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Birthday Suprise! w/Rob Gronkowski For Anon.

Rob Gronkowski:

Outfit (The fight/The party planning/actual party):

Scenes (As it goes on):

Children(Different Races):


“Kiss my ass, (Y/N)! I hope you’re happy with the dick you’ve been sleeping with!” Rob yelled while throwing things in the trunk of his truck. You are behind him trying to explain to your husband of 5 years, he was making a HUGE misunderstanding.

“NO! If you would just listen to me for 10 seconds!” You say pulling his huge arm, attempting to stop him from walking out of your life.

“What?! So you can make MORE excuses as to why you have been coming home late?! HMM?! Or the secretive talks on the phone for an hour, everyday for the past month?! You really are a slut!” He screams in your face and you stand there stunned and hurt. You were a virgin when you were with him and you loved him so much. You were planning his surprise birthday party with his mom and brothers. It was gonna be the best party Gronk will have and it’s all out of your pocket, but you love him that much that he deserves an awesome and crazy birthday. The smell of burning rubber enter your nostril pulling you out of your thoughts. Rob is already gone and tears go down your cheeks as you stand in the abandoned driveway but you are not alone. You put a hand over your stomach and whisper a silent prayer that things will be okay for you and your future baby.

*Time Skip to 3 weeks later: May 16 (2 days after his birthday) 10:36 am*

Today is the day! It’s Rob’s birthday celebration and you have everything planned out even though Rob hasn’t tried contacting you, meaning he was still upset. After the almost month of morning sickness and planning this birthday bash with his family, everything will turn out okay. As you are thinking Rob’s mom, Diane, walks in squealing with waiters and waitresses behind her carrying many of Rob’s favorite food.

“Hi honey!” She gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, you smile and hug her back until you smell the most awful smell: hot wings. You run to the bathroom and make it just in time to reach the toilet before you empty your stomach. Diane helps you get cleaned up and gives you some water.

“Honey, I wanna ask you something and I think I know the answer…” She softly smiles and gives your hand a squeeze. You nod for her to continue.

“Are you pregnant? Am I gonna be a grandma?” You smile and nod your head. She squeals and starts jumping up and down, you laugh at her reaction. As this is happening, Rob’s brothers walk in on the situation happening, laughing at there dancing mother.

“What’s going on, Ma?” Chris and Dan asked while carrying some furniture inside the venue. Before you can tell them she interrupts.

“I’M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!” You laugh and see them run up to you yelling there congratulations, you are happy that they are happy but you are sad that Rob wasn’t the first to know.

“How did Rob react?!” Gordie asks while giving you a gentle hug. That’s when your eyes start to tear up and you look down to the floor, to embarrassed to look at there faces.

“Rob thought I was cheating on him a couple weeks ago, he called me a slut and left.” You whispered the last sentence, hating that it came from the love of your life’s mouth. You look up to see Diane look at you with pity and the rest of the guys looked pissed, they are the one’s to keep Rob happy and having fun until tonight and now you feel like you ruined the day.

“Son of a bitch…” Glenn mutters, causing Diane to smack the back of his head really hard, the family chuckles lowly.

“Please don’t tell him. I want him to enjoy the day and please don’t mention me, just do what the schedules says and come back here at 11:30, okay? I just wanna this to be a special day for him. Be nice for me and blueberry, okay?” The brother’s nod and the whole family looks very confused as to what, ‘blueberry’ means.

“Blueberry is the baby’s nickname, I don’t know the sex yet but I do know when I found out it was the size of a blueberry.” They all nod in understanding and they go out to fulfill on making this day special for Rob. As the brothers leave, Diane gives you a huge hug and whispers.

“I am so proud of you and I’m glad you are my daughter-in-law.” You start to tear up and smile at her, you link arms and continue on getting everything setup.

*Rob’s POV*

Today was fucking awesome! We went to a Red Sox game and I got to throw the first pitch. Then, we went to the TD Garden to shoot some hoops with some of the Celtics players. Finally, we went to the best bar in town, North 26. By 11:00, I was ready to party but everywhere we went reminded me of (Y/N), she was still the apple of my eye. No matter how many girls flirted with me, all I remember was the tears on her guilty but beautiful face. If she never cheated on me, I would’ve been okay with just us hanging out on my birthday but I love my brothers.

