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Rereading old chapters and I never noticed how Otose looks at Paako LOL

Aqua Rick with a big fin judging the RnM team for lying about an Atlantis episode

                                 FACECLAIM REFERENCES.

       okay, so i’ve been asked this often! chloe, where do you find your tolkien fcs? well,
     here’s a list of underused faceclaims for races/species which i think they would fit well!





mimiiqyu  asked:

this is random but imagine this: the hamilsquad are at a mcdonalds and laf is super excited holds up a fry and shouts out "EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA'S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCH FRY" and burr being the party pooper he is squirts ketchup all over laf's fries making that weird plop sound (you know what i mean right?) ok i'll leave now

you realize what I have to do now right yOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’VE CONDEMNED ME TO DO MIMIIQYU

I had to make a sim because the lovely @itsoceansecret was kind enough to lend me some skins. So the reason this sim is semi decent is because she is great!

Also totally stole her reshade settings 

Meet Ayaka