new formula red


Found this online, an exceptional piece of work and illustration of facts about the quadruple World Champion, Sebastian Vettel. Seemingly it’s Seb’s final season with the outfit where he won all 4 of his titles, so it’s overwhelming for everyone who has been with him at the outfit with the blue livery. But here’s to a new beginning, Ferrari and Kimi in 2015. Nothing but love for Sebastian Vettel, world champion. 

P/S: credit goes to the artist whoever you are, you’ve done a great job. Just love this so much!

hey guys. so i finally got the car i’ve wanted forever!!!! its an 07 s2000.
she’s a real beauty. although white was my first choice, i am loving the red!

she wont be taken out to drive alot since i’m still a beginner at manual but i’m getting better!!! practice makes perfect, right? haha