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So we still haven’t recieved any renewal updates, which SUCKS. What we do know, is that the fandom has POWER - that’s been proved today by the Timeless un-cancellation. I have also heard from a reliable source (not SSA) that FOX has been checking out several NG Tumblr blogs today, so they are definitely interested in the fandom’s current mood.

So, let’s all summon our very last energy together, and SPAM SPAM SPAM the hell out of the #reNewGirl campaign, until Monday morning when we’ll get the news. They will listen to us!

Here’s how to do it:

Twitter (most efficient): use the hashtags #reNewGirl #NewGirl #Season7 and tag @foxtv, @newgirlonfox, @lizmeriwether and @finkel_is_great. Also reblog all the #reNewGirl tweets you find.

Facebook: use the hashtag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s offical FB page to comment on old posts, and write your own posts on their wall.

Instagram: use the hastag #reNewGirl on New Girl’s official IG, to comment on old posts, NG fan accounts or any other New Girl cast or crew member’s IG you’.re following.

Tumblr: reblog this very post to spread the word to as many Roomfriends as possible.

GO GO GO!!!! Together we will make #reNewGirl happen!!!

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She didn't disappear tho. All her accounts are still there, her website is still there, she even created a whole NEW fb page. Binch is working on something for sure. If she wanted to disappear, it's so easy to just deactivate all that noise. She has deals with at&t that she signed, her app is rumored to launch before the end of this year. She put ed in the witness protection program after his slip about her working on an album. She been planning this

the facebook page is what’s killing me tbh but im still trying to wrap my head around having the heart to just delete almost a decade worth of……….career shit………from the public eye? 

this is like boss level reinvention. what if she’s about to drop her own label and never stop making music at all? what if she’s trying to prove that she can sell records without a social media presence. what if she found the in-between of being kNOWN BY EVERYONE AND NO ONE FUCK FUCFUCKF


Last weekend we had the incredible opportunity to swim with humpback whales in #iceland! New blog on our FB page. Freediver @_kiki.bosch_ (at Strýtan Divecenter)

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Is it okay for me to use your iw cap art thing as an icon - I'll will give you create in the description Also fb page: stfu you don't read comics posted the same photo without crediting you just so you know.

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your message ♥

Is it okay for me to use your iw cap art thing as an icon - I’ll will give you create in the description 

Yes, of course, I have nothing against people using my art for icons, it’s even in my FAQ, HERE. Enjoy your new icon! :)

Also fb page: stfu you don’t read comics posted the same photo without crediting you just so you know. 

It took me a moment to realize that “stfu you don’t read comics” was the name of the page xD I was like: “This anon was nice and all of a sudden they tell me to shut the fuck up because I don’t read comics? WUT?”. OTOH, I read your message early in the morning and I was still sleepy so…

Ok, thanks a lot for letting me know anon, it’s very kind of you. I went to the page, left my own credit (because fuck), asked to be credit and while I was there, I also answered to a couple of questions because some fan boys don’t seem to make the difference between fan art and “fake concept art”. They maybe “read comics” but they don’t follow Ryan Meinerding (MCU Main concept artist) on Instagram. LOL

You tell them, Ariel!

Have a great day and thanks again! ♥