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murderxbaby  asked:

Top 5 beverages

1. Water, because it’s the beverage my body actually needs, which I frequently forget and then things go badly for me.

2. POG, because I lived in Hawai’i in the 90s.

3. Apple cider, because I live in New England now.

4. Those pre-packaged Kahlua mudslide bottles, because one time I went camping by myself outside of Reno and drank them while watching the sun set over the city and it was just a peak experience.

5. Manischewitz, because my parents used to make fun of it for tasting like pancake syrup, which it absolutely does, but… I’ll drink pancake syrup if I want, I’m an adult now.

A tidbit I saw that was cool! For those of you who follow Pat McHale, he mentioned how in the early stages of OtGW, the Beast was going to be called ‘Ol’ Scratch’

ALSO, according to wikipedia: . Old Scratch or Mr. Scratch derived from schratz or skratti, a demon of Scandinavian mythology, is a folk name for the devil in the local legends of New England and pre-Civil War America.