new faces up there

flower cloak.

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

During the transition from country to 1989,  Taylor was so gentle with me. It’s like she knew I was a frightened little baby and was  like “ok we’re just gonna try this alright? Come on, we’ll hold hands, it’ll be ok 😊” and now with reputation she just smashed in my windows and punched me in the face like “WAKE UP BITCH, IT’S A NEW ERA.”


Our boy who always eat food from convenience store and room service finally get exposed to real food ^0^ And he even tried to sing to mess with Nobu :O XD (x)

And here’s for anyone who want to hear the song Yuzuru mimicked XD

>: }}