new favorite picture of him

David sleeping off a long night of boozing somewhere in Siberia in 1973. We drank cheap Riesling and beer (Peeva) with a bunch of soldiers we’d met the night before. They were friendly and inquisitive as to what life was like in the West. We asked them what they did in the army: they said they were in the construction unit. You can just make out the bleak Siberian landscape through the window. - Geoff MacCormack

                               “LOOK AT THIS SWEETHEART”

Tried something new and painted over one of my favorite pictures of to make him into our darling Kylo. I never really think of myself as an artist when it comes to painting things and drawing things, but I thought I would try this out since I can’t seem to create something from scratch. It was kind of fun. And definitely difficult to do with only a trackpad. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, OR REMOVE CAPTION.