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1.   smoking:   the  action  or  habit  of  inhaling  and  exhaling  the  smoke  of  tobacco  or  a  drug.
2.   binge  drinking:   the  consumption  of  an  excessive  amount  of  alcohol  in  a  short  period  of  time.
3.   drug  abuse:   the  habitual  taking  of  illegal  drugs.
4.   nail  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
5.   lip  biting:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  anxiety/tension.
6.   night  owl:   a  person  who  is  habitually  active  or  wakeful  at  night.
7.   early  bird:   a  person  who  rises,   arrives,   or  acts  before  the  usual  or  expected  time.
8.   negative  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  criticism &   pessimism.
9.   positive  attitudes:   a  philosophy  of  approaching  life  with  optimism   &   confidence.
10.   swearing:   the  use  of  offensive  language.
11.   superstitious:   an  irrational  belief  that  an  object,   action,   or  circumstance  not  logically  related  to  a  course  of  events influences  its  outcome.
12.   inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.
13.   scratching  your  neck:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  uncertainty.
14.   foot  and  finger  tapping:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  stress/impatience.
15.   nose  touch:   a  subtle  body  language  sign  of  deceit.
16.   flipping  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  craving  attention.
17.   twirling  hair:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  flirtation.
18.   cracking  knuckles:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
19.   hands  behind  back:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  confidence.
20.   finger  pointing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  authority.
21.   hands  on  hips:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  readiness.
22.   hands  in  pockets:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  mistrust/reluctance.
23.   frequent  touch:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  warmth/familiarity.
24.   throat - clearing:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  rejection/doubt.
25.   jaw - clenching:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  hostility.
26.   eye - rolling:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  irritation.
27.   head - tilt:   a  common  body  language  sign  of  interest.
28.   whistling:   to  emit  high - pitched  sound  by  forcing breakthrough  a  small  hole  between  one’s  lips  or  teeth;   usually  to  a  tune.
29.   humming:   make  a  low,   steady  continuous  sound  like  that  of  a  bee;   usually  to  a  tune.
30.   perfectionism:   refusal  to  accept  any  standard  short  of  perfection.
31.   photographic  memory:   the  ability  to  remember  information  or  visual  images  in  great  detail.
32. paranoia:   a  mental  condition  characterized  by  delusions  of persecution,   unwarranted  jealousy,   or  exaggerated  self - importance,   typically  worked  into  an  organized  system.
33.   exaggeration:   a  statement  that  represents  something  as  better  or  worse  than  it  really  is.
34.   intuitive:   using  or  based  on  what  one  feels  to  be  true  even  without  conscious  reasoning;   instinctive.
35.   quick - witted:   showing  or  characterized  by  an  ability  to  think  or  respond  quickly   &   effectively.
36.   interrupting:   breaking  the  continuity  of  a  conversation  with  one’s  own  statements.
37.   doodling:   to  scribble  or  make  rough  drawings,   absentmindedly.
38.   irritable:   having  or  showing  a  tendency  to  be  easily  annoyed.
39.   gambling:   to  play  games  of  chance  for  money;   bet.
40.   travel - sick:   suffering  from  nausea  caused  by  the  motion  of  a  moving  vehicle,   boat,   or  aircraft.
41.   sensitive:   having  or  displaying  a  quick   &   delicate  appreciation  of  others’  feelings.
42.   melancholy:   a  feeling  of  pensive  sadness,   typically  with  no  obvious  cause.
43.   chewing  gum:   the  exercise  of  chewing  flavoured  gum  which  is  not  intended  for  swallowing.
44.   fidgeting:   to  make  small  movements,   especially  of  the  hands   &   feet,   through  nervousness  or impatience.
45.   skeptical:   not  easily  convinced;   having  doubts  or  reservations.
46.   neat - freak:   compulsively  obsessed  with  cleanliness.
47.   gossiping:   divulging  personal  information  about  others.
48.   prim:   feeling  or  showing  disapproval  of  anything  regarded  as  improper;   stiffly  correct.
49.   abbreviating:   giving  others  nicknames/shortening  names/giving  pet  names.
50.   having  a  catchphrase:   having  a  sentence  or  phrase  typically  associated  with  a  specific  person.


