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:D I’m on 2NE1’s facebook paaaaaaaaaaaage~!! Actually it’s Mina & I. Except this was probably a horrible time for that picture because at that moment I was annoyed that soundcheck was supposed to start at 5pm and it was near 6pm and we weren’t told what was going on. That’s why I have the e_________e face with my pink backback.pN


2NE1 Backstage at New Evolution NJ

Fanaccount: New Evolution NJ

Right so I had VIP status on the New Evolution concert. Only real complaints were issues with the venue.

Soundcheck Party

I met up with Mina (nokibae) in Newark where we ate together before going to wait on line for the Soundcheck Party. Waiting was not fun because it was rather warm out and the clock went by too slow. It started getting annoying when 5pm rolled around because that’s when the Soundcheck Party was scheduled to start and we weren’t moving and no one seemed to know what was going on. Someone even asked staff but they didn’t know why. It was around 7pm I think that we finally got to go in for Soundcheck which was cutting it close because the concert was supposed to start at 8pm. Security basically checked all of our bags as we came in and made up throw away any food we had….Even the half empty water bottle I had. (Thank god they didn’t notice the candy Mina gave me because that was a present and I’d be sad to have to throw it away.) The gave us our VIP passes which are really cool because their….I want to say holographic but I’m not sure that’s the right word to describe them. During soundcheck, CL was talking to the staff on stage in Korean. One of the background graphics shown was very Charlie’s Angels kinda thing going on cuz it was basically guns, red smoke and each of the girls silhouette's looking very sexy each holding a weapon. Bom had a gun, Dara had a sword. Minzy’s looked more like she was waving a flag. Near the end she welcomed us in English. The only did a few songs and I recorded them. During Ugly, we were all singing along. Near the chorus, they stopped singing but the music kept playing so we sang the rest of the song until the music cut off and CL smiled at us. Minzy was full on with aegyo during soundcheck!! She kept smiling and waving at us! We ended up having to exit for some reason which I heard might have had something to do with fire safety. I’m not sure.


For a long time all the VIP members were crowded by the bar just outside the auditorium while waiting to go back in for the concert to start. There was a major delay back of issues with stage and sound. They had a slight problem with sound during soundcheck but I wondered if something went wrong the day of because if there was a problem, it should have been fixed after their rehearsal the day before. None of us had gotten our goodie bag yet that VIP members were supposed to get and I, personally, was annoyed about it because the goodie bag included a lightstick and I purposely left mine at home since I expected to be getting one before the concert. Well, we eventually started getting seated for the concert sometime after 9pm. I thought that maybe as we would enter to avoid mass entering they may give us our goodie bags then but they didn’t at all. There were 2 side screens up and a big curtain and all three were playing 2NE1 videos when we entered. After most of the videos ended, Gangnam Style MV started playing and we all started singing along. Just after that was a teaser for Big Bang’s Alive Tour in NJ & LA. There was also something for 2NE1 and Kpop Star (?). As people were entering VIPs still had nothing yet. Then very near to the start of the concert, some of us noticed others in the VIP area who had their goodie bag and we had to ask about it. The fucking venue made no announcement so you wouldn’t even know. It was fucking horrible because everyone wanted their lightstick to hold during the concert but at the same time the majority of people wanted to secure their spot. I told my friends to go on line to get theirs while I waited in our spot. When they came back, I had to run for mine and before I even was out of the VIP area, the lights went off for the concert to start! THEY MADE US EXIT THE AUDITORIUM AND GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO WHERE WE FIRST ENTERED BY SECURITY AND HAD GOTTEN OUR PASSES JUST TO GET THE DAMN GOODIE BAG! I was running back trying to get the lightstick out and find my way back. The music to I Am The Best started playing as I was running but I found my spot right before CL started with “Are you ready for the B-E-S-T?”


The girls performed about two songs before greeting us in English. Dara’s English was very cute and CL promised us she’d make it worth our wait. She delivered on that promise. Basically, Chaera tended to be on my side a lot and Bomin were on the other side. Minzy gave a lot of fanservice. She smiled and waved at us a lot and even at the encore she motioned to someone to call her. Also, she has a really cute butt. Minzy can really rock out though. CL too. They two of them kind of turned into hardcore rockers for some of the songs. I loved it. CL was great. She kept smiling almost the entire time. Bom smiled sometimes and she’d wave occasionally. She was a bit more interactive toward the later half of the concert. I didn’t see too much from Dara until about the encore when she was smiling and waving. During “I Love You”, we turned off our lightsticks. When Bom started the chorus, held up the signs given to us by YGLadies with a pink ace and said “saranghae” inside it. The girls saw them and there were moments I could see them smiling because of them. CL a few times told us she loves us and just because I’m a Jersey baby, I felt really proud to hear her say “New Jersey.” The “Ugly” stage was really cool! The graphics had the face of which ever member was singing at the time but their face on the screen of the graphics was melted. I loved the distorted image concept. Toward the end of the song, the girls stood in front of their distorted faces and dragged their hands down and the faces melted. Also…Bommie cleavage and some short shorts. CL’S SOLO STAGE! THAT GIRL OMG! She spoke to us in English the entire time. She’s totally a Madonna fan and you can see it in how excited she got when she played Madonna for us. Minzy’s solo stage she basically danced with Hi-Tech. Bom’s was beautiful. She started a bit with Don’t Cry but then sang You & I. Dara….God Dara showed off her sexy side during Kiss. She didn’t kiss anyone, not even a fanboy but she was still very sexy. The maknae stage was my favorite. They sat together in a roller coaster for a good portion of the song before they got out and danced around. The girls also performed Can’t Nobody in English!! By the time they sang that, my throat was already starting to hurt from screaming and singing loudly so even through I knew all the words perfectly for it, I had a hard time keeping up. I think the loudest in synch part with the audience was when CL sang “Fiance, Beyonce, I’m walking out on destiny” and “You ain’t shit without your crew.”

Kwon Twins

Unrelated to the girls…. Hi-Tech and Crazy are really good. Kwon Young Deuk was in front of me a lot which I was thrilled cuz not only do I love the Kwon Twins but I particularly favor Deuk. Deuk had so many sexy moves. It was hard to keep calm. There was a point where the girls were on part of the stage my friend and I had trouble seeing when we noticed Kwon Young Don was on the stage in front of us. So while most of the people around us were turned toward the back to face the girls, we were facing Don and waving at him. He blew a kiss and did a bit of aegyo and smiled cuz we totally fangirled over it and he did a bit more. Both of the Kwon Twins at the encore were playing with the confetti that dropped and kind of rolling around on stage. They were adorable interacting with the other Hi-Tech dancers. One of the dancers tried to pulled up one of the twins’ (i think it may have been Young Don) shirt and showed his abs but he he laughed and tried to cover it. They were really sexy when dancing with 2NE1 though.

My head just keeps jumping all over when I think about the concert because it was just so much to take in at once. I had so much fun!! Pre-con, I had my pic taken by a Brazilian fansite. Post-con, my friends and I were lingering so we got interviewed by Kpop Star.


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Blackjacks singing Ugly with 2NE1 during Soundcheck

Take 2


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Bom’s Solo Stage


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CL’s DJ Solo Stage


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Please Don’t Go - Maknae Line