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I'm sorry to bother you, but do things really get better? I'm 16 right now and everything I know is sadness and exhaustion and anger and then I talk to my parents and they just complain about adult life... is it worth it to go on?

oh gosh, i promise, it’s worth waiting, buddy. i know there are a lot of people who say, oh it gets better. and it does in some ways, but what it really gets is different. the people who are angry and mean and horrible often stay that way. the people who cut you off or who flip you off or who piss you off often are the same people at 16 as at 26. 

i think i hated people telling me “it gets better” because what could get better about being a mentally ill queer cuban girl in a world that wanted to eat me. i got spat out. my writing isn’t published because i’ve been rejected so many times i don’t even notice anymore. i was told a few times “make it less obviously homosexual”. what is going to get better about that, i said to myself. the memory of it will never be a nice one.

things got different slowly. like i didn’t realize until i was far on the other side of it. i wasn’t kidding in that last post when i said today i read my writing at 15 and it was painfully obvious how depressed i was. i didn’t have a diagnosis. like you, all i knew was that i was exhausted and angry and sad all the time and when i talked about it, i was told “everyone feels that way sometimes.” i felt that way all the time. in this story, i don’t suddenly wake up after turning 18 and have a magical life where it is all bunnies and flowers and loving. it took me 3 years of trying before i finally managed to quit self-harm completely. my eating disorder and i are still not on speaking terms, luckily. i’m slowly getting a handle on my ocd. i didn’t realize that the biggest thing that was changing was me.

yeah. being out of the house made it easier. away from where people knew me as a certain person. being someone new or being who i was or being in a room full of people who didn’t care how gay i was. being in control made it better. finding real and true friends made it better. being able to make my own plans and choose my own story and do more than just wait until i was old enough to be taken seriously - it got better.

but honestly it’s me. i learned how to shake hands with depression, he and i are such good old buddies i sometimes see him before he’s even coming. and i’ve gotten so good at getting out of his embrace, because practice makes perfect, same as anything. and i’ve learned things about myself i had no idea about at 16. i didn’t even realize i’m funny. i had never been skinny dipping. my only kiss had been sort of an accident. there was a lot i cared about then that i don’t care about now, because in my new world outside of that, the people i surround myself with don’t care either. i’ve worn a dinosaur onesie pajama set to eight parties now when 19 year old me wouldn’t be seen without her makeup. i wear glasses in public even though i’m nervous they make me look like a bug. i have tattoos and new piercings and a bank account (and no money) and i have love. and i don’t mean with a partner, although i’m blessed enough to say i have that as well - i mean. i just found it. i taught myself how to look for it. i figured - listen, i’m here still, so i might as well, like, try to enjoy it. and it wasn’t overnight. it still goes away sometimes. but i love so much and so easily now. i laugh more because of it. i let myself love dogs and movies and silly things. and this love sort of … makes things better. because it reflects off of everything into you. like a mirror.

at sixteen… at sixteen i was very suicidal. i didn’t know that it applied to me, because i thought i was just annoying and lazy. looking back now i always pull a face at how obvious it was, and how close i got to walking myself into a grave. it was more than a close call. death, like, waved. i actually believed i wouldn’t make it past 18. what was the point? what was the point of anything? i think if i’d told myself then, “it gets better”, i would have laughed. “maybe for you!” i would have said, “you have money and a life and you’re not like this.” but it did get better. in inches. stick around to see it. stick around to see everything wonderful that’s waiting in the wings for you. that knows your name. a fate of beautiful moments that are small and precious, like butterflies landing on fingers or snowflakes on tongues, or just sitting with a good book during the rainfall. hell, stick around to write the book, because (trust me), if you believe in your art and yourself - it can be done.

stick around most of all because what gets better is you fall in love with yourself. the world doesn’t become suddenly sickeningly sweet, even if the people around you become better and you’re given more opportunity. that’s wonderful too but… what happens is that over time, the stuff they told you stops sticking. you realize that just because your nose is crooked it doesn’t even matter because it doesn’t stop you from being the best dang ping pong player in your family. you realize you have a family, even if they’re not blood. you realize you are your own family. and you learn to take care of yourself and yes, it gets ugly at times, but you manage. and inside of managing there’s all these wonderful successes like mac and cheese and getting the bills done and the smell of clean laundry and friends that make you laugh so hard you almost pee and an apartment with plants in every corner and a hairless cat in sweaters or a dog with a bowtie or both and watching movies and reading books and seeing art, all of which haven’t been created yet, and possibly you’re the one who makes them. and managing … managing doesn’t have to be big. sometimes it’s just making a small difference. and sometimes the person you make a difference to is yourself. and that’s amazing.

stick around because, trust me, somewhere in there, you meet your younger self in your dreams and you tell her - oh gosh, i promise, it’s worth waiting, buddy.

Vows [Part 3] (Jaime Lannister x Reader)

a/n: hey! hi! hello! here’s the third part to my jaime story which i am Very Much enjoying writing lmao. im such trash for this character and i just wanT A SOLID REDEMPTION ARC. sigh. anyways. enjoy! 


