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Twiggy’s clothing line in U.S.A. in 1967.
Models wear Twiggy’s clothing line on a catwalk, 1967. On the catwalk, one model carries a Union Jack, one an oversized horn, and one a drum . A large illustration of Twiggy is on the wall behind them. Photo by Mark Kauffman (The LIFE magazine)

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RFA + Saeran + V, if you can, headcanons about how would they react to MC wearing that cute set of kitty underwear / lingerie ( you know tgat cute bra with a keyhole shaped as a kitty head. Its really adorable ^^ )

I actually don’t know what you meant but aaaah. I still think it’d be kind of like this? :00 I only did the RFA btw lolol


MC Wearing Kitty Lingerie Set


  • “Hey, Yoosung?” you called out to him from behind
  • “Hmmmm?” he lazily replied, distracted by the incoming attacks from the other team in LOLOL. His eyes were focused on the game, his fingers instinctively pressing controls to evade the attacks.
  • You spun his chair around, disconnecting his headphones from the computer, which almost fell to the floor.
  • “What is it, MC, I was winnin—“ he gaped at your barely clad body, then blood started dripping from his nose, and he began to stammer, trying to cover it up.
  • You panicked, grabbing tissues to help him, leaning in so close, your breasts were against his chest.
  • At this point, Yoosung was seeing stars.
  • Oh. I think he just fainted.


  • Why is there a present from Jumin Han in front of my door?
  • Zen stared dully at the neatly wrapped gift that sat innocently on his doorstep, and reluctantly took it inside, his eyes narrowed with suspicion. Why would the Trust Fund Kid send him anything?
  • “Zenny~”
  • The endearing sound of his lover’s voice filled his ears, and all thoughts of the trust fund kid dissipated as he turned around to face you. You snuggled up to him, fully wrapping your arms around his muscular body.
  • “Jagi, you didn’t have to wait up for me,” he said with a soft smile on his lips. He gently pushed you away, a light blush on his face. “I-I’m all sweaty from my workout, I don’t want you to get dirty…”
  • You smirked at him, lacing your arms behind his neck. “But Zenny~ Jumin sent me such a nice gift~”
  • Zen finally allowed his eyes to travel down your body, and immediately sucked in a breath as he did. His eyes lingered on the the cat-shaped keyhole sitting suggestively in between your breasts, almost teasing him… He averted his eyes immediately, feeling the need to restrain himself from attacking you.
  • Then, he processed what you’d said earlier, a frown making its way to his face. “Wait… Jumin sent this to you?”
  • You nodded cheerfully, beaming. “Yep! He left you something too. He left it at the door.”
  • Zen quickly unwrapped the box he’d found earlier, only to find a pack of condoms inside. The fuck?
  • A note laid behind the pack: Zen, Seven told me that you’ve been… frustrated lately. He suggested that I send these items to you. As your friend, I hope it helps.
  • Although he didn’t like that your clothes had come from the trust fund kid, he didn’t find it to be a problem. All he needed to do was simply remove them, after all…
  • You took a step back from the sudden mischievous glint in his red eyes, but he grabbed your wrist to pull you closer. “We should put his gift to good use, don’t you think?”


  • The two of you were out shopping for new underwear (after… accidentally ripping apart too many of your old ones…)
  • You gasped, “Ooh, look at this one!”
  • Jaehee turned around just as you held up matching panties and bra against your body.
  • Her eyes gleamed.
  • “Put it on,” she commanded.
  • So you went into the changeroom to try it on, carefully clipping the bra at the front of your chest. Ooh, it made your breasts stand out more than you thought, what with the kitty sitting right in your cleavage.
  • You peeked out from the changeroom shyly, making sure no one but Jaehee was there before stepping out to show her.
  • As soon as you did, she pushed you back inside the change-room.
  • “On second thought, please take it off, MC.”


  • Ever since the first time you’d worn cat ears, he’d been insistent on seeing you wear a whole set of cat lingerie, and he’d bought you a couple…hundred.
  • A couple hundred.
  • Needless to say, it freaked you out when you saw the mountain pile of bags containing cat patterned lingerie all over the couch. You didn’t question it, assuming it was for someone else. (WHO, MC, WHO ELSE???)
  • So it wasn’t until one day when you had no other clothes to wear that you carelessly grabbed one of the few hundred sets of cat lingerie. You didn’t realize (nor care) what you were wearing, so when Jumin came home… well, he was surprised (pleasantly so) to find you finally wearing it.
  • He merely cuddled with you the whole night, being more touchy than usual while the two of you read a book before bed together.