My poetry
is your fingerprints
on my soul;
The echo
of the words,
you left me with;
Like a mesh of stars
I strain
my being through,
in hope
of finding you,
somewhere, within me
pressing your fingertips.

© SoulReserve 2016

A Beautiful Disaster: Too Close // Bucky Barnes x OC

Previously: 1. Mistakes  

Next: 3. Memories 4. Revenge 5. Bucky’s Weakness

Summary:  She was brought in by mistake, he wasn’t looking for anything new. But within the chaos that surrounds them…a beautiful disaster was born amoung these two. It only took a bruise or two.  

Previously: Tony was rethinking the rescue of you. Maybe it was a mistake to take in this crazed loony they found giggling deliriously in the corner of the factory; singing a lullaby to herself in a folklore sound he’d never heard before.

           Natasha was the one who dragged her up the basement steps; showing the three Avengers waiting for the hostage HYDRA had taken in. Nat was a mess when she finally climbed the last step. 

Throwing the woman’s body to the ground and then flopping herself. Sam and Wanda helped her up and saw Nat was bleeding from her lip. Bucky noticed the large cut in her suit, and a bruise forming on her throat and cheekbone. But none of them were going to point it out to a fire-breathing Natasha. 

           She was shaking in rage. She stood with her hand holding her left arm, and staring at the knockout that the woman. Figuratively and literally, Bucky thought. Nat had gotten her back good, the woman was in dreamland, knocked out hard by Nat after a battle with the psychotic freak that laid at their feet. Nat had clocked her straight in the face with the cages metal barred gate. 

She’d found the woman in the cage, and was now cursing herself for opening the latch… 

Wanda was the first to break the dense tension that was hanging above the three Avenger’s heads, “Nat… we don’t know what they did too her.”

“She could be just another person they snagged off the street one day.” Bucky added into Wanda’s comments. He was feeling sorry for the woman. She looked so… sad while she slept.

Her hair hung in her face, covering the long lashes that were the only feature on her that wasn’t bruised, beaten or covered with filth and grime.  He wanted to help her and stitch up the split lip that she’d most likely gotten from her altercation with Natasha. It was bleeding and getting into her milky white hair.

“You didn’t fight this… this thing, Barnes. I can’t even call her human because I’m not sure she is one!” Natasha was screaming; making Iron Man appear within seconds, removing his body suit’s head.

Looking at the three, he scrunched his eyebrows up in confusion: until Barnes pointed down to the body.

“Um…who’s the woman in the leotard? Did Barnes find an old HYDRA friend?” the two gave each other glares of annoyance and underlying anger.

“I know you all love making me take in refugee’s but we can’t take in every single human we find. I mean… what even is this- she! I mean. Who is this?” Tony squatted down to get a look at the woman.

“And who the hell decided to smash her face in?”

“Me. Look, Tony- I’d stay as far away as you can. She could wake up any moment. That little psychopath…” Stark didn’t move though, he stayed down and put his arm above her body; letting Friday look over her wounds or internal injuries.

They froze though when they heard something, something like… music. Mean music, not string quartet. Tony stopped everything, and raised his arm up; signalling the three to stay still. Bending down closer; he turned his head so he could determine what he heard was really her.

His arm that he had raised up to the three pointed down at the girl, signaling she was the source of the sound. Natasha immediately backed up, stumbling a bit. Wanda caught her and helped her get back to her feet. Taking ahold of her arm to steady her balance. Wanda was baffled at Nat’s reaction to just the thought of the girl waking up. 

How the hell did this woman get a trained assassin this frightened? 

This skittish?

Tony was bent so close now, that his face was less than a foot from hers. In the dead of silence, he finally could make out the words to the song the woman was singing. Her lips barely moved but her words were coming out clearer the closer he got; 

“I was caught.

In the middle of a railroad track,

I looked round,

And I knew there was no turning back.

My mind raced,

And I thought what could I do?

And I knew,

There was no help, no help from you.”

There was no help! No help from you!

She shot up fast with wide eyes and a smile on her face like she’d been chosen for an exciting prize.

The only prize she got was a swift punch square in the face. Making her falling right back, head bouncing slightly off of the cement from the hard impact.

Tony had freaked the moment she opened her eyes. He knew she was awake, she was the one fucking singing! But for some reason; hearing the music was distracting him from that intricate detail.