 WORD COUNT: 1,533 


The Flower in The North’s marriage to the Lion of Lannister was the largest source of gossip in Westeros since Cersei’s marriage to Robert. Two great houses marrying was practically unheard of, much less a Stark and Lannister union. 

Weeks into the new Lady Lannister’s marriage found Y/N rather content, if a bit lonely. She hadn’t had very much time to spend with her sisters or her father, being constantly watched by Lannister guards. Y/N had been invited to several luncheons of tea and walks through the gardens with Cersei and she had come away from every one of them uneasy and feeling threatened. 

Y/N was itching for interactions with her family, feeling as though she had been thrown to the lions with no hope of rescue. Y/N missed the frosty air of the North, she missed Jon’s constant quiet wisdom, and she missed her twin. The distance between Robb and Y/N was excruciating and no amount of letters back and forth could fill that void. 

About a month into Jaime and Y/N’s marriage, word that Jaime had taken a group of Lannister soldiers and was currently seeking ‘negotiations’ with her father reached Y/N and caused her heart to drop to her feet. 

She had saddled a horse immediately after she received word and rode as quick as she could to Littlefinger’s brothel, where Varys had said they’d be. Y/N was furious. Word had spread through the Kingdoms like wildfire that Catelyn Stark had kidnapped Tyrion Lannister and was accusing him of Bran’s attempted murder. Jaime had been furious all morning, hardly looking at Y/N and not listening to her pleas to calm down and to not do anything rash. 

Obviously, he had not listened. 

Y/N stopped her horse in front of the brothel and came upon her Lord husband questioning her father on the whereabouts of Tyrion, his sword in Ned’s face. Y/N didnt wait for her horse to stop before she had jumped off of her saddle, immediately unsheathing her sword as she stumbled. 

“What in the Seven is going on here? Jaime?" 

Jaime regarded his wife with his signature cocky façade, grabbing her upper arm and dragging her in front of her father. There was a reason Jaime hadn’t brought Y/N out in public. He wasn’t a fan of who he had to be in the eyes of Westeros, and he knew Y/N wouldn’t be either. 

"According to your father’s guard here, I was threatening him. And you’ll address me formally.” Jaime looked at the sword in Y/N’s hand and quickly took it from her, tossing it to the side. Y/N’s eyes, ablaze with unabashed fury and shame of her husbands current treatment of her, briefly moved to Jory Cassel, and then back to Jaime. 

“Well did you, my Lord Husband?" 

Jaime smirked. "Well let’s see, dear wife. I told him that I am going to cut him open, balls to brain, and see what Starks are made of. Does that classify as a threat to you, my darling?" 

Y/N glared coldly up at her husband. Jaime felt his heart drop but kept his smirk firmly in place. 

"Well we’ll just have to see what Lannister’s are made of first, then?" 

Jaime threw one last glare at Ned before again looking to his wife. Even without a sword, she was willing to threaten him. In a way, Jaime was proud. 

"Tread carefully, dear wife. You are a Lannister." 

Ned chose this moment to intervene, worry for his eldest daughter hardening in his chest and showing in his eyes. "If you kill me, you’ll never see your brother again." 

Jaime laughed humorlessly, turning from Y/N. "You’re right,” He turned and nodded to his soldiers, “Take him alive. Kill his men." 

Y/N immediately began struggling against Jaime, watching his men kill her father’s, men she had grown up around. Jaime growled, frustrated, and passed her off to one of his men, his eyes on Lord Stark. "Hold her." 

The second that Y/N was out of Jaime’s grasp, she broke away from the Lannister guard holding her, taking his sword and running him through in the process. 

Catelyn hadn’t wanted her to train, but Ned and Robb made sure Y/N knew how to fight. Y/N had trained with Jory her entire life, against her mother’s wishes.

Jaime rolled his eyes, his glare focused on the body of the guard who had let her get away. Y/N held her own well, fighting off and cutting down three men before Jaime put an end to it. He disarmed her when she was distracted and grabbed her arm roughly, dragging her back to her horse. He brought his face close to hers, his gaze hard as Lannister green met Stark grey. 

"Go back to the keep. We’ll discuss a punishment for this later." 

Y/N didn’t hesitate before slapping Jaime across the face, a small trail of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth when he turned back to her. 

"You do not get to threaten me with punishment! What in the name of the Gods has gotten into you?” Jaime didn’t speak, noticing the lull in battle and his men watching him, waiting for a reaction. Jaime swallowed as he realized that he needed to keep up with the charade he had created for himself over his years at Kings Landing. Cold. Dishonorable. Cruel.

“I don’t do anything in the name of the Gods." 

Inwardly agonized but steeling his expression, Jaime raised his hand to strike her back when Jory Cassel kicked him in the side. Jaime stumbled, eyes blazing when he turned them on Jory. 

"You’d raise a hand to my Lady, Kingslayer?" 

Y/N was immediately grabbed by two Lannister soldiers as Jory continued to fight Jaime, the younger man losing quickly as Jaime shoved his dagger through Jory’s eye. 

