new favorite possession

Teddy Lupin can scarcely believe his luck. He had somehow managed to get through the garden without being seen by his grandmother, and was now standing in the garage giving his new favorite possession an appraising look. Why Harry had given him something so inherently cool he doesn’t know, but the motorbike - vintage, enchanted, stickered up the side - is so delightful he almost doesn’t - 

“Teddy!” His grandmother’s voice says from the top of the stairs. Are you knutting kidding. Well, goodbye motorbike. It was fun while it lasted, old friend. “Where did you get that?’ 

…if Teddy didn’t know better, he would think that Andromeda doesn’t sound angry. Her voice sounds rather…joyful? 

“Harry gave it to me,” he answers, cautious. “You’re not mad?” 

“Of course I’m not mad that he’s giving you your grandfather’s things. Where did he get that?” Andromeda descends the stairs, looking at the motorbike almost fondly. 

Teddy feels as though he’s fallen through the looking glass. “Wait. This was grandfather’s? I thought it belonged to Sirius.” 

She smiles. “It was. He passed off to Sirius when your mother was born, darling. Wait. Harry didn’t know that? Why’d he give it you, then?” 

There it is. Teddy takes a breath, ready to defend his right to the motorbike. As a teenager, he’s only supposed to do some dangerous things, right? 

He doesn’t even get the words out before his grandmother’s face turns red. “DID HE GIVE IT TO YOU TO RIDE?” 

He knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe he’ll get to ride it when she leaves to yell at his godfather. He’ll capitalize on all the family history he can get.


Anonymous said:hey if you’re still doing the otp drabbles can you do #5 with mitch marner and #24 with auston matthews?

#5: “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” - “DON’T THROW SCISSORS!”

Word count: 608

Author’s note: *quiet chanting* mitch mitch mitch miTCH MITCH MITCH MITCH MITCH

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Mitch’s entrance into your shared apartment came much as his entrance into your life did; with a loud bang and lots of screaming.

“IT’S HERE!” Mitch screams as he throws open the door. You jump from fright, nearly falling off of the couch.

“Mitch, what the hell?”

“IT. IS. HERE.” He repeats at the same volume. You furrow your eyebrows.

“What’s here?” You ask. Mitch rolls his eyes, closing the door behind him and holding up the package.

“My NES Classic!” His eyes are sparkling, and you’re momentarily taken with just how excited he is. You had gotten Mitch an NES Classic as a Christmas present, but seeing as they were one of the most highly sought-after presents of the Christmas season, you had to delay the actual order. You had finally managed to snag one on Amazon in the middle of January, and Mitch had been checking the shipping progress every day since then. He sets down his bags, eyes focused on his new favorite possession.

“Boy, the person who got you that must really love you.” You comment, your eyes not leaving your phone. Mitch chuckles and sits down next to you, kissing your cheek.

“I like to think she does.”

“Mmm, you’d be right.”

“I love her just as much.” You grin as Mitch kisses you again. “Thank you, (Y/N).”

“You’re welcome. Are you gonna open it?” He looks down at the box.

“Duh!” Mitch gets to work tearing open the shipping package, only to be deterred by the box the NES comes in. This one is a little bit more difficult to open, Mitch discovers as he fumbles with the package.

“(Y/N)?” Mitch asks.

“Yes, babe?”

“Will you get me the scissors?” He asks, gazing up at you with a pleading look.

“Why can’t you get them?”

“I don’t want her to run off.” He says simply. You raise an eyebrow.

‘Her?’” You tease.

“Please will you get me the scissors?” He repeats. You sigh.

“You’re lucky I cater to your whims.” You say as you get up.

“A woman after my own heart.” Mitch swoons, falling back against the couch. You open the drawer the scissors are in and grab them, turning towards Mitch.

“Heads up!” You say, tossing the scissors in his direction. Mitch lets out a loud shriek as he ducks and throws a pillow over his head. The scissors fly past him and land on the carpet with a dull thud.

“Why did you just throw scissors at me?” He accuses.

“You have good hand eye coordination? Mitch, it’s not like I threw a knife or a chainsaw at you!” Mitch shakes his head furiously.

“You don’t throw scissors at people, (Y/N)! That’s, like, the cardinal rule! I’m going to call your mom.” He threatens. You throw your hands up in the air.

“Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!” You say.

“DON’T THROW SCISSORS.” He challenges right back. You huff and grab the scissors off the floor, gently handing them to him.

“There, is that better, princess?” He glares at you.

Thank you.” He says dramatically, slicing the package open. After a few tense moments of silence, Mitch turns to you. Mitch isn’t good at people staying mad at him for more than a minute, and his girlfriend being mad is even worse.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“I should have just handed you the scissors instead of tossing them.” You mumble. He pulls you into a hug.