She’d scared him so much that he gave a quick yelp when she flung her face up to his. Falling back onto his Iron ass after a quick punch was sent into her face.

There was a silence that held the foursome together for a minute. All silently deliberating on what to do with the monster in an angel’s body.

“Bucky, carry her out. We’ve got strapdown seats on the quinjet right? Well, if we don’t then, Wanda? Your wrapping her up in some sort of damn rope.”

The old man stood up, putting back on the suits head. (Secretly) so he could silently recover from the shock the tiny beast had given him.

“This thing is no normal human. God… she’s like the daughter of the antichrist..” He was walking out into the wintery night to fire up the engine.

“Each year a new freak is found. They just get weirder and stranger to figure out… I blame Thor.” He muttered to himself,  

“I’m getting too old for this kinda shit. Maybe I’ll retire like Barton…”


        I was begging them insistently, “Let my restraints off, please? Baby please, I’m begging you!”

 They all looked like they weren’t buying my plead for release, so I decided to pull out the pity card. Right out of my ass, thinking on the spot what the Blue Eyed Man’s weakness could possibly be… If I knew it, I’d get him to get these cuffs opened. He was the only one that didn’t look at me like I had snakes  on my head instead of hair. He thought of me as a another HYDRA victim. 

 I lowered my head, pretending to look down. But secretly I was actually scanning his body. It wasn’t until I saw the pretty red star on the metal arm, that I knew what to say, and exactly how to say it.   

“If you were any better than HYDRA… you’d let me free from these chains you’ve got on me.” He gave only a glare, and shook his head. I needed to dig my nails deeper into his conscience. 

I gave up the plea for release, and decided to see how far I could tick the man off, how much would it take to break him? “You’re dead inside. Just like HYDRA, just like all of the people you killed. Dead. Heartless.” 

I had him. I saw it in the tension built into his muscles and the deep blue brewing of a storm in his eyes.

           I decided to finish with a whammy, “You’re just a monster. Winter Soldier.”  I snarled at him, giving the air a few quick bites in his direction. I was getting somewhere inside him, I could see it in how his glazed over eyes.

So let’s just see what Mr. Brave can do, shall we?

Charging at me was mistake number one.   

  Don’t make the first move.  You’ll lose about 70% of the time in a battle if you strike first.

            My mind jumped in joy. He wanted to fight! Okay, I don’t mind knocking him around a little bit. I needed a toy anyways, it was so boring being chained up. I wanted something fun to beat around.

His boots pounded their way towards me and just by lifting my leg up fast enough: I kneed him in the dick. I used my upper restraints to jump and get both knees tight around his hips. 

He recovered quickly.

Kudos to him on this next move,

Using that metal arm of his; he grasped my thighs and tried to crush them with his unbelievably large, heavily strengthened hands. God, when is this guy just gonna fuck me?

My legs were tightening around him too. I was making him come closer and closer to me. But he was winning out by getting closer and closer to breaking the bones in both of my thighs.

That was, until I screamed in pain making him let go quickly. He gasped and looked at me in shame as I slumped to the floor in pain. I had landed on my feet and hunched down into a squat, whimpering from the new (incredibly sexy) fingerprinted bruises soon to be showing up on my thighs.

Stepping back a bit, he still had his hands out, palms up as if he was examining his hands for damage. He looked bewildered and that only enticed me to keep my charade going.

With a few more sniffles, whimpers, and moans of pain; the man finally came closer. Getting close was his second mistake.

“Buck, get away from her.” I saw blue tights walking towards the black silver plated boots through my long strands of hair, shielding my face. Masking the wicked smile that showed. “Buck” must’ve stopped from Blue Tight’s words.

It was still, the air didn’t dare to move around us. I was sure everyone was holding their breath. Even Buck, who was know kneeling down towards me. Going against Blue Tights. 

I held in my air, making no noise so he’d come closer. Only a few more feet, Buck. Come on baby, do it… get close to me…get closer to the freakshow living in the basement. The one who makes horrifying noises that you hear in your sleep.

        He did it, coming down to meet my crouched height, he drew back the curtain of hair with his fingers lightly. Revealing my smile. Then I attacked.

