new euph

2017 New Years Resolutions
  • Violin: Lock yourself in a practice room until a random passerby hears you begging to be let out. Have fewer distractions while in the practice room.
  • Viola: Continue to keep yourself composed every time someone mistakes your instrument for the other one. Maybe just learn to play a different instrument.
  • Cello: Become a more social and successful version of yourself. Also you need to floss more.
  • Bass: Invent a robot that carries the bass around for you. Wear more sunscreen.
  • Piccolo: continue the never-ending pursuit to not going deaf, and start going to the gym, which you might (will) get to busy to keep doing by February.
  • Flute: become first chair. If already first chair, beat down all the other flutes trying to become first chair. There can only be one.
  • Oboe: cry less, make more friends
  • Bassoon: practice more & work on crippling self image issues
  • Clarinet: Try not to murder that one guy in your section who doesn't have a clue what intonation or practicing is. Actually, maybe murder him.
  • Bass Clarinet: Do more with your life and become more involved in activities. You sit at home too much. If anxiety plagues you and you can't, go for more walks alone.
  • Saxophones: Eat healthi- oh look, pizza.
  • French Horn: Drink more water
  • Trumpet: *didn't have a resolution*
  • Trombone: Become a better musician, work on improving that one character flaw that keeps you awake at night.
  • Baritone/Euph: Try new things, don't start online dating.
  • Tuba: call your grandparents more, rediscover the will to live
  • Percussion: learn to tie a bowtie for realsies, instead of just using a clip on.