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I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, but since a lot of people followed me for my art I want to come back here to share this new painting.

After I went to my first IAMX show last October all I could think was “I have to paint him.” So I did. (”him” being Chris Corner, my new favorite musician, please check out his incredible music.)

This painting was a huge challenge for me. For the first time I decided to create my own depiction of the person instead of recreating a photo. So I did a lot of research, and ended up using +200 photos. Every single bone, muscle, vein, etc. is referenced from a photo of him, to make sure it is a depiction of him alone. This painting stretched me to my limits in terms of anatomy, lighting, and realism, and I grew SO MUCH as an artist.

I had to make this my best work because otherwise it would have failed in its purpose, which is to convey my respect and love for this genius who inspired me so much with his art. I plan to print this on a canvas to gift it to him in a meet and greet whenever IAMX tours again.

It was painted in Photoshop with a Wacom pen tablet, and as usual is entirely done by hand, not traced, no photographs exist anywhere in the file. Please zoom in, there’s lots of pretty details!

Why hooking-up with a musician is the easiest thing ever...and dating one can be hard, but also a blessing.

I am a loner, I always have been one. I prefer quiet evenings at home over a crowded place full of drunk people, also because I grew up with an alcohol- addict father.
But here’s the thing, sitting at home alone does not make you meet new people and people you meet at parties aren’t always the best.
I have found myself enjoying loud concert venues over loud parties, I would rather bang my head to whatever band is playing on stage than sitting in the corner of a party with a cup of liquor in my hands.
Guys are afraid of girls and intimidated by girls who go to concerts on their own, unless they play in the band that is performing that evening.
I don’t care if I have to go to a concert on my own, because all of my friends are busy or have to work the next day, I spent 6 months of my life travelling on my own to dangerous countries, I think I can handle a room full of people.
BUT, here’s the thing, apparently in this society it is not ok to go to a concert on your own, unless you want to have sex with a band member.
I found myself talking to many crew members and guitarists along the way and heard many whispers and rumors.
I might have to add here that I am not the normal skinny jeans and tee kinda person, when I go to a concert it is mostly in leather shorts/skirts and crop tees - you get the image.
For a loner that simply needs some good affection every now and then is there anything better than someone that will surely leave the next morning, if not the same night, and is surely not going to call you the next day or bother about you until he comes back to your town?
I have heard so many rumors and bad talks about me since I started being open about this and my friends get hate too, I wanna clear it up here.
I am no queen and the band guys are not perfect either.
Would you care if I left with the guy in the middle of the crowd and not the one singing on stage? Probably not.

At one point of your life or another you might consider hooking up with someone and I don’t say that getting musicians is extraordinary or makes you special, but after all they are good-looking male beings that spent a few weeks/ months with other male beings - no woman around - on the road, it makes it easier to get what you want as a woman.
Musicians are the friendliest people you will meet along your way, even if you don’t have any idea who they are or never heard one song of their band before. They try to make you feel comfortable and happy in every situation, even if it is talking drunk on the bathroom floor at 4 a.m.
A close friend invited me to a concert of two bands (I thought they were quite small and unknown, but researches showed me that one played the whole Vans Warped Tour and the other one is quite famous in the UK) and I had no idea who those bands were. That was one of the best nights of my life, I drank way to much, left the venue at 7 a.m. (walk of shame haha) and had the best and probably deepest talks I will ever have in my life with the guitarist of the main band and a crew member.
To get this clear, I did not hook-up with every band member I met along the way, that is just ridiculous and I don’t think anyone should…I mean it’s not my business, but if they really need you so bad, they could pay a hooker.
It is not always easy to get a musicians attention…I know it might come off that way, but it really isn’t. Often it is luck and being in the right place at the right time. Musicians are stubborn, they are difficult and stressed. They are tired after the concert and just want to get drunk or sleep.
Often they have to leave the venue straight after a concert, but they WILL remember you if it was a small venue. Oh and if you are lucky enough, they will still remember your name or what you wore at their last show…and if they have the day off after the next stop at your city….ohh, you get what I am talking about.
But it really is not always about sex, I have to say it again and again and again. I met so many girls, who are now friends of mine, who fell for band members. They developed feelings for the guy in a band and you might think now that they got their hearts broken, but they didn’t. Every now and then it might work in some weird, twisted way. And even if you aren’t getting married, have a house, seven kids and five dogs, it is nice to know that at one point or another that awesome, sweet guy from a different continent fell for you.
I feel that music gives us the opportunity to meet people out of our reach, to get in contact with them and maybe find something more in life.
Sometimes it will just stay a hook-up, you might be their friend with benefits (we all have been there) orrrr…you might be their more. The one they will be seen with, the one that will be in photos with the band guy .
Which brings me to my main point….dating a musician is hard, it is probably the hardest thing a woman can do.
Yes, I said it.
But it’s also the most rewarding feeling, to believe in something really breakable and see it not shatter to pieces, to see it stay whole.
You have to trust each other, you have to stay faithful (I mean, the musician has to stay faithful *cough*) and you should not be jealous or clingy at all.
I could go on and on about what you should and should not do if dating a musician, but that will take it too far.
It brings me back to my first sentence, I am a loner. Yet it was almost too much for me to date someone that is not here at all, someone I might not see for a few months. You can never be sure what he is doing at the other side of the world, if he is faithful. You will see photos of him with girls that are MUCH more beautiful than you are and you will doubt yourself. You will get hate from everyone around him, because you will never be enough.
You will never be perfect enough to reach the fans expectations.
Which leaves you with two options:
To break up with him and never date a musician ever again OR to suck it up and build up a strong armor to stand through all of this.
What is more rewarding than his smile when he spots you in the crowd after not seeing each other for months? Will it ever not give you chills when you hear him sing your favorite song after months of not hearing his voice in person? Would you really give it all up because of your own pride and insecurities? Of other people telling you what to do? Of other people thinking they know you and him better than you do?
Think about all of this before you judge someone. Think about all of this before you tweet or write or talk about the new girlfriend of your favorite musician. You don’t know their past (and you don’t know all of the truth.) You don’t know what the future will bring.