Y/N’s eyes widened as she attempted to lunge forward, rage filling her to her core. She had just stood witness S Jaime ruthlessly kill her childhood friend and mentor. Y/N wasn’t quite sure that it was really the kind, witty man she had been married to for a month that she was seeing do these things. 

"You bastard! No! Let me go!" 

Y/N struggled against the soldiers who held her, unable to stop the tears streaming down her face. She could do naught but watch as Jaime approached her father, sword raised in a silent challenge. 

Y/N prayed to the Seven for her father to just submit, to just end this fight and this day, but her prayers fell on deaf ears as her Lord father and husband began to lunge. 

Jaime smirked as he fought Ned and it disgusted Y/N to watch. There was no honor in enjoying battle. 

Y/N cried out when one of the soldiers holding her twisted her arm back too harshly in an attempt to cease her struggling and the sound caused both Jaime and Ned to pause their fighting search for the source of Y/N’s distress. 

Another Lannister soldier took her father’s distraction as an opportunity and shoved a spear through his leg, causing him to scream as he fell. 


Y/N broke away from the soldiers holding her and ran to her father, taking his face in her hands. Her arm was throbbing, most likely broken, but all Y/N could process was her father’s pained expression. 

As Y/N knelt weeping in front of her father, Jaime approached the soldier who incapacitated Lord Stark and hit him across the face with the hilt of his sword. He then turned to the soldier who had broken Y/N’s arm and ran him through, kicking the body off of his sword, sneering. 

Jaime grabbed Y/N’s uninjured arm as he passed her, pulling her with him toward his horse. Her struggling and strings of curses became too much for him to handle on his own. He had a guard tie her hands behind her back as they placed her on the horse. At that moment, if Y/N’s looks could kill men, she would have made sure that Jaime and every single one of his soldiers suffered before dropping dead. 

Jaime addressed Ned as he climbed on the horse behind Y/N, his arms enclosing her so she stayed on the horse. 

"My brother, Lord Stark. I want him back." 


When Jaime and Y/N arrived back at the keep, Jaime immediately set about untying his wife and trying to scan her for more injuries. 

The moment Y/N was free, she scrambled off of the horse and struck Jaime again across his face. Jaime remained passive, watching as tears gathered in his wife’s eyes. 

"How dare you?! How dare you speak to me that way in front of your men? In front of my father! How dare you raise a hand to me?! You swore to me that you wouldn’t treat me this way! You swore to me that this wouldn’t be that type of marriage!" 

Jaime watched as her chest heaved in his fury, his hand coming to try and rest on her cheek. Y/N slapped it away harshly. Her next words, whispered brokenly, broke Jaime’s heart. 

"Am I just another vow to be broken, Jaime?" 

Tears were streaming down Y/N’s pale cheeks. Jaime wanted her to be angry, to yell, to lash out as she had been. Jaime had no words for his wife. He just stood before her, watching passively and feeling his gut clench. Guilt replaced his previous anger and Y/N’s words played unyieldingly in his thoughts. 

Am I just another vow to be broken? 

Jaime was unable to find his voice, watching with his eyes and throat burning as Y/N waited for an answer. 

When Jaime was unable to provide one, another sob tore from Y/N’s throat. She brought her hand up to her mouth, trying to stifle her cries. 

Y/N turned and began walking with as much grace as she could manage back to their chambers, her ragged breaths echoing in the halls and back to Jaime as she did.

“Where are you going, Y/N? We share chambers, you’ll only see me later.” Jaime’s voice shook as he spoke.

Y/N didn’t answer as she turned a corner, out of Jaime’s sight.

Things I love

1. Kittens
2. The smell outside early in the morning
3. Animal facts
4.Buying new copic markers
5. Japanese curry rice
6. Finding hidden cafes and sitting alone drawing and listening to the world happening.
7. Talking to crows and magpies
8. Smooth blank paper
9. Cooking
10. Really good animation
11. My friends
12. My pets
13. My family
14. Having a favorite colour thats always changing
15. Wild flowers in spring
16. My characters
17. Getting a new dress
18. Laughing loudly at a ytp
19. Feeling hyper after the gym
20. The ocean
21. Rain
22. Lightening storms
23. When thunder is so loud the house shakes
24. Spooky stories
25. The unknown / paranormal
26. A good cocktail
27. Christmas day
28. Satisfying hugs
29. Being engrossed in painting something
30. Instrumental music

End of my first year watching K dramas!

So last February is when I started watching korean dramas and since then it has just been a crazy snowball effect. I was trying to learn anything and everything possible about the hallyu wave and that is what this blog has kind of turned into. I just wanted to run down the list of dramas that I saw and in what order and what my general reactions to them were. 

Since I am such a newb with korean entertainment, I feel like I watched a lot of the more popular well known dramas so I had a foundation to start building on. (like what actor’s/actress’ I enjoy the most, what genre ect ect.) I have also learned the entire korean alphabet and have been working on vocabulary as well. When I think about it, I have learned a lot and it hasn’t even been an entire year yet! 

