new favourite photoshoot

Welcome to JensenHiatusLove, Week 3!

Week two is done (you can check all the Week 2 edits here) and  we just wanted to say thank you so much for all your beautiful contributions ❤️  

Hope y’all can join us again for week 3 and to celebrate the perfection that Mr. Ackles is, the new theme is: ‘Favourite Jensen Photoshoot’ (or your favourite photoshoots because well, we know is a hard task to choose just one). 

Don’t forget to tag your creations with jensenhiatuslove within the first five tags, and we’ll be tracking it so we can reblog them all to the main blog.  Follow the blog and/or track the tag to see the upcoming themes, and to enjoy and help spread all the wonderful jensen love!

P.S.  We are also on twitter (JAHiatusLove), if you want to participate from there (or repost your edits there), we will RT.

Happy Hiatus from jensenhiatuslove ❤️