new era generation

the cool uncle charlie weasley
  • okay now but listen, charlie weasly fucking loves children
  • so he’s instantly everyone’s favourite uncle because yeah whatever you say but does your uncle raises and takes care of dragons like my uncle charlie does?
  • but charlie is also extremely warm and affectionate, and he tells the best fairy tales because he changes his voice with each characterhas the loudest, most intoxicating laugh; and he doesn’t mind getting dirty playing with all of them, so what is there not to appreciate and love?
  • plus there’s no one, no one, who knows more about creatures and dragons than him
  • maybe luna lovegood, who is a cherished friend
  • (or newt scamander, mentor and always loved)
  • and also, quidditch match? he wasn’t captain of gryffindor for nothing
  • every christmas he goes to the burrow to pick a newly knitted sweater and extra snuggles (and lightly scolding) from molly he’s full of presents and stories about dragons
  • and every year, his hair is longer and longer, but it only means rose, molly and lucy can spend hours braiding it
  • one year he manages to slip a baby romanian longhorn without no one noticing, lily luna loved him and she gave it the name jade
  • (of course she couldn’t keep him, but the moment she was old enough, she spends a few weeks in romania with charlie to look over him, and all the others)
  • “i want to work with dragons, too!”
    “merlin’s beard, your parents are going to kill me…”
  • he’s also the badass uncle because he’s got scars all over his body linked to stories that hugo and dominique will never get tired to listen to
  • his mother often asks him when he’s going to settle down and marry, and with a big laugh, charlie asks her if she doesn’t have enough grandchildren
  • charlie has enough with his dragons and his nieces and nephews and he loves every second of it

Prince and his then wife Mayte for NPG Magazine, 1995

But I think this might be one of those awkward realizations that John Cena is coming to that maybe John Cena is still the guy, but as far as the new era, the new generation of superstars is concerned, Cena’s got one foot out the door. He’s busy doing a lot of different things and I don’t mean this in a negative way. Whether he’s here 6 months out of the year or 3 months out of the year, until John Cena is on the road with everybody else like Roman Reigns is right now. That’s Roman Reigns’ locker room… but right now on the day to day, the guy who’s going to lead the charge for the new generation into the future is Roman Reigns. And John Cena doesn’t have to like it, it’s just reality. it is what it is.

Times change. Times are changing. Roman Reigns is THE guy, as evidence the night after Wrestlemania, when he stood in that ring for ten minutes and the crowd was so raucous, we couldn’t even say a word. Roman uttered one sentence and that place about caved in. Roman Reigns is at the top of the game right now and he will be.

—  Corey Graves on Roman/Cena Twitter Feud 
[Corey loves/respects Cena, by the way]

As a kid, when I would spend the weekend with my cousin, we would wrestle his pillows and have our own entrance music. Mine was The Smokin’ Gunns theme.

From 1998 through 1999, I had a chili bowl haircut that I let grow out a bit. I got made fun of regularly in middle school for being the last kid to have one while everyone else was getting a fade. I didn’t care, because Billy Gunn had a similar haircut to how I styled mine, and Billy Gunn was cool.

In 2000, I got in-school suspension for yelling “YOU SUCK!” during a volleyball game in gym class. I yelled it the same way that Billy Gunn did during matches. We were winning, at the time.

In 2003, me and my friend Brandon met Billy Gunn at an OVW show and took pictures with him. We had a laugh about how my buddy was always an ‘ass man’ and Billy said, “Everyone should be!

In 2005, my friend Rachel made me an action figure of myself as a wrestler for my 20th birthday. She used a Billy Gunn figure to do so.

In 2015, I was on my first show with Billy, the first of several. I took a picture with himself and Animal of The Legion Of Doom, and reminisced with them about their late 1997 Raw main event. As I stood watching Billy’s match from the locker room, Chyna stood next to me while Billy did his spiel, “And if you’re not down with that… WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!” And, with Chyna, I said “suck it!” from the locker room along with the packed house.

Last night, I managed Calvin Tankman in a match against Billy. After getting flipped into the ring, I was told to “SUCK IT!” by Billy, kicked in the gut, and then given the Fameasser in front of my friends, parents, and wrestlers I’ve traveled the country with.  The same move he’d given The Rock, Mankind, Terry Funk, The Big Show, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a myriad of others. I was later told that it looked great. I don’t know, I don’t remember.

It’s incredible the places that your journey will take if you say to yourself, “I’m gonna do this, and I’m not gonna let anything stop me.” You’re going to get your heart broken. You’re going to be broke sometimes and it’s gonna feel like desperation is setting in. You’re going to be pissed off, irritated, and want to quit at least once a month, but the times like those that you overcome… times like these, where one of my childhood heroes is jumping so he can plant me on my face, you realize… it’s worth it. And it’s awesome.

  • James Sirius Potter: Hey Scorpion
  • Scorpion Malfoy: Yeah?
  • James Sirius: You know what you should say to impress a girl?
  • Scorpion: ...what?
  • James Sirius: "Hey babe, can I sly-there-in?
  • Scorpion:
  • Scorpion: oH MY GOD
  • Scorpion: That pun is so old I think it was made up by Salazar himself
  • James Sirius: you're welcome mate *winks*

Prince watching himself perform on the Act II Tour, 1993

naruto good ending

naruto and sasuke leave the village together. sasuke says he doesn’t know if he can ever really be happy in the village that allowed the destruction of his clan. naruto vows to stay by sasuke’s side no matter where that may take him. naruto still visits his friends when they’re in the area and keeps in contact with everyone and tells them all about his adventures with sasuke and all the new friends he’s made along the way.

kakashi is blind and tired after the war and tsunade still has plenty of good years left so tsunade remains hokage and kakashi leaves to travel the world with guy. 

sakura runs konoha’s hospital with an iron fist and works tirelessly to enact tsunade’s plan of training medical ninjas and placing one on each team. she is a legend among konoha’s young girls.

ino works directly under sakura at the hospital. her world renowned garden of medicinal plants earns her a lot of respect.

shikamaru becomes hokage. he’s honestly the only one who’s suited for politics. he sees it more of a job than an honor but he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it and the townspeople actually admire the work he does. 

choji takes over for iruka and teaches at the academy. he frequently visits shikamaru in the hokage’s office for lunch dates.

neji is made head of the hyuga clan with hinata and hanabi working closely at his side. the three work to right the wrongs done to the side branch and usher in a new era for the next generation of hyuga.

tenten travels the world in search of legendary weapons. sometimes she goes alone, sometimes she brings lee and neji with her. included in her collection are the seven swordsmen’s swords. suigetsu hates her. 

lee remains a more traditional shinobi and takes on a team of his own. he also works closely with choji and makes it his mission to help any child in the academy who isn’t particularly skilled in ninjutsu or genjustsu.

sai is just happy to be there.

kiba gets a new puppy or something.

shino legally marries a bug.