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Trying to talk to normal people about a tv show like
  • Me: who is your otp? I NEED to know that
  • Person: ...
  • Person: my what??? What is an otp?
  • Me: you know, when you ship two people and-
  • Person: when you what??
  • Me: URGHH

This took longer than expected 

Song lyrics from “love like you” (I skipped the beginning part cuz I was having issues drawing it)

Me and @sweet-her0 were having issues on what ship we liked, and after a small debate we decided on sheith. We still like all the other ships this one is just in the top.

The one where Person A swears they can put up the christmas lights on the roof no problem, but Person B is nervously rushing back and forth on the front lawn ready to catch them 

When I get rid of my social life for fandoms

When OTP isn’t canon

When OTP becomes canon

When my friend has weird ships

When my friend has stupid fan theories

When an author kills a character

When my favourite character does something stupid

When I keep getting attached to characters who die

When I show my friends my fandoms

When my friends join my fandoms

When a plot twist comes out of nowhere

When I unleash my fangirly powers 

starlight880  asked:

Why are there people who like Hux? I don't understand;;

I could give you a one word answer, but I’m kind of fired up today, so here’s a more detailed explanation:

Transformative fandom has been dominated by slash for decades. Over the last decade, it’s become even more dominant, as the Original Female Character has been eviscerated to the point of near non-existence (but I digress). 

Slash fandom as we know it is migratory. When something new comes along, slash fandom looks for the characters who can be the new OTP. These two characters usually fit a pattern: They’re both male, both white, and have a certain dynamic. The dynamic usually includes what @wildehack coined as the “Fanon ghost,” a completely fanon character who is projected on a minor character in order to pair him with the desired character.

The fanon ghost is a combination of fussy, straightlaced, and kinky, in contrast to the more emotional bad boy who centers the ships. 

Hux is a minor character, but he is also the only young white guy with a name in the whole movie other than Kylo. And he can very easily be possessed by the fanon ghost for shipping purposes. 

Basically – he’s white, male, and ghostable.