of the characters in a much shorter run time then they could have hoped for. Also worth noting is the fact that there are some jumps in character personalities that are left unexplained and while this is good in some aspects it leaves you guessing in others. The character reactions are believable based on their personalities and that is one true positive that I can take away from this, but it doesn’t change the fact that you get the feeling that more time was needed for everything to come full circle and connect together. I didn’t find any of the characters to be too overbearing and repetitive and that was also something that I had come into this expected, but for the most part I didn’t find it. At the end of the day it is what it is and it’s far from the worst way I have seen characters done with a short runtime such as this.

The animation
This was without a doubt the best part of the anime itself. The animation from the start was beautifully done and the animators did a good job of piecing things together. They added close ups at the right moments and also included detailed backgrounds when they were necessary to grasp the entirety of the situation. The background detail was a lot more focused then I would have expected and it was clear that a lot of time was spent trying to create a believable setting. Given the amount of action throughout the anime I didn’t see things to over the top in terms of combat sequences and when the action was happening it was very well animated. The amount of detail on the outside of the trains and the inside made things fit together nicely and allowed for the addition of side characters that could show their reactions throughout the story. I can honestly say with this one that overall it was some of the best animation work that I have seen in a while and even when a lot of things were happening on screen you still saw a lot of detail work being put in. There were a few episodes here and there were the color seemed a bit off, but for the most part it was very well done. The facial expressions were great throughout the anime and the body movement of the characters matched their emotions well. I don’t feel like this part of the show was rushed at all and it makes me really believe that had they had more time to work this really could have been something that was up there as one of the better shows this year.

Rating 6/10

While there are a lot of good elements to this anime there are a few reasons why it received such a low rating from me. The first and foremost being that it is almost a carbon copy in many ways of Attack on Titan, without giving to much away, you will see just how much when you finish watching it. This isn’t a complete surprise since it is by Wit Studio who, you guessed it, helped make Attack on Titan. While it’s not surprising in any way given the success they had with Attack on Titan it is a large disappointment. They could have taken this storyline in a much greater direction then they did and instead went with their tried and true method of success. They didn’t push the envelope like they did the first time around and while the show is worth a watch if you liked Attack on Titan don’t expect anything of that caliber to come from this. As stated beforehand, this show felt rushed after a few episodes and it’s strange to me that they would attempt to fit a show like this into twelve episodes. I’m sure they had their reasons for it, but it takes away a lot from the anime itself. It’s worth a watch and it does have some good elements, but if you’re not feeling another story like that of Attack on Titan without many new elements I would steer clear of this one.

Rough Around The Edges (@askkorranbolin)

Republic City was rather large and bustling for a place that recently discovered new-found technology. He was quite surprised how fast they had gotten so used to this technology and he was happy that this universe embraced it rather quickly. But, as he thought this, he heard a commotion down the streets. He ran over to see what the fuss was all about.