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David sleeping off a long night of boozing somewhere in Siberia in 1973. We drank cheap Riesling and beer (Peeva) with a bunch of soldiers we’d met the night before. They were friendly and inquisitive as to what life was like in the West. We asked them what they did in the army: they said they were in the construction unit. You can just make out the bleak Siberian landscape through the window. - Geoff MacCormack


“I don’t really care about any of that stuff, I’ve always done well for myself. But my agent once told me that if I wanted to play a lead, I should take more time in the morning: ’Do your hair, wear shirts that fit a little better, and go to the gym a bit more.’ I was like, ’It’s all about the acting, man.’ He was like, ’This is Hollywood.’ He was right.”

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Hoe story: i've been fwb with this guy 5 years older than me for the last 6 months and its been the best sex of my life. We're completely open with each other and are always trying new things. I never thought I'd be into it but anal is my new favorite thing with him. He also always sends me pictures of porn stars that he says look like me and that makes me so happy because theyre all hot af

oh hell yea

His New Favorite Month

Based of this tagfic, which was then continued here.

His New Favorite Month 

Derek makes very, very poor housing decisions.

 Look, it’s not like this is new information. It’s old information. Ancient, really. Derek has known this for years.

 He had followed his family for the first eighteen years of his life (and best not to think about what happened to those homes) and then his first decision as an adult in need of a place to stay is to essentially live in his old family’s burnt shell of a house. He then upgraded to an abandoned train car. When he finally did managed to buy a real place on his own, he chose a loft apartment that was essentially a concrete box whose only feature seemed to be a spiral staircase for people to sit on and smirk out at the huge dining room table.

 Seriously. He should not be allowed to house himself. He’d never even gotten chairs.

 However, this most recent living decision may be the worst. Because, really, in what universe was it a good idea to move in with two college students in a shitty three bedroom apartment whose air conditioning only works half the time even though they live in California?

 It was not a good idea. It was a terrible idea.

 It also doesn’t help that the “two college students” Derek had decided to move in with are Scott and Stiles.

 Sure, at the beginning, it sounded smart. Scott is his Alpha; Stiles his Second and, really, after his road trip during their Senior year resulted in what can only be described as a catastrophic failure, it made sense to stay close. He’s spent their Freshman and Sophomore year of college in an apartment nearby and they were over all the time so much anyway, it had seemed logical to simply nod along to Stiles’ suggestion that all three of them should get an apartment together as they moved off campus.

 Again, Derek makes terrible housing decisions.

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