“Rob! What are you thinking about?” Gordie asks driving us through the town. Chris and Dan have been snappy sometimes today but have been having fun when I’m not talking. I look at Gordie and sigh.

“Just thinking about (Y/N)… she cheated on me and…” Dan laughs humorlessly, causing me to turn around and glare. What’s so funny?

“What the FUCK is so funny? I love her and she cheated on me?! W-” Before I can rant Dan interrupts me.

“With who?” I don’t know. I stay silent.

“What evidence did you have?” Again, I stay silent.

“Did you even ask her or give her a chance to explain?” Silence. He scoffs and we stop in front of this nice building but it looks like there is no one there. Where are we?

“Guys, what the f-”

“Just go inside…” Chris chuckles and pushes me a little too rough but I fake chuckle and walk up the flight of steps. Gordie goes in front of two huge doors and shoves them open with force. The doors open and many people jump out screaming surprise while a giant cake comes out with sparklers on top as they start singing, ‘Happy Birthday.’ I blow out the sparklers and briefly thank everyone for coming, yelling, “LET’S PARTY!” I start eating and dancing when I see the most beautiful women walk inside with a clipboard in her beautiful soft hands and mic in her ear. (Y/N). She looks more radiant than ever but she broke my heart. I’m taken out of thought when I see my mom walking up to me with a disappointed look on her face but a smile to cover it for the guests. She escorts me to the hallway that is some what silent.

“You fucked up…” She said softly, I sigh and was about to explain.

“No! You messed up and worst of all she is suffering as well.” I’m angry now.

“I’m your son! How could you just go against your own son like that! She cheated! She’s the slu-”

“You finish that sentence, I will tell everyone here to leave and you may be 6’6 and all but I can still whoop your ass. Now! You wanna know WHY she has been out all night a couple weeks back? To look for party venues on the other side of the city! For YOU! You wanna know why she has been whispering on the phone?! Talking to caterers and contacting important people about today, for YOU! You wanna know how YOU didn’t even have to pay for anything today from the game you watch and the food and beer you had today?! She paid for it! She did ALL of this for YOU! Get your head out of your ass and get back the most amazing girl before it is too late. She loves you SOO much that she has been depressed but she is destined to make YOU happy. What are YOU gonna do to make her happy?” She said walking off.

What have I done? I just accused the love of my life of being a slut and of cheating on me. I just convinced the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me she was nothing in my life. I just wanna  hold her and kiss her and apologize for being the biggest dick of all time. Thank god for the loud music and some of the drunk teammates and people around that no one realized what just happened. I start looking around for (Y/N) but she know where in sight, I turn and I see Gordie standing right there.

“She just left, she felt unwanted here. You did mess up but I know you’re gonna make it right.” He pats my shoulder and I go to find my babygirl.

*Your POV*

It was a success; Rob is happy so I’m happy, even though he hates me, I still love him. I am on my way to my car to go home because I just didn’t want to be there: the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies was everywhere and I just can’t handle the awful smell. I gave Diane the power when I left and she completely understood. I am unlocking my door I hear my name being screamed, I turn around to see Rob running after towards me and I panic. Even though he won’t physically hurt me, what if he’s drunk and wants to yell at me more? I get into my car and turn on the ignition but before I can pull off, the passenger side door swings open and Rob hops in. You avoid eye contact with him.

“Get out!” You spit in anger, avoiding eye contact. He looks so guilty and you know that he knows what he did.

“Baby, I am so sorry I treated you that way. I’m sorry for calling you a slut. I’m sorry I left home. I’m sorry for not giving you a chance to explain yourself. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you for the amazing day today. I love you.” He tries to caress your cheek but you flinch away and get out the car with a huff. You can’t take three steps before you are gently grabbed and pulled back into a warm chest that you love to cuddle up to. You fight the sparks and hit his chest repeatedly and squirm in his hold, he grips you tighter.

“I hate you for making me feel this way…” You cry and bury your face in his chest as you cry. You remember stress isn’t good for the baby.

“I love you too. I am so sorry. I don’t care if it takes my whole life to make it up to you, I will make it up to you forever.” He whispers in your ear and you smile softly, you push him lightly away and wipe your tears.

