new fall tv show

Am I the only kid

Who legitimately misses old cartoons?

Don’t get me wrong, anime is awesome, and there are new tv shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears and they’re all nice shows that have really good values to them (and I love them)

But I really liked the older things Nickelodeon, CN, and other channels had to offer

Like Courage the Cowardly dog, Invader Zim, Johnny Bravo, (don’t get me started on the old Pokémon), CatDog, Samurai Jack, Kim Possible, and they aren’t really appreciated by people my age

I dunno, I’m just rambling

*just skip over this and pretend it was never here*

Have a nice day everyone- Layla

Omg it’s so hard to explain the feeling when you’re watching a new tv show or movie and you fall in love with that one character and are silently praying for them to get shot or something you know just normal feels

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CBS Defends New Fall Shows All Starring Men
Les Moonves defends: ‘The best pilots win’

Last year, CBS was criticized for a new fall lineup that featured six shows all staring white males.

This fall’s just-revealed lineup shows the broadcaster has gotten more diverse: Five shows starring white males … and one starring former Criminal Minds favorite Shemar Moore.

A reporter at the CBS press breakfast on Wednesday asked CBS chief Les Moonves if having no new shows with female leads is really a good idea. “We saw this with you guys last year,” the reporter asked. “Are you concerned, particularly in a medium like television where women watch more than men, that you have such a male-centered [lineup]?”

“Well, number one, more women watch CBS, percentage-wise, than any other network, so our shows have a lot of female appeal,” Moonves countered. “I don’t think we’ve ever had to apologize for having Madam Secretary and Lucy Liu [on Elementary], and The Good Fight [on CBS All Access] and The Good Wife. We do a number of pilots, a lot of them have women in starring roles. There are a lot of women on the schedule. The best pilots win at the end of the day. And we think our track record is okay.”

The reporter pressed: “We’re at this point in the industry — FX, for example, is trying to make sure half its directors are female. It seems like you guys might be facing in the wrong direction?”

Moonves replied: “I don’t think that’s the case. Let me put on my CEO hat for a second because I’m not the president of entertainment. When I look at the totality of what CBS is, I look at news, I look at daytime, I look at sports, I look at Showtime, I look at The CW. And when you look at the totality of that, I think we’re fine in terms of the amount of women who are behind the camera and in front of the camera. I think we’re doing a very good job. I don’t think we’re looking in the wrong direction, on the contrary.”

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5 Funniest TV Comedy Pilots of 2015

#1 Grandfathered
John Stamos is back and this role is perfect for him. It’s surprising how excellent this show really is. The concept is good, but John Stamos makes it great! “Grandfathered” is heartwarming. sweet, and laugh out loud funny. This is a perfect family sitcom for the modern age.  

#2 Get Educated
Another endearing, modern, and laugh out loud comedy. “Get Educated” is pretty much “The Office” in a school setting.  There are not enough shows about teachers, and “Get Educated” knocks it out of the park! It demonstrates that teachers are people too. Rather they’re trying to get over a divorce or trying to teach drunk. The production value could be better, but for what it is, it’s hilarious!

#3 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Odd, zany, and perfect. I believe Rachel Bloom is going to be a huge star in 2 – 3 years if this show becomes a hit. And let’s hope it does! It offers many laugh out loud moments with a great story and some entertaining musical numbers. Definitely different and definitely works!

#4 Life in Pieces
This is also pretty unique. Take an entire family and break them down into four short stories per episode. The first two stories in the pilot were decent, but they really saved it in the with the last two stories. And there’s some fantastic acting from many of the cast.

#5 The Muppets
The Muppets are getting older and definitely more adult oriented. The show doesn’t quite pull off the mockumentary style nearly as good as “Get Educated” does, but it works.  It’s pretty much what you expect from the last two movies, the jokes are hit or miss, but it’s fun. My biggest concern is there were a lot of celebrity guest stars for a pilot. Let’s hope the show doesn’t depend on its guest stars to keep the show going.

The Brace Effect

For those of you who dont know, there is a new show called “Scream Queen”. As I tried to understand each character and the plot of the show, there was one element that I could not move past. 

This new TV show falls victim to the same mistake that many shows and movies have previously made. The show follows the all to familiar stereotype which I like to call the “Brace effect”. In the show, a girl is stuck wearing a brace for her scoliosis. And as every media likes to portray girls in braces, she is the ugly one, the poor dresser and the wannabe. And then suddenly, someone pays a little attention to the girl with scoliosis and gives her a “much needed” makeover. As the newly transformed girl enters the room filled with her peers, she is finally seen as the beautiful, smart, amazing girl she is, of course, she had to lose the brace first. It is the “Brace Effect” which hits me hard. As someone who wore a brace for scoliosis, it is offensive, rude, and unimaginable that in todays society, we are still quick to judge people who may be different or need a medical device. I am tried of being portrayed as ugly and only when I no longer need my brace am I beautiful, that only when I am brace free do I deserve respect. I am frustrated of letting the media tell me and society that scoliosis is an ugly disease. 
Lea Michele’s character is one completely based off of false information given by the media. Not only is her brace completely inaccurate, her depiction is offensive and dehumanizing. I cannot blame Michele for playing such a role, as she is purely reading off a piece of paper. But I do blame Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, for failing to do research, to speak to those in the community, and for simply casting a blind eye on the feelings of those who actually have scoliosis and actually have to wear a brace. 

I am tired of being victim to the brace effect and I no longer should be. It is time as a community that we stand up to movies and tv shows who do not care how they paint our stories to society. I am tired of feeling like my brace makes me ugly because it doesn’t. My brace makes me strong. It makes me special. If you are tired of seeing scoliosis as something negative in media, stand with me. Write producers and writers. Tell the cast about our own stories. Dont stand by, stand up. 

The brace effect can be seen in movies and tv shows such as:
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
Two and a Half Men 
House Bunny
Scream Queen

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