new favorite duo


I was wondering for a second if Felix and Bri were even old enough to drink but then I remembered they could order plasma drinks lol

Also, Piper and Simran are my new favorite duo louper who?


Jon & Sansa | Blindsided

I’m so happy to have finished something about these two! I’ve been obsessing over them a lot lately after they quickly became my new favorite duo (ngl I ship this hard). I hope you guys enjoy some Jonsa goodness in this. Long live the King and Queen in the North!

Alden Ehrenreich lands the lead in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story [x]

We don’t know if he’ll shoot first, but he has the job. Deadline confirms that Alden Ehrenreich will play Han Solo in Disney’s stand-alone Star Wars movie. Sources say the Hail Caesar! star is negotiating to seal the deal.

The stand alone Han Solo film, expected to be called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story in keeping with this year’s Rogue One, is currently in preproduction under Hollywood’s new favorite duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Perhaps anticipating the confirmation of Ehrenreich’s casting, Miller commemorated “May the 4th” festivities by tweeting out the first official image from the production – Han Solo’s iconic blaster – which you can see above.

So I watched the Camp Takota trailer with the subtitles on and..

I’m so glad I did. I mean I now have so much more insight into the story this movie intends to tell.

( I don’t even know what I thought this one meant but it cracked me up)

First we’re invited to Grace Camp, which I would happily sign up for

especially since we’re informed the answer to all our questions is between Helbig’s legs…

Then all of a sudden this Peter kid is up to some freaky science shit, which leads to the creation of, my personal favorite, a new Superhero duo

Hartsquared: The Cheesecake Guardians

Natalie Dormer for Flaunt Magazine (April)

Why is Neil Patrick Harris trying to get me to care about a briefcase? What is Lady Gaga’s brand now? Is John Travolta okay?

I ask Natalie Dormer if she saw the Oscars. She didn’t. She said she was all tucked in bed, confident that Eddie Redmayne would win—he did.

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech was the definitive highlight of the night, rallying for wage equality and equal rights for women everywhere. The crowd went wild, particularly my new favorite friend duo, and unlikely seat partners: Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez.

Dormer heard the sound bite on the radio, and she notes that women are beginning to play a more powerful role in Hollywood. She makes an important point clear: this isn’t just good for the actresses.

“Film is finally starting to catch up with something that television has known for a while. And that is that we need more three-dimensional fleshed-out female protagonists. It’s not only about having female characters for your female audience. It’s the benefit of all the population, we’re 50-50 in gender, and art helps us cope with life. It reflects that.”

Dormer’s résumé is lengthy and evolved, volleying between film and television, her credit lines include: Casanova, a 2005 period film with the late Heath Ledger that’s sparked fan montage videos on YouTube as recently as 2014; a 2007-2010 run on The Tudors, where she played Anne Boleyn to rave reviews; the recurring role of Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, which she’s held since 2012; and The Hunger Games—she’ll close out the trilogy later this year. She plays roles of rebellious, independent women, and roles that require a lot of physicality (even in Casanova, where she daintily appears to break a wooden birdcage and a railing, through pure, absent-minded force of will).

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