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RWBY Panel recap Anime Expo

-Kerry tried to pretend he doesn’t exist when he was sitting in the panel at first haha
-The RWBY Japanese dubbed first episode was shown and it was kick ass
-Gray ran around giving high-fives
-Kerry, Barbara, Miles, and Gray sat with us in the audience. (Barbara was in front of me and I tried so hard not to scream from joy lol)
-there might be (most likely actually) a rwby fighting game revealed in EVO
-new figurines will be released soon~ (mostly Ruby and Weiss)
-There’s apparently a new Pyrrha merch that may come soon. Gray says it’s super cool.
-Miles wore the backless sweater lol
-Volume 4 Japanese dub will be released sometime in August
-(because several others revealed it) there will be a new Weiss trailer coming in about less than 2 weeks from now. It is absolutely gorgeous and Weiss has never looked more beautiful and bad ass
-THERE WILL BE CHARACTER SHORTS BEFORE THE RWBY 5! MY BAD! I apologize for my misunderstanding!

On 07/12/17, Asa Butterfield and friends, Cong Le, Liam Cryus, and Tychicus Walker, road “The Roller Coaster at New York-New York!” The coaster is located at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV! 🎢


So as a fast update: I’m going to Las Vegas tonight to cheer on friends at EVO for Guilty Gear. I’ve been working every day for the past 3 months. And have decided to quit the second job soon to do art. I got equipment now to do speed paintings and tutorials. 

Oh and I went back to blonde for the summer. ✌

できたてEvo! Revo! Generation!
new generations
できたてEvo! Revo! Generation!

できたてEvo! Revo! Generation! (Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!) (Freshly Evo! Revo! Generation!)

Sung By: new generations:
Uzuki Shimamura (島村卯月) [CV: Ayake Ohashi (大橋彩香)]、
Rin Shibuya (渋谷凛) [CV: Ayaka Fukuhara (福原綾香)], &
Mio Honda (本田未央) [CV: Sayuri Hara (原紗友里)]


Is anyone else dreading Sinnoh remakes?

Not because I don’t want them, I do, but because they’ll be Diamond & Pearl remakes and not Platinum ones

I liked ORAS but Emerald was better (combined Aqua vs Magma plot which was the main problem, made Rayquaza relevant to the story, way better Gym Leader teams, Juan and the Battle Frontier. RIP Juan), and HGSS was really good but I wish it had incorporated more Crystal elements (Eusine told you about lore in Crystal, but they gave that role to the Kimono Girls in HGSS, leaving his only relevance to be Suicune obsessed..which didn’t get resolved until Kanto)

And Platinum added a lot to D&P, such as

  • Fixing the plot idiocy of Cyrus letting you release the Lake Trio which fucked up his entire plan (my main concern)
  • Adding more to Cyrus’ backstory such as his guilt-ridden grandfather
  • Made his plans more in-character (”I want to make a new universe to become a God and rule because I’m power-hungry” vs “I want to make a new universe where human spirit doesn’t exist because emotions are the cause of all war and suffering because I was abused as a child”)
  • The introduction of Looker to the franchise as well as Charon
  • Gave more info on what Giratina was about
  • The Distortion World
  • Fixed the awful Regional Dex to include way more Pokemon (do you guys REALLY wanna go back to having only 2 Fire-types and making all the “new” evos post-game?)
  • Improved Gym Leader and Elite Four teams as a result of the improved Pokedex (Flint’s team was downright awful, he had 2 Fire-types to use, Infernape and Rapidash)
  • A new Battle Frontier which introduced Caitlin into the series (yes, the same one as Unova’s E4)
  • Way cooler and/or more theme-fitting Gym Puzzles
  • Made it so when you’re in the PokePark, your Pokemon follow behind you (the precursor to HGSS’s mechanic, imagine it with the 3D models!)
  • Possibly more stuff I’m forgetting

I don’t want Diamond & Pearl remakes, I want a Platinum remake

ULTRA SUN ULTRA MOON - Alternative Alola = NEW Final Evo. Starters!! HYPE

This is going to be Lit for the Pokémon community when or if it comes out to be true.

A LEAK that was debunked by all, may come back.

Your Litten and Popplio and Rowlet could Evolve into all new Final Evolutions in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

The description of Ultra Sun and Moon describes an “Alternative World” in Alola and what could make it more alternative then new forms of the Alola Starter’s Evolutions.


  • Already there are placeholder images for another Lycanroc form on the Global Link website, along with another Mimikyu form. 

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First Look: The Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO

Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the motorsport department of Automobili Lamborghini, is unveiling the new Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, making its world debut at an exclusive event in Sant’Agata Bolognese and announces its new partnership with the famous Swiss luxury watchmaker Roger Dubuis.

The Huracán Super Trofeo EVO raises the high standards of the previous model with entirely redesigned aerodynamics. The aim was to maintain the same high downforce of the previous model, while achieving higher overall aerodynamic efficiency and so less resistance to forward travel with improved stability.

The new body kit was developed by the team of motorsport engineers at Automobili Lamborghini, working in partnership with Dallara Engineering and with Lamborghini Centro Stile.

Centro Stile Lamborghini also designed the livery of the new Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and celebrates the partnership linking Lamborghini Squadra Corse and Roger Dubuis, which will begin in 2018.