new england hurricane


The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 (also called the Long Island Express) made landfall near Bellport, Long Island around 2 pm on 21 September 1938.

The Category 3 hurricane then crossed the Long Island Sound and made landfall again around 4 pm between Bridgeport and New Haven, CT. The storm continued to move north through Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont as the fastest-moving hurricane on record (traveling at speeds of 70 mph), before degrading to a tropical storm as it crossed into Quebec.

The hurricane killed 682 people, and injuring 700 more. More than 25,000 homes were destroyed (about the same number were damaged) and more than 2 billion trees (35% of New England’s total forest area was affected).


It was a tough experience, you know, you’re really pushing yourself mentally and physically to get better and you’re living with a new family, a different family
Were you with a billet family? 
I lived with a billet family, yep, so I was by myself living with a billet family and you know, obviously, it was tough, you know, not being around my family as much.
Did you get homesick a lot, doing that?
Yeah, I do but I think everyone did you know, we were all pretty young. And I think that’s what helped make the experience a lot smoother is that we were all going through the same… It’s a situation where it’s not for everybody.

Noah Hanifin - New England Hockey Journal (x)