new followers and blogs to follow


I just unfollowed tons of inactive blogs which explains why my dash has been so dead lately. I’m now looking for new blogs to follow. If you have any blog recs be sure to leave them in my inbox! Like if you’re into the following and I’ll check out your blog. 

  • Skam 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • Kristen Stewart 
  • Photography 
  • Movies
  • The OA/Brit Marling 
  • Quotes
  • Oh, and cats… I like cats a lot. 

hey guys, could you do me a favour and like/reblog or reply to this post if you’re pro-snape?

i’m putting together a blog for snapeloveposts and doing a page where we list a load of pro-snape blogs for people to browse. i’ve seen that asked a few times on here and i find everyone knows different people so none of us have a big list put together anywhere.

i obviously know a few but not all of you, so if you could like/reblog this so i can jot you down then that’d be great 👍