new favourite meme


A little break in drawing Voltron. I still can’t believe I’ve started to play this game.
To be honest I really enjoy the fact that my new favourite meme lord looks so much alike me. I mean, messy red hair, large black-and-yellow glasses, comfy clothes, large headphones - this is pretty much how I look like irl lmao. Another reason to love this character haha
Also, about the screenshot I’ve put under the drawing: I’ve personally laughed way too much at this 707′s sentence since this is exactly what I’ve been thinking during all the prologue lol, guess like phisical looks aren’t the only things we have in common haha

Others from this series:
Jaehee (want to finish her route first)
Jumin (want to finish his route first)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE

  • *missy appears out of the sky with her umbrella*
  • missy: doctor i swear to you i will abandon all my plans to overthrow the universe with the daleks right now if you jUST STOP CALLING PEOPLE HYBRIDS
  • doctor: ...
  • doctor: you know who you really look like?
  • missy: do not say it
  • doctor: mary poppins
  • missy: please stop
  • doctor: half timelord...half mary poppins...
  • missy: oh my god
  • doctor: almost like...a hybri-
  • *universe explodes*

OKAY BUT. keith getting so worked up - like this is it you’ve officially got Keith comfortable enough or riled enough to do this - and in the midst of passionate spewing of words just coming out with not only the BEST words and combination of words in the universe but sometimes words that don’t even exist, or they don’t work together, tumble out because he’s just completely absorbed and invested in the sheer intensity of the moment im laughing oh m ygod. he really does give everything everything. 

and i just find it hilarious bc he’s not a waster of words. he doesn’t just say things everything he does has purpose and resolve. every word has a very clear purpose - sometimes he even shortens common phrases in sentences and skips words that aren’t exactly necessary but are expected to be there as part of the general structure of the phrase to get to the point - and then…aND THEN you get him like this all swept up and the turbulence just takes such an unexpected but funny direction and it’s…. incredible. 


Old Creatures moment vs my new favourite meme

  • Freed Justine: LAXUS DREYAR??? I love him he's so— [reaches into pockets] [pulls out thousands of photos of laxus dreyar] look how pretty he is i love him listen [drops some photos] oh no help me gather them i need them all [Thousands of pictures of laxus dreyar scatter across the floor]
  • Shit fuck im holding them for me because i love him i need to gather them all up number 5096 was my favourite just listen

Get To Know Me Meme 3/10 Favourite Actresses: Laura Prepon

“I never think of myself as any kind of sex symbol, but I get letters from all over, all sorts. It’s really cool. I get a lot from inmates, which is kind of scary. But the best was the guy who wanted to send me a plane ticket to fly me to his prom.”