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A/N: Here’s another fluff piece! Hope you enjoy. Also a huge thank you to my lovelies who read over this for me. Love you guys so much. Feedback is appreciated

I hear a key fiddle in the lock of the apartment door. Glancing up from my phone, I see Shawn shivering in his black jeans and favorite henley. His pink nose scrunched and his hands tucked into his pockets. The snow covering his chocolate curls. He looks adorable. It take everything in me not to giggle at his pitiful state. 

“It’s freezing out there,” he says chattering through his teeth as he shakes the snow out of his hair. He kicks off his shoes and sets them by the door before walking over to me sitting on the couch in my pajamas and a plush blanket draped over me. He sits down and gets under the blanket, snuggling into my side. His eyes meet mine as he looks at me with a smug look on his face. Without warning, cold fingers slowly creep up my shirt and onto my bare stomach, his freezing touch causing me to let out an embarrassingly loud shriek.

“Shawn, get your cold ass hands off me right now!” I shout at him, an assertiveness added to my voice. He removes his hands and goes into a laughing fit. I try not to crack a small smile. I can still feel the cold radiating off him, so I grip his hands in my own and blow warm air on them attempting to heat them up. He smiles and pulls me into his lap and cuddles me close, happily accepting my warmth.

After a while he seems to have warmed up, but I am much too comfortable to even attempt to move. Glance around the living room, I suddenly remember that there was something I needed to ask Shawn and decided now was as good of a time as ever.

“Babe?” I ask and he hums quietly into my neck half asleep in response.

“My dad wants us to come over and have dinner with him and the family tomorrow afternoon, and I was wondering if you would maybe be up to it? It is time that you meet everyone. If that’s okay with you of course.” I have been waiting to introduce Shawn to my family until I was absolutely sure about him. Family is extremely important to me, and Shawn gets that which I am so thankful for. He is the same way with his family which is why I was so humbled when he took me to meet them a few weeks ago. They were so welcoming, and now I feel like it’s time to finally return the gesture. Also, my dad is my best friend, so I want nothing more than him to approve of Shawn. His approval means everything to me. It’s been about four months since he and I have started dating, so I think it’s finally time.

His face lights up at my question, “of course I will darling. I’d love to finally meet your family! I want to know everything about your family and see where you grew up. I just think that would be so cool,” He pulls me into a tight embrace and pressing a soft kiss on my nose tip.

I laugh and lean my forehead against his placing a quick kiss on his dry lips, “you’re going to regret saying that,” I smirk and he starts to tickle my sides. I put my hand on his chest and try to push him away but it doesn’t work. He pushes me down onto the couch, his body hovering over mine. He looks at me with the sweetest eyes. God I want this boy forever.

I cling to Shawn’s arm as I try not to slip on the snow as we walk to the front door of my dad’s house. I can already hear the giggles and shrieks of my younger cousins playing in the living room. I am beginning to get nervous that my family may scare Shawn off. His family was so calm and quiet when I met them, and my family is the complete opposite. I’m probably just overthinking per usual. We are almost to the door when I lose to the sidewalk and slip on a piece of ice. Shawn tries to catch me and keep me from slipping but instead I accidentally grab his arm out of instinct, bringing him down with me. He lands on top of me, pushing me further into the cold ground. He giggles as he apologizes for almost squishing me to death with his weight. His arms around my waist from where he attempted—but failed—to keep me from falling.  His eyes meet mine as his fingers brush my hair out of my face. “You look so beautiful right now, ya know that?” Shawn whispers absentmindedly as he stares intently at me. They way his eyes scan over my face in such a gentle way causes me to blush. The cold ice is long forgotten about as we start to focus on the body heat between us. I grab his chin and pull his cold lips down to meet mine. The kiss was tender, passionate. I loved when he kissed me like this. Like it was the last kiss he would ever receive.

Our intimate moment is quickly ruined as I see my aunt open the front door, “will you kids stop playing around in the snow? You’ll catch a cold out there if you don’t get up. Come on you two love birds. Inside!” She shakes her head and closes the door to keep the artic air from getting into the house. Shawn then pulls himself out of whatever trans he had gotten himself into and his eyebrows furrow. He swiftly stands to his feet, grabbing my hands and helping me up. When I’m standing, he carefully brushes the snow off of my back and shoulders. Leaning down and kissing the top of my head and whispering into my hair. “I’m sorry you fell love. Are you okay?”

I nod my head as I giggle seeing he has some snow in his hair. I knock it out as he smiles down and me. He grabs my hand as we continue to make our way to the front door.

Once we finally got inside, I made Shawn a cup of tea and sit with him at the table joining the rest of my family. As we begin eating, my dad starts asking Shawn questions about his tour. Where he travels and if he enjoyed seeing all the different cities. This causes my cousins to chime in giving him a million questions to answer, but he doesn’t seem to mind it much. He actually seems to be enjoying himself which is a big relief to me. I want my family to love him, but I want him to also feel comfortable around them.

After what seems like forever, family dinner is over, and I offer to help my dad and aunt with the dishes. Shawn goes into the living room with my younger cousins while he waits for me.

“So what do you guys think of Shawn?” I stand nervously washing off plates as I wait for their answer.

They exchange glances before looking over to me, “he is actually very nice guy. I am impressed, and I definitely approve. He seems to be a very genuine young man with a good head on his shoulders,” my dad says flashing me a smile.

“Yes yes and oh girl that boy has the body of an angel. Where was he when I was growing up? No guys my age were near that blessed when I was a teenager,” my aunt says teasingly. I throw my head back and laugh. Both at her comment and as a breath of relief. I am so happy to see how much they enjoyed Shawn. It meant a lot to me that tonight went so well.