So here is my list.

First k drama ever was in last feb.

1. My Love From The Star 6/10

I was browsing on hulu one day and saw the picture for it of the lead actress and thought she was really pretty. I thought it might have been a japanese tv show so I had clicked on the description and found the synopsis interesting. After watching the first five minutes, I realized they were not speaking in japanese, it was korean! I remember physically pushing pause and thinking to myself about what I knew about korea. Sadly, the only thing I could think of was the division between north and south and that in elementary school I have a friend who was korean and that was about it. 

So I can’t say I truly got fully addicted to My Love From the Star but it was really entertaining. Stuff that really stood out for me that kept me watching was the fashion, how funny the lead actress was and wanting to know about the murder case. It’s funny cause a lot of kdramas have romantic plot lines as I have come to fully understand but in this one, I understood that it was supposed to be in the forefront but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think the chemistry was really there and I didn’t find anything about them that I could relate to. (However I did like the kiss scene at the end.)

Another thing that stood out was the fact that it was not over sexualized like many television shows in western culture. I wasn’t fully sold, but I found myself wanting more. 

2. Boys Over Flowers 8/10

Alright. This is where my obsession started. After watching the first few episodes I was interested because of Jan Di. I LOOOVVVEEEDDD her character, she was cute and spunky and I wanted to see her stand up to the F4. I can’t say I was completely hooked in the beginning. It was a gradual process. I really hated Jun Pyo and I didn’t see how attractive Lee Min Ho was with his nasty attitude in the beginning. (did I have a lot to learn about the rich chaebol characters or what? hahaha) After seeing his softer side and how he really cared about Jan Di made me fall in love and then from that point onward I was appreciating every single damn scene with Lee Min Ho in it. 

Around this time I had a really bad cyst and was bed ridden for a couple days while it drained, so what did I do? I stayed in bed and watched the entire series in two days! And I have no regrets. I had so many different emotions, I was laughing, crying, yelling at the screen because of stupid mistakes the characters made. Some scenes were just utterly ridiculous but let’s be honest, I was eating that shit up. I enjoyed every moment of Boys Over Flowers the first time I watched it. It was a guilty pleasure.

Note: I have watched many episodes from other dramas like Surplus Princess, to the beautiful you, liar game ect but I did not list them here because I have not finished watching them.

3. Personal Taste 6/10

So after Boys Over Flowers ended and reality set in that I couldn’t look at Lee Min Ho’s beautiful face anymore, I freaked out a little and started doing research on all of the dramas he had been in. Faith and Citty Hunter seemed really interesting but I felt like I was still so new at the kdrama thing, I needed something more light hearted and easy to follow. 

Watching Personal Taste was an awesome experience. It was nice to see Lee Min Ho in a more mature role and I thought Son Yi Jin was cute in this one. The entire time I watched it I was wishing I could live in a house with that kind of architecture.

Although I found Personal Taste enjoyable, I was getting the same feelings that I did watching Boys Over Flowers! I was on a hunt to find something similar.

3. Playful Kiss 5.5/10

While doing my kdrama research a lot of people were recommending this one so I figured why not? It had Kim Hyun Joong in it and he played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s see him get the girl this time, I figured. 

This….drama…..uhhh, guys where do I even begin? I wanted to absolutely hate it with a fiery passion but I didn’t because I liked almost all of the characters. The lead girl was soooo co dependent and obsessed with Hyun Joong’s character and I hated it! There was a second male lead in this one that loved her. (I think his name is Lee Tae Sung) And he was sooo fine! Ahhh I loved him. Kim Hyun Joong’s character treated her like absolute crap. And not the way Jun Pyo did to Jan Di. Like he seriously treated her like crap and she was completely okay with it. Pretty much I gritted my teeth and watched it for Lee Tae Sung and the lead girl’s friends. (they were funny!)

4. Faith The Great Doctor 7/10

So after the terrible disappointment with Playful Kiss I figured, fuck it I need Lee Min Ho in my life so I put on Faith. I really enjoyed all of Faith and this is one where I watched multiple episodes in one sitting. The entire progression with the war went on a little too slow for my liking but I did enjoy Lee Min Ho’s character as Choi Young. I loved the overall story and the ending was one of my favorite endings I have seen in a kdrama to date. I should also make note this is when I was exposed to actor Philip Lee I think his name is and I was happy when I saw him in Secret Garden.

Oh, one last thing, my boyfriend actually was interested in this one. All of the other ones he rolled his eyes at haha. 

5. The Heirs 5.5/10

So at this point I was still super in love with Lee Min Ho and there was a new drama that was buzzing all over drama land called The Heirs. Pretty much same plot line as Boys Over Flowers, I was excited! 

