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so like, i was expecting to have to find myself new champions in the likes of, say, Sidon and Riju but no no, dead ppl can still work the giant stone mechas nbd

I wanted to find ppl who had the same potential as the previous champions but nooo, Ghost Pilots

like, they could still be in their beasts(maybe even trapped) then when u take back control, their spirits are free, u get a cool ability and then they like pass on their legacy to the new pilot so they can finally rest in peace or whatevs

So far 3 out of my 5 Andromeda cries have been over krogans. I just love them so much.

Number 4 came when I was overwhelmed by how happy I was for the krogan in New Tuchanka who were figuring out how to integrate their society and reinstate family units instead of having their clans divded by sex with first time dads holding support meetings to help each other figure everything out and gush about how wonderful it was to finally be around children, THEIR children

and number 5 came when Drack opened up to me about his DEBLITATING DEPRESSION and how raising Kesh gave him a reason to keep going and then in a roundabout way told Sara he was proud of her bcs she didn’t have to live up to anything her dad was







“Oh, i don’t really think you want to know, but… okay then.”

“So we started off with me losing my virgini- my Ranger Guy toy, as you know. I went to dad to help me find it, he gave me some money so i can buy a new figure, some cocaine and other shit, i went to the arcade but there was Onion who was hiding inside a snacks machine, pretty cool kid. So yeah then he tried to summon the devil using ketchup and i ran down to him because he had the Ranger figure. I tried to buy it off but he wasn’t going to give it away so easily, so i gave him your replicator shit, but he was still not willing to give it so i offered my soul.”

“So yeah that’s pretty much what happened, want some cocaine?”

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So apparently there's a new Spider-Man trailer dropping sometime tomorrow, now I do wanna see this movie...but how convenient they're gonna drop a trailer after the 2 days of hype The Justice League 🤔😂

I figured a new trailer would drop soon since they released all those posters. I still don’t care about that movie though.


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 “It’s only 106”

  「 106しか出てない 」

  “ It’s only 106 ”

  「 106しか出てない 」

   “ IT’S ONLY 106 ”

    「 106しか出てない 」

    “   IT’S   ~ONLY~   106   ”

―Yuzuru Hanyu’s off the record comment on his SP performance that marked the 3rd highest score in history.

Note: Short program scores above 100 points were achieved only 7 times, 6 of them by Hanyu himself:


Be proud, be brave, be unapologetic, write a book, sing a song, draw a picture, hug somebody, kiss somebody, climb a mountain, ride a bike, go sky-diving, watch a sunset, watch a sunrise, hold a puppy, bake a cake, eat your favorite foods, live loud, love louder. Whatever this year stole from you, take it back. Fight. Be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. Spit in the face of adversity. Be proud. Love to live and live to love. Be your own hero, be somebody else’s hero. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Be loud. Be deafening. Don’t stop living, don’t stop loving. Don’t apologize. Be brave.

DnD Character Questions

1) What is their full name, and does it have any special relevance? Alternatively, what nicknames do they have? 

2) What hobby would they like to be good at? 

3) If they played dnd what race and class would they pick? 

4) If they could go back in time and change one thing, what would they change? 

5) What is their favourite weapon to wield? 

6) If you could behove them one magical item, what would you give them? 

7) If they didn’t have to adventure, would they stop? 

8) What do they look for in a platonic or romantic partner? 

9) Do they trust easily? 

10) What is their favourite colour? 

11) Diplomatic or aggressive? 

12) They get arrested, and thrown in jail, how do they escape? 

13) Would they leave their party for any reason? 

14) If they could own any creature as a pet, what would they have? 

15) How have you influenced your characters personality? 

16) Do they have any tattoos? If so what? If not, do you think they would get one in the future? 

17) Where would they like to be in ten years time? 

18) What do they look like? Either description or picture. 

19) What genre of music would they be into? 

20) What would be the worst thing someone could say to them? 


You will always be
Everything good