  • “That is NOT how you wear those,” you deadpanned, staring blankly at Saeyoung, who was calmly showing off his latest crossdressing outfit—cat lingerie.
  • And he was wearing it OVER his clothes.
  • He shook his head in denial. “Nono, I’m Supercat,” he excitedly explained, placing his hands on his hips as he posed proudly in front of you. “That’s why I’m wearing it over my clothes!”
  • Trying to abide by his logic, you reasoned, “But if you’re really Supercat, your superhero clothes should be your birthday suit, so you should wear your… underwear over that, right?”
  • Saeyoung gasped in shock, “YOU’RE RIGHT!! …Hnng, maybe I’m not cut out for Supercat, after all.”
  • He handed the lingerie set to you with a sad look on his face, his eyes glimmering with (fake) tears which practically begged you to become Supercat in his stead.
  • Very, very, VERY reluctantly, you complied, changing into the cat lingerie.
  • He was on you the moment you finished changing. “YOU’RE~ SO~ CUTE~~” he cheered, snuggling into you.


  • Jumin had asked you to help model a new fashion line his business partner was designing, and you agreed on the condition that V would be the photographer since you felt that you’d be most comfortable that way
  • (Jumin: Why I asked you, MC? Because you’re the most beautiful woman I know, of course.)
  • The whole day, you modelled many different outfits… and then you were told to model… lingerie. Cat lingerie, at that.
  • Come to think of it, all the pieces you’d modelled so far had some form of cat, too. You were just too busy feeling shy to notice earlier. Ugly cat sweaters, abstract cat patterned tights, pawprint designs… no wonder Jumin endorsed in this.
  • Jihyun almost dropped his camera when you returned from the changeroom, a small frown forming upon his face. “MC…”
  • Your cheeks flushed as you covered yourself a bit, feeling embarrassed. “Wh-what?”
  • He pouted a bit, “I don’t want to do this, MC…” When you tilted your head in confusion, he continued in a whisper, “I don’t want the world to see you like this. I-I’m sorry, even though I promised Jumin…”
  • Jihyun looked so conflicted, you decided to stop the photoshoot. “Let’s ditch,” you grinned.
  • And that was how the clean up crew found an empty room with a camera full of cat patterned clothing photos.


  • He’d caught you trying on the new set of cat lingerie, and snuck in the room to watch you check yourself out
  • “I wonder if Saeran will like it…” you thought out loud to yourself, twirling around
  • As you did, you noticed that he was standing in the corner of the room, leaning back against the wall with a smirk on his face
  • “Hm? Continue what you were doing, MC,” he said coolly, his eyes travelling down your body appreciatively
  • You covered yourself up, and he chuckled, pushing himself off the wall as he walked towards you
  • “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, princess,” he murmured lowly as he approached you, his hand reaching out to caress your cheek. “Now, why don’t you purr for me, kitten?”
BTS Reaction of seeing you in a sexy formal dress for the first time

Request: BTS’s reaction to seeing their gf in a sexy formal dress for the first time (think Jessica Rabbit’s red dress). Keep in mind she usually wears jeans and shirts. 

 Keep sending them in! (: 

Rap Monster: You were really nervous as what he would think of you. You didn’t like wearing dresses but this was a big night for Namjoon and you just wanted to surprise him. You had bought yourself a skin tight, elegant, black dress that hugged every curve. When you walked out down to meet the others down at the car, everyone’s jaw dropped. Namjoons back was to you but when he noticed everyone else staring in your direction, he turned around and was speechless. He cupped his hand over his mouth he was so taken back. “Wow.” He would just admire, trying to come up with the right compliment. You’re face went bright red. “I am truly the luckiest man in the world.”

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Suga: It was the night of a big movie premiere and you had told Suga you’d attend it with him but this meant you had to buy a new dress. you bought a jet black dress that was floor length and had a small train of black sheer material. You met him outside only to see him completely surprised. “What?” you’d ask. “Is it too much? I knew it would be.” “No! Not at all!” he’d stop you. “It’s just different. But in a good way.” You smiled at the compliment and got into the limo with him. Once you arrived, he put his around around your lower waist and whispered in your ear, You look amazing in this dress y/n, but id rather see it on the floor later.”

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Jin: You were helping out a friend my modeling their new fashion line for their class. It was all good fun until she wanted you to try on her formal wear. It was a little black dress that literally hugged you tighter than your mum did. You agreed though because you had already come this far. Jin had come to pick you up from your shoot and he was a little early. He snuck in but didn’t do a very good job and the sneaking part because the minute he saw you, he lost his balance and face planted right into the floor. “Uh, sorry! Um..” his face would go bright bright red. “I’ll see dress outside. I mean you! I’ll see you outside!”