“Wanna play each other at Super Mario Bros?” Mitch mumbles into your ear. You shoot up as Mitch plugs the NES into the TV.

“You’re on.”

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I love yr abo au so much omg. If u have any more ideas about it pls write them! (Esp if they're about protective Andrew because that might be my new favorite thing)

anon: (Possessive Andrew anon here hello) Thanks for answering! I just wanted to say that tbh I LOVE your a/b/o au lots soooo if you have anything else to add…. I wouldn’t mind at all….

let’s talk more about Baltimore, shall we?

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n.  a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused on to light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally

word count: 926

warnings: n/a

Rustling of plastic behind you caught your attention as your turned your attention from your lookout duty to Glenn, who was struggling to open packaging for something. The two of you had known each-other long before the apocalypse, working at the same pizza parlor. He confided in you about everything, and when he knew he wanted to propose to Maggie, he came to you for help. You were the one that found a ring for her and gave him a pep talk, assuring him she’d say yes. He was the first one to find out about you and Daryl, respecting your wish to keep it a secret, even though you knew how hard it was for him to do so. He eventually cracked one night weeks later, but you didn’t care.

After struggling with the packaging for a minute or so, he pulled out his knife and started stabbing the corner of the package.

“If you cut your finger off, just know i’m gonna be pissed as hell.” He looked up at you, back at the packaging, and handed it to you.

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YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. MY MARE ODOMO SHIRT CAME IN THE MAIL. You know, the one I stress-bought a few weeks ago because everything was terrible and awful.

Make a comic. It’ll last longer.

Oh my god it is the best shirt. I keep smiling because I see it in the webcam, reminding me to make the comics. Ok, Shirt. Ok.

Ugh it’s perfect. Oh man. OH MAN.

…but these fucking boobs ruin everything :c 

Preference 1: You overhear him talk about you PART 2


It’s been about a week since you overheard Ash on the phone and since then you’ve been constantly hitting the gym. You even took to a whole other level when you completely cut off junk food. You were absolutely against it and also eating anything that wasn’t organic or home cooked. But in truth, you hardly ate. You hardly ate in front of Ash as well. You took extremes, you went through meals without eating much except for a few pieces of apples and carrots and some water. The only time you actually did eat a full meal was when you were around Ashton and the boys. You began to see results quickly. You were proud of your progress, in your eyes you were fit and actually felt confident and beautiful and you thought everyone around you was too. Truth be told, the boys were actually worried about you but didn’t know how to approach you with this touchy subject. You seemed happy and they seemed happy as well for you. After a rigorous session at the gym, you went to meet up with Ash and the boys at the venue where they were holding a concert tonight. You had not eaten anything to replenish all of your lost electrolytes and calories. You and they guys were chilling in the dressing room before showtime. Calum has been keeping his keen eye on you, see you and Calum were very close; he was like a brother to you. As the rest of the boys were finishing up practice, Cal came up to you with a worried look on his face. He sighed and took a seat next to you on the couch. “Hey Y/N, is everything okay?” “Hey Cal, everything is fine, why do you ask?” “I’ve noticed that you’ve been acting differently lately, you never really hang out with us anymore and I’ve noticed how thin you’ve gotten really quickly and how you’re always at the gym.” “Cal, I assure you I’m fine. I found my new getaway for relaxation and stress relief, plus it gives me something to do while I wait for you guys to come back from interviews and all that stuff; I absolutely love the gym, it’s like my second home.” You were on the couch resting as you didn’t feel well; you were feeling dizzy and nauseous. As soon as you got up however, you started to see black spots. You thought it was nothing and ignored it but then the next thing you know, it was all black.


After Luke’s phone call, he came back to where you were. He noticed your teary eyes and became worried. “baby what’s wrong?” He asked in a panic. “Luke, I want you to please be honest with me, are you not happy in this relationship?” Luke sighs and begins to explain how he was in love with you, but then lost feelings when he saw Aleisha again at Michael’s party. He then goes on to explain how he wanted to tell you but he didn’t just know how to. You sighed and got up and went to gather what little things you had at Luke’s apartment. He follows you into his room and watched intently on your actions. Before you left, he looks at you apologetically and says that he was deeply sorry for putting you through this. You locked eyes with him quickly and said goodbye. He can now be happy with Aleisha, and you just have to learn to deal with that….