“Crying isn’t good for the-” You stop your self and pause, forgetting he doesn’t know about the baby yet.

“Isn’t good for what, (Y/N)? Only time I’ve heard that is if your…” He pauses and lifts you off the ground and spinning you around.

“Are you?”

“Yeah…” You grin widely and he smiles with tears running down his and your face. He looks in pain and guilty and you know why.

“I left for almost a month alone when I should’ve been there helping you with my son. All because of my dumbass assumption!! He slams his fist down on the top of the car in anger and you see a tear roll down his cheek.

“Hey, but I’m here now. And besides it’s gonna be a girl so…” You smirk and place your hands on his sides. He turns around smiling and wraps his arms around you protectively. He bends down and gives you a quick but passionate kiss.

“I love you…” He breathes while your foreheads are together. You smile at his question.

“Good! Because I love you…” You give him a kiss and you both start walking to the party again, hand and hand. That night you knew that Rob Gronkowski will love you forever.

Best. Birthday. Ever! w/ Jimmy Garoppolo for Fern

Jimmy Garoppolo (you sexy motherfucka!):


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Scene(in order by):

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Wedding Dress/Pictures:

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Jimmy Garoppolo is on fire tonight with 3 TD passes and 112 yards against the undefeated Green Bay Packers, he is something special folks. Ever since Tom Brady is out for the season with a torn ACL, the Patriots do not have to worry about a drop rookie quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is the future of the Patriots. Next on ESPN, The Dodgers have-…” (TV cuts off)

You are so happy that Jimmy is doing great but it is 11:00 pm where you are watching and you had a 7 hour presentation you had to sit through and you were exhausted. It’s your birthday but you never really celebrated it because you never would get anything. You made Jimmy’s favorite meal when he arrived home, you also planned the next night to show him how much you missed him (if you know what I mean.) Anyway you think back to when you both met 5 years ago when you were still in High School. You were the new girl that was one of the only Hispanics in the whole school but you didn’t care. You were the youngest in your grade and also the most quiet. Jimmy was the star football player that everyone loves and adores. You were assigned a project together in U.S. History and you talked and flirted, you guys dated at the end of that year and you were inseparable since, you dated through-out college and his NFL career. You got text everyday about how much he loves you on away games or just randomly. He is so sweet and all the attention doesn’t get to his head, he is still the goofy and cocky man you met when you were 16 and him 17. You smile and drift off to sleep in peace, thinking about the man you love…

*Next Morning*

You wake up to feel two large arms holding your waist and you melt instantly. There are feather kisses down your spine and you giggle and turn to your side to see the love of your life, Jimmy, laying there with a smile. You caress his face and give him a soft sweet kiss and you get up to brush your teeth and eat. You walk to the master bathroom and grab your toothpaste as you grab it something is blinding you and you look at you left hand to see a diamond. You drop the toothpaste and look at the beautiful ring on your finger and your eyes fill with tears. Jimmy is standing there and you smile at him, still looking astonished.

“Fern, I have loved you since the moment you walked into Rolling Meadows High School. You are the most beautiful women in the world and I can’t imagine spending my life without you, you are the women I love and I will love you till the ends of the earth. I want you to carry my kids, I want to wake up with you, I wanna have arguments on what retirement home to chose, I wanna grow old with you, Fern. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Fern, will you marry me?” He grabs your hand and gets down on one knee looking almost at eye level due to your small frame. You smile and jump into his arms, kissing you with so much passion as you pull away you nod your head, tears of joy fall from your face.

“Yes, I love you too, Jimmy. So much…” You whisper as he smiles and kisses you deeply and holds you the entire day, you were suppose to go to work but you are just so excited and ecstatic that the man of your dreams is finally here and that you get to spend your entire life with him. You are laying in bed and it is almost dark, you start to fall asleep in Jimmy’s arms and you are just so happy with your life. You feel a tender kiss on your forehead and you melt instantly, you hear the love of you life whisper.

