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My First Game Jam: Summer Edition Dates!

The summer jam will run from July 9th 2016 at 12:00 AM to July 23rd 2016 at 12:00 AM. Thanks for voting! Our jam page will be live soon so you can join ahead of time, and theme voting will be up a few weeks before the jam.

In case you missed it…

My First Game Jam is an online game jam for people of all skill levels to learn something new. Never made a game before but always been curious? Set aside two weeks to join the jam and learn how to make a game along with others. Absolute beginners encouraged to join!

Our goal is to organize resources and make game development more accessible. We hope to foster an online space where you can share your progress with other first-time game makers and get help from experienced devs. By the end of two weeks, you hopefully will have some working game or prototype to share—it’s an exciting first step to making games! Individuals and teams are welcome, and we encourage you to both play to your strengths and try something new.

This past January, our first My First Game Jam had 500 signups and over 100 games submitted! We look forward to seeing your games this summer!


Hello Croakies!

I’m here for two very big, very special announcements. I’ve officially hit 2,000 followers and in celebration of that, I plan to create a combination Follow Forever and Fan Art giveaway. Now, the list of people I follow isn’t very big (it’s currently sitting at 40 blogs) so I’m going to give personalized shout outs to the people I re-blog from and interact with the most. So let’s get started!

pokemon-i-choose-you I would be remiss if I didn’t start off with my bestest best friend in the whole world. She was the very reason I made this blog in the first place. Seeing her run her own Pokémon blog seemed like fun and I wanted an outlet to express my deep love for this franchise, so I decided to make one of my own. I could go on and on with a whole list of reasons as to why she is so important to me, but for the sake of this post, I’ll keep it short and sweet - just like her. :3

pokemon-global-academy is a super awesome dude running an even more super awesome blog. You can guarantee anytime he reblogs something of yours that it’ll get a bajillion and one notes and his love for Pikachu is completely unrivaled!

zwampert constantly astounds me with the speed and quality of gif sets of new content and I can always rely on her for having those new sets readily available as soon as new info is released. She’s also really good with graphic arts and an amazing battler. Definitely one of a kind!

poli-swirl is an amazing, talented, creative, and passionate person who can take Pokéshipping and turn it into an art style of it’s own. We share a love for some great water Pokémon and the anime as well and she in general is an all around wonderful person who I have had the privilege to become friends with!

eevee-ray is the go-to Pokémon master of shiny hunting and also another really wonderful person who I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with. Long time follower turned mutual, her love for Pokémon, her friends, and her followers makes her a true champion.

hajimikimoart is an incredibly talented artist, and the creator of my icon (and the art seen above). She constantly astounds and amazes me with her adorable art and is one of my absolute favorite Pokémon artists. I always look forward to seeing what she’s drawn up next!

poke-problems To this day I still can’t believe you follow me, I have been in love with your blog for years. All the girls who run the blog are incredibly awesome people! I always look forward to your fusion and art contests you guys hold ever now and then. :D

all-that-is-pokemon I have been following for ages as well and another person I have had the pleasure of getting to be friends with. Probably one of the first Pokémon blogs I ever followed and made sure to follow again when I had started this blog.

piiiikaaachu is an amazingly sweet girl who runs a really great Pokémon blog. She always has a strong, vibrant attitude towards life and shes a wonderful friend! I wouldn’t wonder trade her for the world!

princess-of-pokemon is another very sweet and adorable girl whom I just started following back recently and wish I had sooner, because she has such a fantastic Pokémon blog under her control. Jam packed with tons of content, you can always count on seeing something new on your dash that a lot of other blogs don’t have. 

Now as for my contest, by reblogging this you are automatically entered in. You only need to reblog once, and likes count as an extra entry. Edit: I forgot to mention that you have to be following me to qualify, as it’s a follower appreciation contest. (Which would be logical, right?)

The contest begins tonight (Oct. 14th) and will end on November 20th. 

The prizes: I will pick 3 random people who have entered. Each of the three winners will receive a personalized fan art drawing done by myself, similar to the contest I run each month. Your blog will also get a huge shout out to the 2000+ followers I have as well. 

The 3 randomized winners will also go into another special drawing amongst each other where I will give them a second fan art drawing as well.

Good luck to all those who enter!!

And finally I just want to give one big THANK YOU to everyone who is following me and to everyone I’ve reblogged from over the years. It’s you guys who has gotten me to where I am and for that I am forever thankful to you all. ♥

Defame Me (Next Door Edit)
New Years Day
Defame Me (Next Door Edit)


You live next to a local female-fronted rock band called New Years Day, and every night they jam out in their basement, but you can always hear them through the walls.

**Headphones Recommended**

This is not my song, all credit goes to New Years Day and the producers, I just made the edit. :)