I have come to realize that certain dramas (The Heirs, My Love From The Star) are so over rated and they aren’t even that great. Although I did enjoy certain pieces of Heirs (Kim Woo Bin, the mute mom, the relationships between the mothers ect) I really didn’t like how feminine they made Lee Min Ho’s character. Like…after watching this I didn’t find him that attractive. Actually, after watching The Heirs I took a break from watching kdramas because I was so disappointed. I mean at that point I was like, what other dramas am I going to watch? Lee Min Ho isn’t in them…

6. Coffee Prince 10/10

The Gods in heaven sent Coffee Prince to me. And Gong Yoo!!! So after my disappointment with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, it was so nice to watch a new drama and actually find a male lead attractive. The entire story was executed perfectly and the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is so amazing, they go from being best friends to lovers. This drama especially touched me because it isn’t the typical, “seperate the two and give them heartache.” scenario. The music wasn’t over played and annoying, I mean seriously, everything was perfect in my book. This is still my favorite drama to date.

7. Secret Garden 7/10

For the most part I found Secret Garden enjoyable. This is where I was introduced to Hyun Bin who I find to be an exceptional actor. The only reason I am not super crazy about this one is the main actress unfortunantely is not up to par with Hyun Bin’s acting skills. At least for me, it was REALLY obvious Hyun Bin had committed to his role 100% and she was somewhere in the 72% range.  

8. City Hunter 9.5/10

After finally getting over my disappointment with Heirs, I decided it was time to watch City Hunter. To my surprise I found it on Netflix so I didn’t have to watch it on my computer! I watched it on my PS3 and my boyfriend actually joined me in watching it. He never thought he would get used to the subtitles but he did because he got into the story along with me. The entire thing was enjoyable for both of us and I am really glad I got to have that experience with my boyfriend. So ladies! If you like watching kdramas and have a boyfriend, I highly recommend watching City Hunter with him lol. 

9. My Name is Kim Sam Soon 8/10

I have heard this is the mother of all Kdramas so why wouldn’t I want to watch it?! I have to say I absolutely loved the entire drama, one of the funniest ones I have seen. Kim Sun Ah’s acting really stood out for me so she instantly became a favorite and of course Hyun Bin was awesome. One of my favorite scenes is the piano scene ;)

10. Scent of a Woman 9.5/10

So I decided to watch this one because of Kim Sun Ah and lemme tell you…you’re going to need some tissues lol! For some reason I found this one listed as a romantic comedy…it is not! This is a melodrama if I ever did see one. It is about dealing with cancer and death so it is a serious subject. I kept thinking by the end she was going to me miraculously healed and if that was the case I was going to hate the whole thing but that is not what happened. It was much more realistic so this is one of my favorite kdrama endings along with Faith. 

11. Rooftop Prince 10/10

This I believe is the only other drama besides coffee prince that I give a 10/10 to. I loved the story, the directing, writing, acting and everything about it. Sometimes I myself can get a little spoiled and I saw myself in the Crown Prince which made me laugh. When he gets mad and yells it feels like I am looking at a male version of myself. This is a must watch for EVERYONE!

12. Goong 7/10

And now I end 2014 off with Goong. I am almost done watching it! I have to say that I really do enjoy it but it is sooooo slow right now! I am on episode 19 and I am almost 10% positive they could have made this show shorter. I am finding myself dozing off every time the elders are having a conversation. All their conversations are almost always the same. But I have to say that I do love Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. 

After I finish Goong I will probably try and finish some dramas I am almost done with (surplus princess and liar game mainly) 

I feel very good with this year of discovering the hallyu wave and I can’t wait for next year! 

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Name: Gina
Nickname: Gi, gigi, gyna (lols)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Height: 5'3″ ½
Sexual Orientation: Straight female
Ethnicity: European as fuck (Italian, Irish, English, French, German)
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Favorite season: Fall
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Favorite color: I can find a shade of every color that I like but Maroon/Burgundy will always be my #1
Favorite animal: Dogs and giraffes and elephants 
Favorite band: Singer okay? Justin Timberlake slays my existence (he sings, dances, hes good looking & he’s funny???? like okay) 
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate I’m secretly 5
Average hours of sleep: I don’t sleep I hibernate
Number of blankets: One if my boyfriend is next to me cause he’s a space heater, maybe two if I’m alone but the fan MUST be on no exceptions
Dream trip: Ireland
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name: Kassandra
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zodiac sign: Gemini
hogwarts house: Slytherin
height: 5′3″
sexual orientation: it’s a rumor, a legend, a mystery
ethnicity: Cuban-American
favorite fruit: Strawberries 
favorite season: Fall
favorite book series: Harry Potter & A Song of Ice and Fire
favorite fictional character: Too many, but my current is Mary Saotome. Lightning Farron is forever present.
favorite flower: Sunflowers and lilies
favorite scent: That new parchment smell or sweet pea bodyspray lmao
favorite color: Yellow-gold. Olive green is second.
favorite animal: CATS
favorite band: Florence + the Machine
average hours of sleep: 6-7 
number of blankets: Two
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yonic-flowers  asked:

how's the fic writing going? still doing the ghost one? :)

Not at the moment, sadly. It’s still in the back of my mind, but between 1. moving, 2. ofic, and 3. the fact that I have multiple WIPs for multiple fandoms, there’s no saying when or if it’ll ever be done. :\ I’m moving into the new house next Friday, and I assume the following week or so will be mostly settling in, but I’m hoping after that my writing productivity will vastly improve over where it’s been the past few weeks. But in my mental priority list, ofic comes first, and other than that, I work on whatever I’m most excited about in the moment (which right now happens to be a Star Trek fic). So in summary: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I should probably quit telling people what I’m working on period, because I’ve been so all over the place lately that there’s no telling what I’ll be working on on any given day–or what I’ll actually be able to FINISH.

