new dress


Ok, I had to show off this dress. I love the straps on top, there are cups built in, so I don’t need a bra! And then check out that pretty huge pocket! It’s super soft and comfortable and I absolutely love it! This dress also runs pretty damn big, cause this is an XL, they didn’t have any good colors in XXL, and even then, sometimes the XXL doesn’t fit, especially now that I’ve gained weight. The back is super stretchy, so that’s probably why I was able to fit in it, but it doesn’t feel tight at all. It must have just been made for me!

 I went looking for the dress on the Target website, so I could link it, but I can’t find it anywhere… So if you want the same dress as me, guess you’ll just have to go look for it in person! 

I’m so excited for it to get hot and for me to have some reason to wear this dress! 

Forgot to post my outfit from yesterday!! I love this dress. I’m not wearing makeup because I was totally crying at graduation (OMG so proud! And also gonna miss him!). For all the feels that the day put me through, physical discomfort was not one of them…and neither was self-consciousness about my appearance.

12/10 would recommend. Pretty sure it was $30 at Target.


Ya girl is awake and refreshed and ready to kick fitness ass – i realize i should have done my work out before prettying myself up, but i’ll just workout tonight when i get home instead (I PROMISE – i actually want to work out this time)

Also a little disappointed because i’m so used to having minimal food so i always have a really basic breakfast and i could have had banana on my english muffin with pb this morning but now i’ll just eat a banana anyway so idk anyway love yas have a chill day family