new ender

Species: Enderman (Mage variant)

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Height: 9'10"

Age: 746

Orientation: ??? (he’s weird)

Personality: Rift is generally pretty solitary, preferring to hide away in his studies. He can be outwardly pretty grouchy, as he is tired in his old age, but isn’t intentionally mean. Rift is actually pretty compassionate, and although he would prefer to not be bothered, if someone needs his help he will gladly do what he can. Rift can show his care in some pretty non conventional ways, and its highly likely for him to smack you upside the head to set you strait, but he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t care. Overall he does have a pretty fatherly attitude to people he cares about.

Combat/Abilities: Rift is primarily a spell caster, as his variant of enderman has more of and more control over their magic energy, and is most skilled in telepathy, healing, telekinesis, alchemy, as well as directing magic energy into destructive attacks. He also has a larger range of teleportation when compared to other endermen. Although its more of a last resort, Rift will still bite and scratch if he has to for close combat.

Weaknesses: Rift is old, and as a result has gone through a lot of “wear and tear.” He is usually physically tired, and walks with a limp. And as with all Endermen, Rifts skin (only the skin) burns in water, and that also results in him not being able to swim or go out in stormy weather. His mana is directly connected to his actual life energy, and the more he uses magic, the more he will exhaust himself. He also has very weak vision in daylight.  

Rift was born in the end, and was one of the first few endermen in the “overworld.” He could be considered somewhat of a sort of an unofficial leader and holds a pretty high status around other endermen. He has a large acid burn on his back, which burned away his back/arm spines, from the ender dragon before he could escape into the overworld.

Anime Boston 2017 AMV Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted an AMV for the contest, and congratulations to everyone whose AMVs made the finals. But only some can win. Here are the winning AMVs from the 2017 AMV contest:

Best in Show, Editors Choice, and Judges Choice (winning three different awards!): Timeless by Hamstar138; various anime; Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up.

Coordinator’s Choice: Anchors by PieandBeerAMV; From Up on Poppy Hill; Auli’i Cravalho - How Far I’ll Go

Best Editing: Fiat Lux by PieandBeerAMV; Tokyo Godfathers; Sleeping at Last - Sun.

Best Concept: The Passing of Men by Joshua Guthaus; Metropolis; SureAl-Enderal - Brave New World, and Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator.

Best Fun/Comedy: Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV by shorisquared; various anime; Funhaus - MASSHOLES.

Best Upbeat: Mahoupocalypse by CeliaPhantomhiv; various anime; Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman.

Best Action: Edible Annihilation by Kisanzi; Ben-To; Tom Player - Desolation.

Best Drama: My Songs and Stories by DrabazDoug; Dragon Ball; Lukas Graham - 7 Years.

Best Romance: Creationist by Nekokitkat25; Hinata no Aoshigure; Kerli - The Creationist.

Best Trailer/Commercial: Blades of Yuri by becauseimbored1; Yuri!!! on Ice; Blades of Glory Trailer Audio.

Best Other: We Are But Dolls by Plagued Art; Another; Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse.

Unfortunately, we can’t link to the winning AMVs for legal reasons, but we’ll be playing all of the winning AMVs at the Closing Ceremonies. That’s at 3:00 PM in the Hynes Auditorium. Be there!

- Andrew, AB Staff Blogger
The Maddie Collection
With her vibrant hair, she transforms the ordinary photograph

@wheredidiparkmyufo is probably one of the most photogenic people that I have photographed, granted I haven’t photographed many people. The caption above says it all.