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J-Hope: It was the big night of a charity event that the boys had planned a while ago. Hoseok had invited you as his date that night and said it was a fancy ball. You had no idea what you were going to wear. You weren’t exactly the dress wearing type. You were in the dressing room, being helped by the boys stylist who was more than happy to dress a girl for once. Once you had picked out what you thought was the perfect dress, the stylist helped you get to the event safely. You had gotten out of the car and had walked into the event. You could feel all eyes on you and it felt almost uncomfortable. You thought that maybe the elegant, red dress was a bit much. That was until he saw you. Hoseok whooped and hollered and screamed from across the room “MY GIRLFRIEND IS BEAUTIFUL! LOOK AT THAT DRESS DAMN!”

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Taehyung: He would literally not know hot to handle himself. Your job was to try on dresses for people who weren’t able to be there to try them on themselves. You were a very common size so they company had just chosen you to be the spokesperson. They were usual wedding dresses for busy brides but today, you had to try on one for someone who was attending a really nice event. It was a floor length, sheer dress that had lace around the torso and the behind. It was the dress that mirrored Beyoncé at the Met Gala. Taehyung had come to pick you up for dinner when he stumbled in to see you in this beautiful dress. “How much do i have to pay to take you home in this?”

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Jimin: You had promised Jimin you would go with him to a family event his parents were throwing. It was a formal party and Jimin already knew that really wasn’t you’re thing. When he told you, he really didn’t expect you to go all out like you did. You got a skin tight red dress that really did wonders for your breasts. When Jimin arrived to pick you up, he stood at the door, facing going completely red. He didn’t know how to react. He took off his coat and placed it over your shoulders. “As much as I love you in this dress, I don’t want other men staring at what’s mine.” 

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Jungkook: You were attending a big birthday party for one of Jungkook’s famous friends. He told you it was a fancy party and to dress nice. You weren’t really excited for the event. Dressing up and big parties didn’t really appeal to you but you promised Jungkook you’d go. When you walked down to his car, he had dropped his phone and was completely taken back. “Wow…” You would blush at Jungkook’s reaction. “What do I have to to take that off later?” 

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I couldn’t find the question but I remember seeing it!

Here are Pages adopted parents! 

Lalah (Lay-la) is a white cobra and Heather is a garden snake. Lalah is a model for exotic species magazines and new fashion lines. Heather is a writer and invested very well in apple stock thinking it was for a organic apple farm. Page was raised in a very loving wealthy home

The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Word Count: 1926

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

“Thanks for coming,” Soonyoung said, grinning as he walked over to you with a glistening glass of champagne.

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Incorporating Fashion into Comics: An Analysis (Part 2: From Costumes to Wardrobes)

Many anime have characters with flashy and often times impractical clothing that is made for the sake of being cool looking. In my last Analysis post I did a quick look at how drawing characters like this helps to make an instantly recognizable character that fans will identify immediately. However mangaka have also liked to work the other way around and make their characters incredibly glamorous looking by giving them real world clothes and fashion that anyone would be able to wear (given that they have the money to buy some of the more high end clothes some of these characters wear).

Art at it’s core is a representation of reality, so of course some artists would want to see their characters in clothes that they either would like to wear or currently wear themselves depending on that specific character’s situation. 

One of the manga that I covered in my last post was this one that you see here: Kuragehime, or Jellyfish Princess for those who want the english translation. 

The story deals with a girl who is a hikikomori, a shut in with a nerdy lifestyle that would rather stay inside and keep to herself than interact with the world. She lives with five other women like her as they go about their daily lives. Her hobby, however, isn’t the typical one you’d expect of people like this though. Her obsession is about jellyfish, more specifically how their tentacles look like a princess’ beautiful flowing dress. The reason I bring this manga up is, due to later events in the series which involve a crossdressing boy wearing super fashionable clothes, Tsukimi, our main character, starts to design dresses and enters the world of fashion. 

Many would argue that the dress designs in this manga are some of the best examples in terms of usage of frills and floral designs as well as the amazing concepts that come form Tsukimi and her unique jellyfish gowns. While the story in itself is something to behold the dresses and gowns are really what pull you into the world, similar to how well drawn food pulls you into a food anime.

Many Mangaka work hard to give their male characters the same level of detail in their clothes as they do with their women, however due to the limitations of male fashion and the fashion trend of most men in general they very rarely have any real variation between them. However no other manga (imo, feel free to disagree) has done this better than Hirohiko Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Now, I must digress, some of the outfits in this series were not the best for the men, looking specifically at Jonathan wearing five shirts

However for every character who suffers a fashion faux pas like poor Jojo here, we get several beautiful beings like Rohan Kishibe

This isn’t by accident though. Even though Jojo’s is at it’s core a shonen battle manga, Araki has been using fashion magazines as reference material for many years when drawing , specifically for jojos. This shows in many different ways, with the characters all having cool looking (though bizarre, duh) clothing and especially in the crazy poses many of the characters are put in come straight out of a fashion magazine. If you need a personal bout for this, I started using a 4 month old edition of Vogue as a reference in some drawings myself and you can see almost carbon copies of poses Araki has used in his works. 