Once I’m done with the dishes, I decide to go find Shawn and rescue him from my younger cousins. They have to be driving him mad by now. I wander down the hall, noticing nobody is in the living room. I continue walking, eventually making it to one of my dad’s spare bedrooms where my aunt and her children were staying for the week. I can hear talking and as I grow closer, I realize it is Shawn’s voice. When I reach the doorway, I am greeted with one of the most adorable sights I have even seen. Shawn sitting on a small blue stool with a book in his lap. Three of my cousins sitting cross legged on the floor in front of him, listening with anticipation. I can’t blame them though as I myself was equally intrigued by this. My boyfriend, the boy who hates reading, is changing his voice and using accents for different characters in the book. The way he accentuated his voice for certain parts causes me to let out a soft chuckle.My heart just swells. As his story comes to an end, my cousins start to whine.

“One more, Shawn come on!” they all say in unison.

He laughs as he shakes his head, “guys you said that three stories ago.”

Luckily as if on cue, my aunt shouts down the hall to announce that it is time for the kids to take baths which gives Shawn an escape from reading. As they all file out the door, my eyes meet his as we exchange smiles. He walks over to me and caresses my cheek with his long fingers. “You’re really good with them love, they really seem to like you.”

“You really think so? He smiles to himself, “I was just trying to keep them out of your way so y’all could get the dishes done.” I felt butterflies in my stomach. Shawn is so thoughtful when it comes to others. I love that about him. I smile and kiss his cheek sending him a ‘thank you’ glance.

"I’m so glad you came today, Shawn. It really does mean a lot to me. I was afraid my family may be too much and scare you away.” I confess to him while looking down playing with my fingers. Shawn puts his finger underneath my chin and tilts my face up so that our eyes meet. He furrows his eyebrows in confusion. 

"Baby, why would you say that? You have nothing to worry about. They weren’t too much for me. I honestly loved getting to talk with them today. Your family is great.”

I stand on my tiptoes, and he pulls me into him as I close the tiny gap between our lips while his hands tighten around my waist. I then stick my tongue out causing him to scrunch his nose and pull away laughing. “Gross way to ruin a perfectly good moment,” he says wiping his lips. All I can do is blush as I take his hand in mine walking towards the door. We walk down the hall to see my family all piled up in front of the couch searching for a movie. My dad tells us to come join, so we make our way to the couch.

“Does anyone have any movie suggestions?” my dad asks.

“Do you happen to have any Harry Potter lying around here?” Shawn answers curiously.

“Son, I think you just became my new favorite,” he says flashing Shawn a smile.

We all laugh as dad gets up to find the movie. I look around at everyone and see how happy they are and how well they have taken to Shawn. This is perfect. There is no other place I’d rather be.

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Can I get an imagine where you're clay and Gemma's daughter and you recently became a nurse and you caught your boyfriend cheating on you after a long shift at work, and everyone at the club tries to make you feel better.

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A/N: I hope you enjoy it!


Nursing Hours:

Vaccines, bathing, cleaning, vitals, check ups, assisting surgeries, deal with doctors, bullshit, being hit on by patients or their family members. Your 12 hour shift felt like a nightmare that was stuck on repeat, almost as if it was never ending and all you wanted to do was curl up next to your boyfriend and sleep it all off. Yet your feet felt heavy as you stood at your doorstep noticing another car in the driveway, you opened the door quietly seeing a cast of shadows come from your living room.

You walked over cautiously grabbing a baseball bat near the doorway, gripping the bat tightest as you crept towards the room only to hear grunts and moans fill the air, the smell of sex immediately hitting your nose and before you looked at the scene you knew exactly what was going to happen so an in a pathetic attempt to salvage your small amount of energy you simply stood there calmly leaning on the bookcase.

“Grab your shit and get out.” You said coldly causing them to jump off of each other, you laughed coldly when you saw them, the biggest cliché in front of you, the best friend and the boyfriend “You guys are disgusting. Get the fuck out.” You said coldly as they began to dress up trying to explain themselves “No need, the door is down the hall, get out.” You said as they both nodded getting the message. You watched them walk out as you made your way to your bedroom throwing yourself on the bed feeling the need for sleep overcome your hurt feelings.

Once you had woken up you had called out of work not knowing how you would be able to face your ex boyfriend and ex friend. You walked out of your room changing into an overdose “SAMCRO” t-shirt and shorts to be welcomed to the smell of breakfast, raising an eyebrow you walked towards the kitchen only to be picked up by a very tall fool “Opie! You scared the shit out of me!” You yelled laughing as he tickled your stomach, he always carried you like a princess it was his thing.

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I have to say I think Pied Piper is my new favorite Flash villain...

Not only is he smart, snarky, and sassy, but his character is complex and has a lot of layers to it.

Hartley’s not your typical, two-dimensional villain caricature, out for money and power. He’s got some serious issues, stemming not only from his parents, but from his time with Dr. Wells.

There’s no way to justify Rathaway’s wrongdoing, but you can at least understand why his character is so messed up. He’s not evil for the sake of being evil, with no redeeming qualities, like Captain Cold. Metaphorically speaking, he’s more Voldemort, less Umbridge…

You can’t help but hate him AND feel empathy for him at the same time. My favorite kind of villain.

Also, I may be a tad biased in liking Pied Piper because I love Andy Mientus…Where my SMASH fans at?!

I have a feeling there is more to his story and we will be seeing Mr. Rathaway in the future.