new era of corruption

Mexico needs you if you don't live in here.

If you are in Tumblr, and don’t live in Mexico, I need you to reblog this until it gets to many countries.
The government of my country is taking people away. They are suffering of torture. Physical and psychological.
They are spreading terror.
Tonight, the 8th of november, we took streets in Mexico City and after we walked peacefully, a strange and anarchist group with masked faces put the main entrance of “Palacio Nacional” on fire.
They didn’t came with us.
We were walking in peace. Yelling, yes. A lot. But in peace.
We are fighting against violence, so it is really, really stupid to claim for peace, with actions like these.
This is not new in Mexico. The government always use these payed groups of people to criminalise any social movement.
But we are possibly heading to a new era in our country.
We are tired of corruption. We are tired of cold assassination. We are tired of the criminals who can walk in peace, and we are tired that both police and military forces protect them.
We are so alone right now.
We are so unprotected right now.
We are not scared. We are terrorised.
We need you to focus your attention for the next few days, so they don’t dissappear and kill more of our young people.
Government are killing people just because they can, and no one can stop them.
We have no weapons, and we don’t want some.
We want to make a change after 70 years of corrupcy. They have took everything.
They took our faith, our hope, our jobs, our dreams.
They are destroying us.
My country is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and now foreign people are even recommended not to visit this beautiful land because of insecurity.
We need you to reblog everything about Mexico these days.
Don’t leave us alone.
Don’t leave us to get killed.
Don’t leave us to get burned, like our missing 43 students.
Don’t leave us to be forgotten.
Please don’t leave us.