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Name: Ciara

Nickname: Nope :/ always wanted one though.

Zodiac: Cancer

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Height: 5'3″

Sexual Orientation: Queer (Bi??)

Ethnicity: White British (but first gen from a long line of Irish folks)

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter or PJOandHoO (it counts as one, shush)

First Book Series: Mallory Towers

Favorite Fictional Character: It changes like literally every five seconds. Luna? Ginny? Annabeth? Who knows?

Favorite Flower: Pulmeria

Favorite Scent: Book pages new and old and petrichor, the smell of rain and recent rainfall

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animal: Fox or hedgehog I think?

Favorite Band: Madness or Blondie (gotta love some good 80s music)

Average Hours of Sleep: 6/7

Number of Blankets: 1

Dream Trip: Going back to Sorrento and Positano

Last Thing I Googled: pulmeria flowers (to check the name)

Blog Created: god knows I’ve owned so many urls on here since I was about thirteen

Blogs Followed: 573

Follower Count: 157 on this blog, 18 on @quillwritten

What I usually post about: Literally anything that even vaguely interests me or is relevant to my interests. I post writing things, including updates on my WIP novel on @quillwritten

Do I get asks regularly: Not even close

So what have we learnt from this? I am indecisive and fickle as all fuck. You’re welcome.

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Name: PJ

nicknames: PJ is my nickname but people have made even more nicknames from it  PB&J, Pajama’s, Pajenie, Papa Johns, Porta John

zodiac sign: Aries/Pisces 

height: 5′2-5′3

orientation: demisexual?

nationality: Indian

favourite fruit: Watermelons 

favourite season:  Fall and Winter

favourite book: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams

favourite flower:  I love all flowers equally, can’t choose

favourite scent: Petrichor, Washed clothes, Vanilla, New books, Doughnuts, Petrol and a new house

favourite colour:  lololol white, pastel blue, pastel pink; then dark blue and dark red along with black. 

favourite animal: DOGS!!!!!!!!!

coffee | tea | hot cocoa: HOT CHOCOLATE!

average sleep hours: I get 7-9 hours of sleep

cat or dog person:  DOGGO

favourite fictional character: I tony stark  can’t wondor woman choose. 

number of blankets you sleep with: One thin cotten blanket then a fluffy comforter above it, so two. 

dream trip: IDC as long as it’s with friends. Sharing a hotel. Having both domestic fun and adventures. 

blog created: Little more than two years ago  dear lord I need a social life

number of followers: 363 <3 love you allll!!!!!!!!!!!11 

random fact: I’m obsessed with youtubers and Twenty One pilots. 

Those special people: @starks-imagines @oh-its-you-ronan @nicolejones412 @sparkling-nebula @team-barry @fanaticfangirl001 @scientific-pajama-party    I didn’t count :/

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If u want. Tell a story. Smthing youve done <3

two years ago when i visited my auntie’s new house for the first time

it’s in the real heart of the English countryside, in rolling hills in a wide valley, the nearest bus stop is a mile’s walk, 30 minutes to the nearest shop. It’s in this white cottage split into two, but her deal got her this huge beautiful garden, and even though she’d only been living there for a few months she’d decked it out with loads of flowers, there was this really fragrant rosebush with huge pink roses which she makes rose liqueur and water from. Also there was an abandoned ivy-clad stable, now home to a lot of birds, and next to it a usable brick shed, if you stand on that shed, you can see the river and Rose(something) Castle. It’s named that because of the reddish sandstone in that area, and that it’s built from, (rose sandstone). Inside there was this huge fire place, with 16th century beams where she’d hung feathers and dried flowers, and the house smelled smoky, and like old wood and tea blends. On the last day we walked down to the river in the pouring rain and swam. She isn’t rich, she’s the opposite really, a writer working in a hotel, her boyfriend makes musical instruments for a shop in the city, renting out that house, and she had all that beauty. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

thank you x

tagged by my 🗝key🗝 @disheartenedoptimist for 10 songs ive been listening to lately !! 😘 have i done this? maybe but anyway:

1) Kitty Kat, Beyonce
2) New York, St. Vincent
3) See You Again, Tyler the Creator & Kali Uchis
4) Where This Flower Blooms, TTC & Frank Ocean
5) Loving You, Stephen Sondheim (from Passion)
6) Suavecito, Malo
7) I Miss You - Remix LP, Bjork
8) If I Had to Write a Song About You, Aaron Taylor
9) It’s My House, Diana Ross
10) Love is A Losing Game, Amy Winehouse

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Book Recommendation: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (it's two books but they both deserved to be here 😁) And congratulations are due for 300 followers! Yay for you being awesome!

