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On Portmanteau Emotions: Frangry

I really enjoy the works of Lewis Carroll.  His teaching logic and how language works through fantasy is fun and very entertaining.  One of the linguistic tools Carroll invented was portmanteau words.  For those not familiar with the concept, you take the sounds of two words, blend them together to make a new word that combines the meaning of both.  For example: “motel” is the combination of “motor” and “hotel.”  In pop culture, you see portmanteau being used a lot when it comes to celebrity relationships-Brangelina, Bennifer, Spederline…are all portmanteaus of the names of celebrity couples.  One of my recent favorite portmanteau words is “hangry,” hungry + angry.  When you get really irritable because you are hungry.  “Hangry” is a great portmanteau.  Reading the online comments on my article, “On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t the Problem,” and some of the direct messages I’ve received on Facebook, there seems to be the impression out there that I’m angry. To be honest with you, “angry” alone doesn’t truly capture how I feel.  I’m more than angry.  I also very frustrated.  I’m frangy.  My anger is almost always a product of being frustrated.  Right now, I have a lot of reasons to be frangry.

I’m frangry that America elected a sexist, racist, bigoted con man as President. I’m frangry this is how progressives chose to repay Barack Obama, the most progressive president since FDR, for everything he’s done for them.
I’m frangry conservatives have no moral compass and will do anything to win.
I’m frangry progressives bring a tambourine to a gunfight when it comes to politics.
I’m frangry at every single so-called progressive who sat on their ass in 2010 allowing the Tea Party to take the House and a lot of state legislatures and every single horrible fucking thing that has been a consequence of this.
I’m frangry at conservatives who donated to, supported, and voted for Donald Trump and then have the balls to tell me they don’t agree with his racism/bigotry/sexism.
I’m frangry at progressives who pout and whine when their unicorn isn’t delivered in time or when it is, bitch it isn’t the exact right shade of teal.
I’m frangry at people who wear their stupidity as a badge of honor.
I’m frangry at people who are eager to take health insurance away from the people who need it the most.
I’m frangry at people who voted for Trump and are now bitching he might take away their health insurance.
I’m frangry at progressives who bought into and passed along right wing lies and conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.
I’m frangry at progressives who didn’t rally around the Party’s candidate because their candidate lost the primary.
I’m frangry at progressives who voted for someone to be president who couldn’t win a city assessor race if she ran unopposed (Jill Stein.)
I’m frangry at progressives who voted for Gary Johnson, someone who makes Jill Stein look like Madame Curie.
I’m frangry at anyone suddenly who has “buyer’s remorse” now that the reality of Trump being president is setting in.
I’m frangry at white conservatives for their racism or their willingness to overlook racism.
I’m frangry at progressives for not being a true ally for minorities when they needed them to be the most.
I’m frangry that the progress that took years to attain and was earned with the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears of progressives of the past will now be massively rolled back and have to be fought for again by people who can’t be bothered to enough to spend a few minutes in a line at the polls.
I’m frangry at people making excuses why they didn’t do the right thing when it mattered.
I’m frangry at white people acting all butthurt and oppressed. 
I’m frangry at white people telling me they are tired of being “picked on” and “humiliated.”  
I’m frangry at white people in general.
I’m frangry at people who treat voting as something that only affects them.
I’m frangry at people who say stupid shit like, “Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil,” and “I have to vote my conscience.”
I’m frangry at anyone who said, “I’m all for a woman president, just not this woman.”
I’m frangry at progressives who, when the chance to not only stand up for and protect their minority base but push women’s rights to whole new level, didn’t.
I’m frangry that Trump being president and every single horrible thing that is going to come of it could have been easily avoided.
I’m frangry too many so-called “progressives” still believe their political strategy of purity is the way to go.
I’m frangry at every single hot take about how Dems need to understand, reach out to, and sympathize with Trump voters.
I’m frangry that I feel some compassion for the people who have voted against their own interests for decades.
I’m frangry our media cares more about profit margins than facts.
I’m frangry most people get their “news” from Facebook.
I’m frangry they don’t have the mental tools or the desire to figure out whether something they read/see is correct or bullshit.
I’m frangry at James Comey’s going against every FBI tradition and inserting himself into the election.
I’m frangry at Bernie Sanders for dragging out his campaign long after it was mathematically dead. 
I’m frangry at Bernie for pushing the “rigged election” line that was not only bullshit but helped solidify a mistrust and apathy towards government when what we need the most is faith and involvement in the system.
I’m frangry at Hillary for doing events in California the last few weeks instead of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. 
I’m frangry at the Democratic Party for not getting rid of Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the 2014 midterms.
I’m frangry at myself for thinking Americans were not stupid enough to elect someone as unqualified and self-centered as Donald Trump.
I’m frangry at people who tell me democracy is the greatest thing since Jesus but who do everything they can to make sure people either can’t vote or make it voting as difficult as possible for them.
I’m frangry at Berniebots who demanded Hillary produce her Wall St. speech transcripts but were all “Meh” when it came to Bernie’s tax returns.
I’m frangry at progressive purists whose moral calculus is so fucked up they honestly believe someone who will vote with them 80% of the time is just as bad as someone who will never vote with them.
I’m frangry people are intellectually lazy and would rather believe they are right than actually be right.
I’m frangry the truth is being ignored, taken out back and drowned in a shallow pool of fetid water, and given a back seat to feelings.
I’m frangry Supply Side Economics hasn’t been buried in a shallow grave.
I’m frangry easily manipulated emotions like fear and hate are used to make big decisions that affect millions.
I’m frangry more people aren’t frangry about all these things.

Based on what I’ve seen so far from the far-left, the far-right, the Trump team, the media…I’m going to be frangry for awhile.

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honeybee and poetry!! 💕

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honeybee: name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.

  • i’ve been trying harder with self care recently (for my health but also like for life)

poetry: if you have one, name a favorite book or poem.

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New studyblr!!!!

Hi studyblr!!! My name is Zara, I’m 15 and I’m from Slovenia. This autumn I’ll be a sophomore in “gimnazija” (sort of like grammar school in England and high school in America but well… different). I discovered the studyblr community before exam season and it practically saved my life so I decided to make a studyblr to motivate myself futher. My favorite subjects are Biology, Physics and History. I speak two languages (Slovene and English) and I’m currently learning Spanish even though I’m really bad at it😬.

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