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hello hello i have 7 assignments, 60 hours logged in dbd in the last 2 weeks and a whole lotta self-loathing here’s some michael sketches bc i’m hella enjoying the new dlc!!!



Playing Chicken
Negan/Carl Grimes/Rick Grimes
Rating: T
Warnings: Language? I mean, it’s Negan…

Negan walked down and stood beside Simon and Dwight, watching from down the street as Jadis marched Rick over to them at gunpoint. Between him and two dozen of his guys was Carl, down on his knees staring at the grass in front of him. Rick needed a serious goddamn attitude adjustment and Negan knew just which buttons to push.

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Why me?

Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


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Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 1285

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I think for the first time in so long I actually had few hours of sleep.
This wasn’t a fluffy bed or anything.
It was a cold floor
But you don’t know why or even how, but you actually got some sleep
Your body relaxed, your brain shut down in a very long time
And the loud music ceased to exist.
Suddenly you felt like the old days, the days before the apocalypse, when everything you wanted was the way you wanted.
Well that’s what happens when there is no parents around to tell you what to do and what not to do!

A bucket of cold water was thrown at me and that’s when I jolted up from my sleep
Dwight was standing there with a silly smile on his face a big bucket in his hand
“You wouldn’t wake up, I called your name a lot of times.” He said and for a moment there I thought he smiled softly
“Yeah.” I coughed awkwardly.
“You were sleeping like a baby, not like you are kidnapped and prisoned and tortured or anything. No pressure!” He smirked and I rolled my eyes “Negan wants to see you, apprently he has a gift for you!” Dwight shrugged as he moved a side, waiting for me to get up.

We walked for a while until we stoped in front of a door. Dwight knocked and Negan yelled for him to enter

“Jesus!” Negan said cheerfully as he got up and stood in front of me.

How this man is always this energetic is beyond me

No matter what I would never be as excited as him

“You look awesome!” He laughed “I get it that you are all alone in that cell but that is supposed to be your punishment, sweetheart! Don’t go getting yourself all wet!” He winked at me and my face flushed with color

Did he just imply what I think he just implied?

God he is such an asshole

“Dwight, did you hear any noises coming from her cell?” He asked Dwight but his eyes were fixed on my red face, his tongue was dancing between his teeth

I couldn’t look at the man, he was making me feel wierd

“No I didn’t” Dwight said with a straight face and Negan leaned back before coming back up laughing

“Naughty gurl!” He chuckled “are you blushing?” He said amused and I turned my face away from him

This dude is crazy

“I never thought girls blushed at all, now!” He laughed

“Now listen sweetheart, I have thought about it and I don’t think I can let you work for points, nor do I wanna put you on the spike either and I don’t want you around men serving me. So all the three options I gave you earlier has expired” he grinned

I didn’t like where this was going

“See, you got my attention, and not anyone gets it, hell I don’t give it to anyyyyy one! Which makes you kind of unique and trust me that’s the best compliment you are everrrrr going to get so be proud of yourself!” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes

“I want you to marry me!” He said and I felt his fingers touch my jaw. I tried not to flinch

Damn him
Damn you
Damn me
Damn Dwight
Damn Lori for giving me birth
And damn Rick for not using a proper protection that day

“Amazing!” Negan hummed “you are not afraid of Lucille but you are afraid of me touching you!” He chuckled

“I’m not afraid of shit!” I hissed back

“Oh she speaks!” Negan laughed as he twirled around

“What makes you this I will ever marry a man like you?” I spat and he smirked

“Well you have no other option!” He snickered

“Kill me, I don’t care! But I ain’t marrying you!”

“Why kill you? I could just make people who live here line up, make you watch as I kill them one by one. Their blood will be on your hands, sweetheart!” He laughed, is he fucking serious

I laughed

Truly I laughed

“What’s so funny?” Dwight bosses next to me

“You mistake my care for my people as care for human lives.” I said simply “I don’t care who or how many people you kill. I still won’t marry you.” I shrugged

“Wow!” He said surprised “I don’t take you as the selfish kind!” He hummed

“It’s not selfishness, I just have my priorities sort out!”

“so I thought you would refuse my offer so I brought a convincing card with me!” Megan’s eyes lit with mischief

“Nothing is ever going to change my mind!” I said sternly

“Oh I think I will take my chances!” Negan smiled as he signaled for Dwight to open the door

My breath hitched

Oh crap

Oh no


Just tell me why

Why this shit keeps happening to me

Why me

“We caught Daryl here trying to sneak in, he killed many of my men, he killed fat Joey! And hell I liked fat Joey!” Negan said angrily

I tried to bolt towards Daryl, run towards him, but Negan’s arm came around me.

His arms were wrapped around me from behind, as if he was hugging me, only thing is, he was crushing me in his hold

“Daryl!” I yelled and Daryl’s eyes snapped to me

“Shit, Y/n!” He yelled but Simon hit him on his head knocking him unconscious

“You bastard!” I struggled in his grip

Trying to get away from him

He smelled like whiskey, mint and death

I hated him

“Let me go!” I said as I shoved my elbow in his stomach but he kept laughing

His laugh vibrating his body

I wiggled trying to get away but his grasp was too strong

I ducked my head down and with all force I got I snapped it up, hitting his jaw hardly

He threw me on the bed that was in the room

I hit my head in the headboard, I winced in pain

I tried to get up but Dwight was standing in front of me with two guns

One pointed at me and other on Daryl

Oh you bloody fuckers

“You are a fierce one, I like it that way!” Negan laughed as he stood in the end of the bed

“Let Daryl go!” I hissed and he chuckled

“That’s not how it works, sweetheart!” He smiled

“Let him go and I will marry you!” I said, each word was like a stab to my heart

After almost 7years of crushing over Daryl I marry a fucking psychopath.

How fucking great

“Nope!” He said smirking

“What do you mean, Nope?” I said annoyed

“You marry me and I won’t kill him!” Negan smiled

“You don’t play fair!”

“Not when it comes to you, sweetheart!”

“How do i know you won’t kill him after I marry you?” I asked worried

“I’m a stand up guy Y/n! I keep my word.” He said and I didn’t find and hint of lies in his words

“What will you do with him?” I asked as I looked at Daryl’s unconscious body

“I will do the same as you” he shrugged

“Marry him?” I asked confused, just after the words left my mouth I realized how stupid I sounded

Negan laughed

Of course he did

Bloody smug asshole

“Aren’t you cute!” He laughed “I’m gonna put him in that cell until he works for me”

“you can’t do that to him!” I protested

“Oh I will!” Negan laughed

“Can I at least talk to him one time.” I requested looking anywhere but him

“No!” He said simply

“Please.” I begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes

“Well fuck! I do have a soft spot for you!” He laughed “you will have ten minutes with him when he wakes up, and then we get married!” He laughed and I nodded

“Good! Welcome to your new room!” He whistled “Dwight will get you some clothes, change and then I will come get you then you meet Daryl here!” He smirked

“Okay.” I said looking away

“Now I will leave you, I have a wedding to get to!” He smirked and disappeared

I’m going to marry this lunatic

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