Ahhh Rainbow Rowell is my favorite!! Both carry on and fangirl are my faves :3 And you’re awesome :))

hogwarts house: hufflepuff | slytherin | ravenclaw | gryffindor

scent: soft rose | fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon | sea breeze | brewing coffee

color: cream | charcoal black | soft pink | fiery red | pastel purple | shiny silver | forest green | ocean blue | sunny yellow

season: winter | spring | summer | autumn

time of day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night

place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet coffee shop | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley

element: fire | earth | water | air

a feeling: uncontrollable laughter | adrenaline | utter joy | butterflies in your stomach | a warm hug

overall: you’re great and I love your blog | you’re good and i’m following you forever | you’re my senpai and ily | you’re my bffl and everything is perf

additional comments: You seem like sure a genuinely nice person and that makes me happy :3

I’m doing aesthetic blogrates! Still send them, but all the ones asked in the next few hours will be answered in the morning because im stressing myself at 12am again oops

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Wow major congrats on 3k!!! That's awesome!! I loved a lot of 2017 albums but melodrama by Lords is amazing :3

Thank you!! Melodrama is so good it’s definitely one of my favs too!

season: spring // summer // autumn // winter
flower: rose // hyacinth // sunflower // daisy
fruit: cherry // orange // watermelon // grapes // blueberry // lychee
sky: sunset // clear blue sky // cloudy // sunrise // night sky
city: london // new york // paris // tokyo // berlin
hogwarts house: gryffindor // hufflepuff // slytherin // ravenclaw
tv show: orphan black // supernatural // jane the virgin // sense8

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I was tagged

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Name: Dane (my birth name is Isobel but aye)
Nickname: Daney (Thanks to Leo for that), Ivan
Zodiac Sign: Taurus 
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Height: 5′3 ish 164 cm
Sexual Orientation: Wish I knew. I’m definitely somewhat gay though
Ethnicity: White British
Favorite fruit: Grapes and pineapples
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite fictional character: Sweden tbh
Favorite flower: tulips 
Favorite Scent: New books
Favorite color: Pastel purple
Favorite animal: Capybaras and sloths. Also cats
Favorite band: Muse
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep: 7-12
Number of blankets: 1 because why would you need more than that?
Dream trip: Amsterdam and Canada
Last thing I googled: “choice” I was checking I was using the right one
How many blogs I follow: 1472
Number of followers: 170
What I usually post about: Hetalia
Do I get asks regularly: Nope

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1. Nicknames?
Jas and/or Jay

2. Favorite drink?
Peach iced tea

3. Art or science? or both?
art’s my life

4. Favorite flower?
I don’t have, i’m not interested in flowers

5. Best memory from last year?
my first kiss with my actual girlfriend

6. Best memory from this year so far?
my 20th b-day celebrations with my gf

7. Pine trees or Oak trees?
Oak trees

8. Hogwarts house?
Gryffindor + I’ve got a crush on Hermione.

9. What do you think is your most defining character trait?
my humor

10. Hair colour?
dark brown

11. Coloured pencils or coloured pens?
it’s so hard to choose but …. coloured pens.

My questions:
1.   Favorite color?
2.   Dogs or cats?
3.   Do you like traveling?
4.   Favorite food?
5.   What is you best memory ever?
6.   Favorite movie?
7.   Can you describe yourself in three words?
8.   Are you pessimistic, realistic or optimistic?
9.   What genre do you listen to?
10. Are you an early bird?
11. List 3 things you would like to do before you die

60+ songs from some of my favorite indie/alternative bands


1. awkward | san cisco //2. knee socks | arctic monkeys //3. don’t stop | 5 seconds of summer //4. a-punk | vampire weekend //5. house of gold | new politics //6. coming your way | beach avenue //7. best friend | foster the people | //8. west coast | the neighbourhood //9. flowers in your hair | the lumineers //10. fall into these arms | new politics //11. cool kids | echosmith //12. m.o.n.e.y | the 1975 //13. bridges | broods //14. no friends | san cisco

{more here}

  • *opens up animal crossing for the first time in a month*
  • me: i wonder what's been happening since i've been away..
  • me: i see my house is infested with bugs
  • me: oh nice looks like all my flowers died
  • me: plenty of weeds everywhere though
  • me: would you look at that, bob, my favorite villager has moved away
  • me: but i see two new villagers have moved in
  • me: right on top of my paths i spent 3 hours putting down
  • *quits game and never plays again*

Me (Alyssa, 22, long brown hair) and my 2 beautiful girlfriends (Anna, soon to be 26, short hair and Bre, 25, glasses). We are in a Poly Triad Relationship (poly meaning more than one person in the relationship, triad meaning 3 people total in the relationship). It’s a lot different than most normal relationships..We are 3 girls in a relationship with each other.