Fashion is being used to help further our artist in many different ways which leads to having more ideas to be formed about fashion trends. Jojo’s was able to do this many different times, with the manga having many different designers such as Gucci collaborate together with Araki for new stories or fashion lines. There were even models who posed as jojo’s characters.

Well, that about wraps this up for now, Hopefully these analysis are inspiring you guys to try out some new fashion pieces or give you new places to look for inspiration from. Till next time, Ciao~!


I spent waaaay too long on this… My friend told me she wanted a Bucky, but for some reason I was in the mood for dresses.  And I love military-inspired fashion, so….Have a fem!Bucky with excessive use of Hydra print patterns.



The second Shining Dream CD photoshoot was in full swing. This year, STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT returned as models and spokesmen of the agency’s affiliated fashion brand, BRIGHT SHINE. The new fashion line was called Day Dream and Night Dream. However, they were not the main face of the series - but the brand specifically asked for the newly debuted Yukimoto Aya to be the centre.

As this was her first serious modelling job, the first person she approached was, of course, Ren - who had the most modelling experience under his belt. Camus was a close second, but it may not have been the best time to hear the words, “You peasant,” from the Permafrost Noble. When she expressed her worries, he only gave an benign smile and affectionately pinched her nose.

“Just relax, kotori-chan.”

Original Artist: かぢ太

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Hey could you maybe some Hevie headcanons?

Thanks for the request!

- Before Auradon, Harry and Evie hated each other only because of Mal and Uma’s bitter rivalry.

- They have their first conversation with each other when Harry runs into her in the middle of the street. Jewelry and food spill everywhere and Harry expects a fight or for her to scream at him. But she doesn’t and gets on her knees and scrambles to pick it all up before anyone steals her items. Harry watches in confusion.

- Everything seems to be in her basket, but Evie’s still on her knees. Her hands are clenched and she looks frustrated.

- ‘What ye lookin for?’ He asks. Evie whips her head up, but answers ‘My ring, I can’t find it’

- Harry takes a gold and red ring from his pocket. He remembers taking it from his mothers jewelry box when he was five. Harry doesn’t know why he feels compelled to give it to her, but he does and says ‘The least I could do for ye loss’.

- Evie promises to never take it off, because for once someone showed her kindness.

- They meet again during another gang fight, where Harry learns she doesn’t know how to fight.

- He teaches her and neither Mal or Uma suspect a thing. They become very good friends and always tease each other. He always laughs about how short she is and she teases him about his hook.

- She doesn’t get a chance to say good bye when she leaves for Auradon.

- When she arrives in Auradon and begins to date Doug, he asks her about the ring on day. She tells him ‘It’s just an old friend’s, it’s nothing’

- Harry doesn’t see her again until he spots her on tv during the coronation. He’s shocked when he sees his ring on her finger.

- During the fight on Uma’s pirate ship, Evie is cornered and being pushed towards the edge of the plank by one of Harry’s pirate goons. The goon pushes Evie’s sword out of her hand and she trips falling over the plank.

- One of her hands barely grab onto the plank. The goon stares down at her and is prepared to send her into the sharks. In a last minute effort, she grabs the goon’s foot and pushes him overboard, but he grabs her other hand. The one with the ring. 

- Harry sees Evie in trouble and grabs her hand. She kicks the goon into the ocean. Along with the ring. 

- She turns to apologize about the ring, but he interrupts her. ‘It’s just a ring. I’ll get ya a new one. Promise” He shoves his sword in her hand and rushes back into battle. 

- When Uma, Gil, and Harry are defeated Evie suggests they come to Auradon and try to change.

- ‘They hate us too much’ Mal responds. Evie stands her ground.

- Ben agrees and Uma, Gil, and Harry officially move to Auradon.

- 2 months go by and things have changed. Gil and Jay become good friends and are co captains of most teams. Carlos and Gil both bond over dogs and adopt most of the dogs from the Isle to help give them a better life. Mal and Uma patch up their relationship and are now good friends, Uma acting as Ben’s go-to for Isle of the lost things. Doug and Evie break up and Harry supports Evie and becomes her best friend.

- Harry brings her ice cream during her fashion shows, because she always gets nervous backstage watching everyone judge her outfits.

- He’s there for her when she’s offered to be a model for the Charming’s new fashion line. Though she declines, they still sponsor her.

- Harry suddenly goes AWOL on her and Evie doesn’t understand.

- One night Harry approaches her with a golden ring. One with a jewel that changes from blue to red. He smiles and reminds her about his promise.

- She smiles and time seems to stop. The moon is full, the stars are shining bright, Evie leans in and Harry follows. They share their first kiss under the stars of a better life.