new favourite model


{CHINGY FRINGE CO.} // Staple Tee + Tall Tee Campaign

Here’s the latest work I did for my friends at CFC, and this time I had the privilege of shooting a campaign for them in my neighbourhood with my new favourite model, Jassher.

There are big things ahead for this CFC x Rach Soh collaboration and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. 


more Miraculous Lady sketchdumps because this show has taken me prisoner

First picture: post-reveal scenario where Marinette and Adrien occasionally pretend not to know each other’s identities for the lulz

Second picture: ML has essentially perfected the art of clear/dynamic poses–and not to mention, the characters are practically designed to make the lines of action as clear as possible. dynamic poses are tonnes of fun.

Third and fourth: I recently read about a “ten line trick” (draw ten random lines, create a drawing out of them) so I gave it a try with my new favourite posing models