new flash shirt

So I’ve recently found out how to make a GIF in Photoshop, and I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with it :3 

It’s a pretty crappy GIF, but should you feel compelled to use it, be sure to credit :)

I’m selling this design in the original Lux blue colour on my Redbubble, so be sure to check it and my other Kingdom Hearts-based designs out on my store!

I loved everything about the Justice League panel at SDCC 2016 but especially Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as The Flash (and their on-point fashion choices!!) 🤖⚡️

going to armageddon expo in wellington for the day tomorrow. gonna get a photo with jeremy jordan, get something signed by franz drameh and say hi to matt letscher at his panel (he tweeted me saying ‘don’t cost nothing to say hi’ when i tweeted out my armageddon plans and mentioned that i won’t be getting a photo or signing with him so i’m gonna introduce myself as the twitter user he said that to).

i’m excited about tomorrow but also nervous cause i things planned out in my head that i wanna say and my social anxiety has caused me to practice what i’m gonna say in my head the entire day so fingers crossed everything goes well and tomorrow is a success.

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#24 with Barry/The Flash

#24 – Trips to the zoo.

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‘I’ve not been to the zoo for years,’ you said, excitedly tugging at Barry’s hand, trying to be closer to the entrance as the crowds were building up.

He chuckled slightly, tightening his grip on your hand just a little as the crowd grew thicker. ‘I’m just glad that you decided to wait until the Central City one was open. I wasn’t really looking forward to a drive to Keystone if I’m honest,’ he told you, a small smile on his face.

‘Same,’ you said, bouncing on the balls of your feet as the gates were opened, and people began to file into the queues.

It was nice, talking to Barry about nothing in particular – with the odd excited comment about the zoo – while waiting for the queue to move forward. Letting the conversations of others wash over you only made your excitement grow. You couldn’t wait to finally be visiting a zoo again. You wanted to see all the animals, see the trainers interacting with them.

And then, when you were finally through the gates, you didn’t know where to go first. Barry never seemed to get frustrated with your excitement. He just seemed to find it endearing.

‘Do you think Flash could outrun a cheetah?’ you heard a small girl ask her mother, and you couldn’t help but smirk over at Barry.

‘Think she’s a fan?’ you asked, noticing that the little girl was wearing one of the new Flash shirts that had been released.

‘Hm, not sure,’ said Barry, sarcastically tapping his chin.

You nudged him lightly, a smile slipping onto your face. ‘I wonder how nice it’d be if Flash came and –’

You hadn’t even finished your sentence before Barry had darted away. You shook your head at how typical it was, but turned your attention back towards the enclosure. Two cheetahs were lying around, while the third was prowling the glass. The little girl seemed to be tracking its progression, shuffling a few steps with it before bumping into her mother.

There was a gust of wind and a moment later you saw the Flash standing beside the little girl’s mother.

‘I think I might be able to beat one at a race,’ he said simply, causing them both to look towards him quickly. The little girl’s eyes lit up, and you could see how happy she was to see him. ‘But I think you’d have to ask the zoo keepers.’

‘Could I – could I get your autograph?’ the little girl asked, holding out a notebook.

‘I could take a photo of the three of you, if you’d like,’ you said, sharing a quick grin with Barry.

‘Thank you,’ he said, winking at you as the mother handed you the camera.

It was safe to say that your trips to the zoo were unusual – when you started going  a little more often, Barry tended to zip off to be the Flash for one person each time – but you wouldn’t have had them any other way.