       I screeched so loudly even my eardrums felt like they were being abused. Smashing my forehead into his, I sent him almost all the way to the other wall. Which was to my estimation ten, eleven feet away. We both moved to stand up when I had advanced forward. He was quick to move away… too quick.

He was enhanced in human skills like me. He was tinkered on like a toy- just like me. 

“Я собираюсь убить тебя!” Buck advanced forward, but not before Tights and AC DC Wannabe grabbed his shoulders. I sat back, breathing heavily at his words, giggling a bit in between taking in breathes. He held my eyes as they escorted him out. But I didn’t let him leave before replying. 

It’s only courteous.

“Я тоже люблю тебя , голубые глаза.” With wide eyes, Bucky left with an open mouth from hearing my words. Making me giggle to myself, closing my eyes to rest. They seemed done with me for today, and I was done with them.

That was his third mistake. Fooling himself: Because Buck thought sympathy would work.

But he knew damn well that when you’re this fucked up, only thing you can do is wait until the flame of insanity burns out. And the craze dies down with the ashes and embers.


“I’m getting Banner and having her checked out. Also; that door is going to be locked and supervised by my two most enhanced Protectors; Bon and Malcolm.”

“I know this really isn’t the time Tony, but why the fuck those names? You pick the worst names for your robots.”

“Protectors, Birdbrain. And it’s because they are named after my favorite singers in a little band you probably haven’t heard of! Since you’re way too far up Earth, Wind, and Fire’s as-”

“Hey!” The two men turned to Steve, who was helping a bloody nosed Bucky get some ice on his schnoz.

“We have a serious issue. We can’t let her out onto the streets. Nor can we keep her locked in a cage… we’re responsible for her now.” Steve led Bucky to the couch to sit down. Sam and Tony followed, taking the love seat nearest to the couch. Bumping elbows and shoving each other for more space, cursing each other under their breath.

Tony’s voice dripped in sarcasm as Steve stated the obvious, “Well what do you suppose we do, Captain?” They were stuck with loonytoons. 

“I say, we take her in.” Steve, Tony and Sam all whipped their heads towards broken nosed Bucky, whose eyes were staring at the door leading to the basement where she was stuck in. They could feel the vibrations of her head hitting against the wall as she screamed profusely. Not giving up until her voice was gone, no doubt. The screams thankfully sounded like a TV on low low volume, not bothering the other Avengers that were in the tower. 

Breaking his stare, he looked at the four and shrugged. Playing with his ice pack that was suppose to be on his nose. 

“What else can we do? Let’s shape her up to be a human again.” Sam chuckled, leaning back into the loveseat. 

“I don’t think that girl can humanized, Buck-o. She’s gone.” 

Bucky was quick to reply, “So was I. I didn’t know a single thing. Not even my name or my god damn best friend! Look… I’m not saying let’s have her join the team. But let’s take care of her.” Bucky looked away from the guys, internally blushing from his corny-ass words. 

“I don’t think she’s been given a real meal in weeks, and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t socialized in years. Let’s treat her with some humanity. She deserves that much…” The men all looked around at each other, trying to determine what the other thought. 

Steve was the first to back Bucky up, giving him an encouraging smile. “She needs to see the world again, Tony. She hasn’t since she went down under, I can tell from how pale her face is. She’s literally almost translucent, she hasn’t seen the sun in years.” 

Steve fell into his thoughts while Tony and Bucky debated. (surprisingly without hidden agitation at each other.) They were agreeing to a deal, shaking hands. But Steve was too zoned out to hear the arrangements. He was thinking about the premice of being fully awake, and stuck in a hell hole for years. Never getting to see the sun, or hear a dog’s bark, or a squirrel run up a tree. Knowing the world was still going on outside the walls; but your world was ending inside some dingy, cold cemented room… 

Steve wouldn’t admit this, but he was starting to understand just a little as too what the screaming tyrant downstairs was going through, just a little bit.

       His eyes drifted to the door, and with every pulsation from her head pounding against the wall… he felt more and more sympathy. 

                                           How could someone live like that? 


Song she was singing: Thunderstruck by ACDC. Link is in the lyrics of the story.

These are the translations:

“Я собираюсь убить тебя!” “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Я тоже люблю тебя , голубые глаза.” “I love you too, blue eyes.”  

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