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In Depression-era New York, designer Marguerite Mergentime was keen to encourage informed political debate within the home. Her “Food for Thought” tablecloths, printed with American political slogans from the time of Abe Lincoln to FDR’s New Deal, were sold in stores across the US. MoMA has recently acquired an example for the permanent collection. It is currently on view in How Should We Live: Propositions for the Modern Interior on the third floor. 

[Marguerita Mergentime. Food for Thought tablecloth. c. 1936. Printed linen. Photograph by Michael Fredericks]

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) was an Italian artist and an architect who worked principally in Rome. He was the leading sculptor of his age, credited with creating the Baroque style of sculpture. His sculptures are distinguished by their stunning realism, emotion, and dynamic energy, which forged a new era in European sculpture. He also painted, wrote plays, and designed metalwork and stage sets. The above painting is a self-portrait, circa 1623.

New era.

Hi, gyus! )

I’m back and now I wanna do MY OWN design clothes. Sometimes, of course, I’ll do clothes from the perfect designers, from the other sites, like I did it everytime before.

But I forgot that I have a great fantasy, and I can do pretty clothes by myself! I hope that everyone who stayed with me will like this idea & my clothes. 

Thank you everyone! You are already 645..)

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White shirt with a black scarf is the Chanel’s style signature ever since the beginning  of her career in 1913. She was known for braking the boundaries between man’s and woman’s clothing bringing the liberty for the 20. century woman and braking up with the old fashion taboos that certain clothes is only for woman and certain clothes are only for man. Chanel strongly emphasised in all her designs new era of a fashion style and design, successfully carrying her free spirit until this modern days…

 Photos above:

1. Chanel… 1913

2. Karl Lagerfeld… this days 

3. 4.  Me….. my very first photos taken by Karl Lagerfeld in 1992. in Monte Carlo

5. Me and Kristen Mc Menamy… by Karl Lagerfeld 1994 in Paris

 I’m very proud to be part of Chanel legacy….


THE NEW BAUHAUS MUSEUM - Resting on the description of Bauhaus by Walter Gropius: “Only perfect harmony in the technical function and in the proportions of form can produce beauty”, our design for the New Bauhaus Museum is a fusion of clear geometry and technological elements, that offer a great amount of flexibility and integration to Dessau’s City Centre. Life in a city is multiple, ambiguous and in constant change. Our aim was to create a Museum that connects and interacts with those multiple settings of daily life in Dessau in a very direct and responsive way. Due to its ability to transform itself, the museum can react to various needs within the City Park and offers the possibility to become a connecting hub, which shapes the community around it and links its visitors to the vision of the Bauhaus era.

The Bauhaus was an era of innovation and technical achievements, a new clarity in architecture, design and art. The Bauhaus is not about form. It is about the performance of form. Not about shape, but about the logic of shape. Not about aesthetics, but how to adapt aesthetics to a daily use. © CHRIS PRECHT

Photographs by Anthony Costifas

Restoration Politics

The Continental chic of Camelot in the ‘60s, the gilded splendor of the Reagan-era ‘80s, but what about a new take on the unique charms of Gerald and Betty Ford’s ‘70s Southern California dreaming? Here’s looking at the most truly American of styles.

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