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Though it’s been a moment since we’ve heard from MONARCH, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about this exciting new band whose members come from a bevy of other well known bands like OneRepublic and A Fine Frenzy. They return with satin luxuriant, rich sweeping synthpop on Betrayed By A Kiss. The flushed and muggy gem is a welcome dose of the late 80′s and 90′s while its velveteen splendor also evoke the likes of Great Good Fine OK and LANY, with a touch of RKCB. I, for one, need to cool down afterwards. 

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love like a daydream // OUT NOW // available everywhere !!

my friend cassidy & i spent countless nights outside chilling w/ acoustic guitars just searching for the right lyrics & ideas and this song just turned into the vibe we were dreaming of, hope you guys feel that when u hear it <3

(( sharing is much appreciated like you don’t even know how much that means to me srsly ))

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Phoenix’s new album Ti Amo drops in a week, and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, judging from what we’ve heard off of it so far. The French veterans say that their new ful length is inspired by summer and Italian disco. Goodbye Soleil follows on prior reveals J-Boy and the album’s title track. It’s a sun drenched slice of dreamy electronica and synthpop. Phoenix is really indulging in the French house aspect of their music with their recent releases. Goodbye Soleil quickly reminds me of M83′s recent album Junk and Daft Punk’s lighter, airier fare. Ti Amo will be out June 9th via Glassnote Records.


Kygo & Selena Gomez show their best sides on “It Ain’t Me” collab. 


Back when music videos meant something…

Gary Numan - Cars


Friends! We’re excited to finally reveal the next chapter of Tears For Fears…

We’ve teamed up with our long time friend Kid Rock to bring you something completely new and different. Our new collaborative ‘electro-country’ album will be titled 'Songs From The Electric Chair’ and will be released this summer exclusively at Walmart on vinyl, cd, and laser disc. Look out for the documentary “Scenes From The Electric Chair” to follow on Sony Betamax.

Toronto’s NEW CITY turned many a heart into slush last month when they debuted with a sticky, steamy alt R&B and electro pop single named Coachella. The trio returns to heat us back up with a second song named Dirty Secrets. The gooey pumping jam straddles the line between dance pop and R&B pop. They’ve revealed a darker side to their smoldering sound with this new hybrid single. Lead singer Adrian Mitchell states: “Dirty Secrets describes a relationship between two people that aren’t really supposed to be together, but the sexual tension is way too ahrd to ignore.”

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