“Happy Birthday, Fern…”

Best. Birthday.EVER…

*Happy Birthday Fern! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I wish you the best!*

Date Night w/ Jimmy Garoppolo for Sarah

Jimmy Garoppolo(you sexy son of a bitch!):


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Roommate Guest Star(Jennifer Lawrence): 

(If African-American/Hispanic):

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Scenes (from beginning to end):

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“Sarah, Jimmy is on his way up…again…” The lady at the front desk chuckles while you groan in annoyance. You have been working for the New England Patriots for a little over a year. You may think how you are 21 years old and be a physical therapist, you are a genius and went to Boston College at the age of 15 years old and graduated at 19 years old, you went into your master’s and you were offered an internship there for 4 years with good pay. After awhile, you have been doing great and here you are the head of the medical staff and loving it. You love your job but you hate one thing and that is this rookie, Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy needed his thumb wrapped and you did that while he was flirting with you and smiling at you with charm. Ever since, everyday he would come for something different: “Hey Sarah, can you wrap my wrist?’ or Sarah, can you give me a massage? and even ‘Sarah, can you help take off my pants to take off the padding?” A knock at the door interrupts your complaining and you answer it to see the one and only, Jimmy Garoppolo, America’s sweetheart and your biggest headache. He walks in and sits in your chair like he owns the place, you roll your eyes and glare at him.

“What do you want, Garoppolo? Need something?” He looks at you and smiles that charming smile and he stands up, slowly walking to you and you inwardly panic. He grabs your hand and you gasp from the mini sparks that fly inside of your stomach and wrist, you have never had this feeling before and you don’t want it to stop. You clear your throat and remove your hand from his and look him in his eyes to see hurt and longing. He goes and sits down on the bench and looks down, a blush creeps on his neck and face.

“May I take you out, Sarah? One night and if you decide that you still hate me, I will be out of your life and I will come up only for serious manners… I want you but I dont want to force feeling on you, I want this to be real. Is that okay with you?” He looks up at you with pleading eyes and you nod, he smiles and hugs you tight.

“See you Friday, 8:00…” He whispers in your ear and you melt to his soft, husky voice.

*Early Saturday Morning 1:00 am…*

“Stop it! HAHA!” You laugh as Jimmy attacks your side from behind, you squeal and jump around. You were positive that you hate Jimmy Garoppolo and you wanted nothing to do with him. You showed up at the Pub 15 minutes late and he wasn’t faized by it at all, he looked happy and handsome as ever. You showed up determined to tell him that you still don’t like him when…you really like him. You got to the Pub and talked about NFL predictions, your childhood, you life goals, and watched the Red Sox game. You ate like a man, laughed a laugh that has your sides hurting, played pool where he can touch your hips and kiss your cheeks, and you smiled to where your cheeks want rest. You ended up leaving the Pub at around 12:30, last people there. He is walking you home since you live 5 minutes away and you love his company and want that around you. You feel warmth come to your hand and you look down to see your small, clammy hands intertwined with his large, soft ones, you blush and laugh, causing him to smile.

“You should laugh more, it’s beautiful…” He whispers and stops, you see you are in front of your apartment and you inwardly groan, you make a face of pain. Jimmy takes a strand of hair and he tucks it behind your ear, leaning in and you grab his jacket lightly and pull his soft lips to yours. His arm entangles with your waist pulling you to him impossibly close and his other hand finds the back of your neck. You open all access to him and you moan of pure pleasure when he bites your bottom lip lightly. A car horn pulls you apart but he is still holding you as you catch your breath, you look to your right to see your neighbor and her fiance getting out of there car and she shakes her head and laughs at you both. She walks to you and whispers lowly.

“Don’t be too loud…” You gasp as she opens the apartment building door and walks in, her laughs echoes through the door. You look at Jimmy to see he is smiling down at you and he pecks your lips and pulls apart. He grabs your hands and looks into your eyes.

“Do you still hate me, Sarah?” He almost sounds like he is in serious pain, you look into his eyes and smile. You walk to your apartment entrance and turn to see he looks devastated, you open the door wide open. He looks confused.

“I never have…I was just to dumb to give into my feelings…” You smile and he walks up to you with a smile to the moon and back he grabs your face and engulfs you in a passionate kiss. He grabs your hand and you guys were inseparable since.

*I was watching the Vampire Diaries and I loved Delena so much! I had to inspire this Imagine to Delena. Plus, Jimmy is a sexy piece of ass!*