When Calum did arrive home, you were less enthused about giving him his surprise. But you gave it to him anyways with a fake smile plastered on your face. He was too busy to notice your sour expression as he fawned over his new favorite prized possession. He was so surprised and so happy about his new signed bass. But you could never get the thought of him calling you clingy so you started to become more outgoing and less uptight. Over the next week, you were hardly at home. You were constantly out hanging out and clubbing with your friends. Before heading out to lunch with a friend, Calum sees you and knows that this was his only chance to get you to himself for a bit. “Babe, where are you headed off to today?” “Cal, you know that I have lunch with Y/F/N today.” “Oh yeah, how long will you be out till? I actually wanted to hang out and spend some time with you.” You scoffed in your mind. You then thought to yourself how things have changed and clingy he has been lately. First he wanted you to stop being so clingy and acting like his mother and now, now he wants to spend time with you?! You were beyond angry. But you did cave in and agree to have your movie day once you returned from lunch. Once you got home, Cal, was all up on you. He never left your side and whenever you left the room, he would trail in behind you even if it wasn’t for a minute. You were beyond annoyed at this point so you decided to confront him about it. “Cal, why are you so all up on me, hell, I can’t even go to the bathroom without you following me?” “I just missed you babe” that’s when all your true feelings were now being exposed. “Oh, so first you call me clingy and uptight, but look who’s now the clingy one. Yes, Cal, I heard what you said to the boys, you said I acted exactly like your mother and how clingy I have been. I’m not uptight, I apologize for caring so much about you. I’m sorry you find me clingy, it’s just that you’re never home and when you are, it’s only for a short time before you’re off to another country. So Cal, I apologize for being a caring girlfriend.” At this point you were in tears. Calum scoots next to you and continuously says how sorry he was. He hated seeing you cry. “Baby, my God, I’m so stupid and sorry. I was having a bad day and I took it all out on you. You’re not clingy and uptight babe, you are the most caring and most wonderful girlfriend ever! I’m sorry I made you feel like this and be the reason for your tears.” By now Calum was in tears, and in that moment, you saw that he was truly sorry for saying those things and making you feel that way. You hushed him with a kiss as he continued to apologize. He was shocked at first but then kissed back. In that moment he knew that things were okay for you both.


Throughout dinner, you kept quiet for the most part. You only talked when Michael’s parents directed their attention to you and you politely answered. Many thoughts were running through your mind, the most obvious and hurtful was Michael comparing you to Abigail. Granted you weren’t the best singer, but you compensated in other talents than singing. As dinner came to an end, and you said goodbye to his parents you went upstairs into your bathroom and decided a nice hot and relaxing shower would temporarily take your mind off things. Now normally you would break into a full on performance but you weren’t having it tonight. You took your phone and started playing your music, but didn’t sing along. Instead, you silently cried. Michael was ashamed of you and he compared you to his ex. About fifteen minutes into your shower, Michael comes in to check on you. He doesn’t noticed you crying and your muffled whimpers, but he could tell something was off. “Hey babe, is everything alright?” “ you knew if you spoke now, it’ll ruin your cover. So you started to brush your teeth and mumble incoherent words to let him know you were fine. He left you to finish up. Your eyes weren’t as red and obvious that you’ve been crying. After your shower, you quickly get dressed and made your way downstairs to your library to catch up on some reading. Michael fell asleep whilst waiting for you. The next day as you were cleaning up the dishes from dinner, Michael came in to check up on you. You were busy doing the dishes with your headphones on but your weren’t singing aloud. That’s when he knew something was really wrong. He taps you on your shoulder and you take out an earbud to see what he wanted. "Love, is something wrong? You’ve been awfully quiet lately and you’ve been a little distant. You haven’t really said a word to me since dinner. What’s wrong my love?” You sighed and said that you were okay. However Mike wasn’t buying it. “Love I know something’s wrong, now can you please tell me so I can make you feel better?” You exploded. “How am I supposed to be okay when my boyfriend is ashamed of being with me and compared me to his ex?!” He then knew that you overheard his conversation with Ash. “Babe, please let me explain.” “There’s nothing to explain, I obviously don’t make you happy, hell you’re ashamed of dating me, so why don’t I do us both a favor and leave?! And you can go back to your precious Abigail! Goodbye Michael! ” you grabbed your keys and purse as well as a few pairs of clothes and you were out the door. “Don’t go, baby please don’t go!” Michael was sobbing hysterically, “please just listen to me.” You weren’t having it, so you left and got in your car. You wanted to be anywhere but in what is now Michael’s apartment, and you knew the other boys’ place wasn’t even an option so you started your journey to find a hotel on the other side of town. As you arrived at the hotel, you noticed many missed calls and texts all from Michael but you refused to read then and fell asleep. Today has not only been the longest day of your life but also the worst one.