new european school

so i’ve read the descriptions of the new non-european/us schools (castelobruxo, uagadou and mahoutokoro) and i have some shit to say because i’m angry:

  • this isn’t super important, but still: the obvious lack of imagination when it comes to names. castelobruxo = wizard castle, mahoutokoro = magical place. and i’m pretty sure that mahoutokoro’s pronunciation is wrong on pottermore.
  • you’ve got a bunch of schools in different european countries, one in the us, one in brazil, one in japan and one in… africa. fucking AFRICA. so many countries to choose from but jk apparently doesn’t feel the need to specify that in pottermore. just “africa” is fine.
  • the schools in brazil and africa take students from all over their respective continents. like wtf??????? what language do they speak in each school? does every non-brazilian south american has to know portuguese to go to castelobruxo?? what language are classes imparted in?? does jk know that both south america and africa have a massive amount of languages (especially africa)??
  • why do europeans get a bunch of schools but the two largest and most populated continents (asia and africa) get one school each?
  • the descriptions felt kinda stereotypical to me, but i won’t get into detail when it comes to uagadou and castelobruxo cos i could be reaching. but mahoutokoro. oh man. not only the students excel academically, their robes literally change colours depending on how good their grades are. really??

like, i love hp and jk and learning new stuff about this universe. but i’m tired of seeing this shit too, because these continents are so damn rich and the possibilities are practically limitless, and yet it’s always like this. it always comes down to this. and why can’t we ask for something better when we know that jk is perfectly capable of doing better?