new fandom and new otp

The one where Person A swears they can put up the christmas lights on the roof no problem, but Person B is nervously rushing back and forth on the front lawn ready to catch them 

Happy New Year Robron Fandom ♥

Trying to talk to normal people about a tv show like
  • Me: who is your otp? I NEED to know that
  • Person: ...
  • Person: my what??? What is an otp?
  • Me: you know, when you ship two people and-
  • Person: when you what??
  • Me: URGHH

itsmarvey  asked:

Hi! Thanks for the follow back! So, since I'm new to the fandom (I was an SPN blog since I remember myself here), do you have any blog recommendations? Btw, you are officially my favorite on Tumblr. I fell in love with your blog just like I fell in love with Harvey and Mike, in a matter of minutes. - Mia xxx


yesssssss i have so many. they’re mostly marvey (if that’s okay lmao) and honestly, the entire fandom is so nice, literally every single person is so sweet so i’d suggest following everyone but here’s pointing you in the right direction:

@elloras @theangrylinguist @arrowing @loyalty2waystreet @merlinss @can-my-otp-be-canon-already @heytheredeann @optionofpeace @wolf-zaa @tattooedsiren @crazyassmurdererwall @sosauffie @fuckyeahmarvey @okaybutdamn @freelancerkiwi @nat-st1989 @poedameron @mellow-maromi @hotshotpuppy @sal-si-puedes @iriswestallen @slackerdemonchild @a-tangled-pineapple @alexsun2004 @magnus-loves-alexander @boyfriendzzz @teamfreewill- @aspirateur-killeuse @harveyspcter @baby–harvey @skyenapped @mrs-blank-eyes @lawsonpines13 @brokeperception @aprilinparis92

… but to name a few lmao, i adore all those people and their blogs very much.

i have most definitely forgotten some amazing people but honestly anyone you find in the marvey tag that i haven’t suggested, follow! everyone’s so nice and funny and just, it’s a great place to be.

also you are too nice hahaha!! i love you already, thank you!!! but no need to thank me for the follow back, soon as i saw marvey i was like “yes this person is my kind of person” anyway but having looked through your blog as well, i’m deffo following the right person! (cause i love spn too so it’s a win win for me) 

i hope you know you’ve sold your soul to the bisexual lawyers devil though hahaha he doesn’t give it back, he’s had mine for months!

#teammarvey xxx

Concept: Daydream Music

Now, let me know if this is already a thing (I couldn’t find a word for it anywhere), but it seems that every time I listen to a song, I drift away and start imagining a complex, detailed music video in my head. I can clearly map out every moment and every beat in the song, usually involving fandom characters, and it’s quite entertaining and stress relieving! Occasionally, I’ll even get up and act out the song, almost escaping to another world!

 I wanted to know if anybody else experiences this, and if there are any Tumblr blogs dedicated to this sort of thing? (Such as they’d post songs for a fandom that would let you imagine certain characters in it, or maybe do requests)

Now, I know that fanmixes sort of do this, but those are usually limited to singular characters or ships, and take a lot more effort to make. And I feel like I daydream about a little more than simple love songs.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d love to know! Hopefully I made sense!

i love ships where the stoic person doesn’t change all that much when they fall in love. they’re still rather cold, they don’t think holding hands is necessary or efficient, things like that. i feel like there’s a lot of pressure for couples to seem super lovey and shit, but that fails to take into account people who just don’t show their affection that way. love isn’t defined by how obnoxious a couple is in public.