Our story: Anna and Bre started off dating almost 5 years ago and they also got engaged almost 2 years ago 2/14/13 and are planning on getting married very soon. I love how their anniversary is on Valentine’s Day! Our anniversary, the day they asked me to be their girlfriend, is 9/4/14, one of the happiest days of my life! They thought about a poly relationship before, but never found a girl that they wanted to be a part of their lives like that. I never thought of a poly relationship, but I wouldn’t turn down the idea of one, obviously, since I am in one now :)

How we started talking: Soooo, my ex girlfriend dumped me in July, one week before I was supposed to go on a week long vacation with her..obviously I would be upset. To try and help me though what I was feeling, one of my friends on facebook invited me to join this closed lesbian group. In the group, I posted statuses, talked to other lesbians, and commented on other people’s statuses, talking to new people and just making new friends and having people to talk to through my hard time kinda helped. Then one night, I commented on one of Anna’s statuses in the group. We were both up late and couldn’t sleep. We were commenting back and forth along with some other girls. But Anna caught my eye, I really enjoyed talking to her. We started private messaging each other talking about how awesome it would be to have a fire and drink some beers and just have a good time. Since I was on my vacation and had nothing to do, she invited me over, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that time, we lived kinda far away. When I found out she was engaged, I was kinda bummed, but I liked talking to her as a friend. That night she ended up giving me her number and from there we texted non stop. She helped me a lot through my break up, I don’t think I would have gotten over my ex the way I did if it wasn’t for Anna. We also skyped a few times, ya know, to prove that we weren’t catfishing each other..we weren’ I kinda got the chance to see her fiance, Bre but she was very nervous on Skype, as was I. I didn’t really talk to Bre, or really know anything about her. When I talked to Anna, it was mostly about my ex, and her talking me though a lot.

Along the road, since we talked all the time, she asked me if I was down for a threesome, I said I wasn’t sure, but I’d think about it. We both kinda had feelings for each other, but didn’t know how to come out and say it. Anna and Bre had talked about having a poly relationship, and they wanted one, but didn’t know how to come about it, so Anna gave me Bre’s number and I started talking to her too. Bre made me more nervous, but I liked it. It’s like having 4 separate relationships in one. Mine and Anna’s, Mine and Bre’s, Bre and Anna’s and Me, Anna and Bre. I’m so happy that I started talking to Bre too, and that we are all in a relationship together. I got to know them both on so many levels, and we just all love and care for each other so much!

They are from New York and I’m from Massachusetts. The first time I met them in person was September 2nd, I took a bus to New York, and they met me at the bus station. I was so nervous to get off the bus and to see them sitting there. I never felt more anxious, scared and excited in my life! They were waiting with 3 beautiful purple flowers (my favorite color!) We all gave each other a hug, they were just as nervous as I was. It was like 1am when I got there, my butt hurt so much from sitting on the bus and we were all hungry so we went out to eat at a 24 hour diner. Then we went back to their house and got to spend some time with each other. They ended up driving me back that Wednesday, and they came to Massachusetts for the first time! We all had dinner together that night and stayed at a hotel afterwards. They weren’t planning on staying the night but we just didn’t want to leave each other! And I’m so glad they stayed cause that was the night they asked me to be their girlfriend! I had a really good time and I miss them so much! I’m planning on seeing them again next week and then we can take more selfies!!

We’re about a 5 and a half hour drive (7 hours by bus) from each other, which isn’t that bad, it’s just planning around all of our work schedules that makes it difficult to see each other. Some people won’t understand or get our relationship, but we all love each other equally. Some people ask “how do any of you not get jealous?” my answer to that is we just love each other so much and we don’t get jealous if 2 of us are together while the other one is lets say, working. We all just have huge hearts and are able to love 2 other people equally. Not every one can feel this way, which we understand. I never even heard of or thought I’d ever be in a poly relationship, but now that I’m experiencing it, I’m so glad I got to be a part of it, and now I’ll have 2 beautiful women in my life, for the rest of our lives. Twice the love, twice the cuddles, twice the everything!

We’re trying to spread the word, and show the world what it’s like to be in a relationship like this. Please feel free to message us or ask us any questions, we’re open to anything..any question! We’re looking for new friends, or just new people to talk to!

Feel free to follow us!!

Anna’s Tumblr:

Bre’s Tumblr:

My Tumblr:


Summer of Lyonsville. - Part 1

So, this is the place I stayed in Lyonsville 2weeks ago. It’s between New Paltz and Woodstock. The house is surrounded by Maple tree forest. My friend, Mayumi, takes care of this summer house since the owner is too busy to deal with the maintenance. Lucky, yes? and lucky me, too :D  She arranges wild flowers freshly picked from outside, then only uses local organic products for cooking! Mmm Mmm…. Her warm hospitality heals everybody’s body & soul. I am totally grateful for all the love I received from her. Thank you, Mayumi!!! I love you <3

I’ll post other photos on the part 2. I have a bunch of photos from the trip…Let me sort things out and arrange them, por favor. I’ve been having busy weekends so far and couldn’t get a chance to do it until now.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Enjoy a kiss from summer breeze while it’s still here …“Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time!” Who said this? Of course…Jason. ha ;p  Ok… My crazy working days ahead… Oy vey…