new favorite picture of him


“I don’t really care about any of that stuff, I’ve always done well for myself. But my agent once told me that if I wanted to play a lead, I should take more time in the morning: ’Do your hair, wear shirts that fit a little better, and go to the gym a bit more.’ I was like, ’It’s all about the acting, man.’ He was like, ’This is Hollywood.’ He was right.”

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idk if anyone has brought this up before but does tom have a crooked nose? i've noticed it before but couldn't confirm and now i was looking at the face-covered-in-dirt picture from the skull island set and thought it just looked bent towards his left like he broke it. just wanted to know your thoughts thanks 😊

I’ve never noticed that and using my new favorite picture of him- I don’t see crooked

Although it’s hard to look past the eyes *sigh*


Pip free jumping 3′9″ 

He was so happy he actually just went around several times by himself, but the sweetest thing was that he just cantered on the rail then sent himself through until I put my hand out and said “whoa” and then he would slow down, and just join up with me. He did it UNTIL he got to 3′9″ and then he knocked the rail and got frustrated and took off. Classic Pip. But also it made my heart hurt it was so sweet. I can never deny that my horse loves me ever again. The picture my trainer took of him coming to me is my new favorite picture of me.