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Bada’s Twitter Updates at 2NE1 Concert (12.07.29)

Original Post: 2NE1 콘서트. 후배들 공연 응원도 선배가 되어선 의미있는일이된것같다. 후배들에게도 배울점이 많으니까! 봄아 다라야 초대해줘서 기뻤어 ~ 공연 즐겁게 잘봤어^^

Translation: 2NE1 Concert. It’s meaningful for a senior to show their support by attending their junior’s concert. There’s so much to learn from our juniors! Bom-ah, Dara yah I’m really happy that you invited me~ I enjoyed watching the show^^

(2nd tweet w/ the same pic)

Original Post: 왼팔은2NE1♬~오른팔BADA☆~ 립스틱 문신 ^.~

Translation: Right arm 2NE1♬~ Left arm BADA☆~ Lipstick tattoos ^.~

Source: Bada’s Twitter 1 & 2

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