In the end, you are still talking about two human beings and not two plants, so be careful with your words and actions.
Lots of drama in different fandoms caused me to write this….think about my words before you shit-talk about the girl in the heels with your favorite musician if you don’t know her personally. She might be different than what you think. She might surprise you, you just have to give her a chance.

the girl with the leather skirt that heard more shit about her and rumors, but always ends up with the band  xo

This is Robin Barnes, the Songbird of New Orleans

Robin Barnes was born and raised in New Orleans and the music of the city runs through her veins. Voted as the Favorite New Orleans Musician by New Orleans magazine, she has also released her EP, Songbird Sessions.

Robin is also the Founder of Move Ya Brass / FIT by You, which she founded after overcoming a life altering health issue that motivated her to be more healthy. The fitness movement combines New Orleans dance and music with aerobics and fitness.

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a long time ago i asked you for advice on how to get over someone who treated me very badly but i missed them anyway, and one of the things you said was to find new music, movies, etc that i hadn't discovered with them as a way to heal from a weird dependency on that person. it took me a very long time but i have a new favorite musician now, and their music has helped me enormously in letting go with grace. thank you so much.

i was hoping something like that would happen. i found so much music after i got away from my ab*ser. it’s healing good to fill yourself up with things that bring you joy, as a distraction at the very least

hey so.. I just hit 10,000 posts, and it made me think..

this blog has come a long way. I don’t know how long exactly, but I think I’ve had this blog for 5 or 6 years. a lot has been done to this blog: url changes, content changes, what have you…

I guess I wanted to say that I’ve loved using tumblr thus far, and meeting such cool people and finding new things about my favorite musicians has just been so awesome. lets see if I can make to another 10,000 xD

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What are each of the four stages of beyhydration?

Stage 1: Denial and Disbelief- The Hive is seemingly calm and cool, believing that the previous era hasn’t ended. There is belief of some sort of intimate residency show or a DVD for a World Tour coming… but no, once the members of the Hive realize we are in a full swung Beyhydration, we move on to stage 2…

Stage 2: Resurfacing and Overanalyzing of Old Content- Due to lack of new content, the Hive begins to talk/blog about Beyoncé’s previous music, videos, movies, accomplishments…etc. An average member of the Hive usually does this starting with the most recent era, and working back to where it all began (9/4/81). Some members of the Hive even start to overanalyze Bey’s old content and demand justice for the wrong-doings of others toward Beyoncé. The Beyhive begins getting anxious and will sting any person that tests them like Kid Pebble or Mike “Gerbil-Man” Huckabee.

Stage 3: Absolute Chaos and Disbelief- Everything around you has changed. Nothing looks the same, nothing feels the same. You dance to keep from crying, but the tears still come. The existing hierarchy of the Hive collapses as some of its leaders get booted from tumblr, some of the members lose spirit, and some fade away altogether. Even worse, the Hive starts to attack each other for things like matching avatars, shady tags, or even brightening pictures of Bey too much. All of Bey’s old content has been overanalyzed so we obsess over anything we get; if Bey shows off a new weave or some inner boob, members of the Hive will have heart palpitations and die of excitement. We hardly see Bey anymore, but there is still hope because our fav is ethereal and everlasting.

Stage 4: Beytrayal and Hopelessness- After every YouTube video of WDYLM performances and every tour DVD have been watched thousands of times, members of the Hive start to fade. Unfortunately some members begin to pretend that they have new favorite musicians and their life becomes a lie altogether. While Bey gives us the bare minimum to keep living, we begin to stan for the people she loves, like Jay Z, Kelly, Michelle, Mama Tina, Blue, and even artists that remind us of the past like Sean Paul and Boots. The Hive reaches their lowest point as other artists have success and we can’t help but feel that Beyoncé is losing control of her world. We wait anxiously for her next career move, thinking everything that happens is a clue or a sign. We are weak, but we still stand together.

 But it is in that moment that Beyoncé will strike again harder than ever, and the Hive will remain ever faithful.
Your Favorite New Musicians Of 2016 (So Far)
All Songs Considered asked you to share your favorite new artist of the first half of 2016. Here's your top 10.

It’s only June and this year is already jam-packed with remarkable new artists who’ve released some of 2016’s most memorable music. These are artists who released their very first songs or first full-length albums so far this year.

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Chloe discovers that Beca can play the guitar/piano.

She heard it in waves in the moments before rehearsals - songs pouring out of the piano behind closed doors and in empty spaces - and she wasn’t entirely sure why she knew right away who the player is. Maybe it was in the flow, and the fact that the notes sank into one another in the same way that Beca sang songs, or in the song choice, because it took two days of playing for Chloe to hear Titanium passing through the crack under the door. 

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hey listen to this and cry like i did ok thx