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Equilibrium (Series Preview)

“The world must be balanced in order for the humans on it to understand the severity of their actions. If they rise against us, the balance is offset. You are the imbalance. For us to achieve what we have long strived for, you must choose or you must die.”

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Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-Prologue 

Pairing: Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.


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“What do we do, hyung?” Sehun asked Suho, Suho paced the room, trying to find a solution to their current problem. Recently your parents passed during a mission gone wrong. Your mother and you were kidnapped. When your father came to save you, he was foolish and went in alone not waiting for the rest of Exo. They murdered your mother in front of him and then shot him when he tried to save you, you exposed to it all. Luckily the rest of Exo arrived to save you just in time. They were just in the midst of figuring out what to do with you now.

“We could hand her over to an orphanage” Kyungsoo said looking over towards the bedroom they had set you in to sleep. “We can’t she just witnessed the death of her parents, we have to help her cope besides she has seen too much.” Kai said glancing back to the group. There was a pause between all of them while they contemplated what to do. After all what is a gang going to do with a child, they only knew how to survive and protect each other.

Suddenly a cry came from the room you were in. Everyone withdrawing their weapons and running for your door. Suho threw the door open, slamming the door against the opposite wall, guns drawn pointing around your room in various directions. “What happened, what’s going on!?” Suho asked looking down at your shaking form sitting up in the bed. “Su-Su-Suho, I saw them again, I saw them d-die again” you said holding your hands over your face, voice coming out hysterical. Suho rushed to your sobbing from, picking you up into his arms, tucking your head under his chin “shhh, it’s alright Y/N it’s over, you’re safe here, no one can hurt you.” trying to bring you comfort while the others stored away their weapons realizing the only danger was your nightmares. Suho turned back to the rest of the gang, you becoming quite in his arms. Silently they finalizing the decision between them, you stay. None would be able to hurt you with them protecting you. They would teach you how to protect yourself and give you the best life possible, as far as a gang could.

This is going to be new series, every new chapter will be centered around one member at a time.

New Series

Ok guys, I’m going to start a new series called “Feminine Who?” Because recently all of my non-kpop friends have been saying that most idols look like girls. It will include gifs of the idols where i think they look the most sexy or masculine. Feel free to send in requests for idols you want me to do!!

-Admin Lia

Series Preview: Rain

Series Preview: Rain, a Chansoo soulmate AU
Written by Admin Becca

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“I’m Park Chanyeol, I’m your match! We should thank the All Mother for her generosity in giving us matches!” He bowed to the wall of the cave, on the other side of which the all powerful All Mother resided. No one had seen her, not in this lifetime, but it was by her matches were the rules made and orders given. “Thank you All Mother, for bestowing upon me a match. I will uphold all rules and regulations with him by my side.” When he came up from the bow, he waited for the boy to speak. He hadn’t uttered a single word since he entered the cave. Chanyeol was getting worried, the fire in his veins threatening to escape with each passing second, anxiety eating at him. The shorter boy was awake, his eyes wide, blinking, able to respond but wouldn’t.

Finally the boy’s voice rang out in the cave. “Kyungsoo,” the boy murmured, only audible thanks to the echo in the cave itself. “Do Kyungsoo, and I don’t want a match.”

New Series!!

My mind is all over the place, and because of that I had become inspired to write a new series. I wasn’t going to write it, but my body was literally shaking bc I needed to write this. It’s something I’ve been wanting to write for a long time now.

First part is already finished and I’ll be posting it soon.

I won’t be abandoning la douleur exquise or any other series. I just write when I’m inspired to and that’s when I write best. Which is why I never set deadlines for myself bc they just stress me out. 

SO, I’m both nervous and excited for this new series… Just a warning… it’s dark…  

Hope you enjoy!

K xx