new dollar bill

for those fans that are wondering, I am aware of the new five dollar notes coming into circulation this month and I will be liveblogging my experiences. I’ll update this post when:

  • I see my first new five dollar note
  • I touch my first new five dollar note
  • I receive my first new five dollar note
  • I spend my first new five dollar note

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what amortentia smells like to the zodiac signs
  • aries: freshly cut grass, sandalwood, pine trees
  • taurus: baking bread, clean linens, rose petals
  • gemini: wood fire, wet ink, spices
  • cancer: wool blankets, hot cocoa, apples
  • leo: sunscreen, pancakes upon waking, bright clean mornings
  • virgo: old books, sweet cloves, rain
  • libra: vanilla, chocolate, forest air
  • scorpio: new dollar bills, sun-warmed rocks, expensive cologne
  • sagittarius: daffodils, espresso, artificial watermelon
  • capricorn: turned earth, new pencils, strong tea
  • aquarius: new paper, cinnamon, maple syrup
  • pisces: black coffee, hair dye, popcorn

Hayley A Silverman
Crude Currencies Singular (the real price of everything/what everything really costs/ to whom wants to acquire it/ the toil and trouble of acquiring it/ what everything is really worth/ to whom has acquired it/ and wants to dispose of it/ or exchange it/ for something else/ the toil and trouble which it can save/ which it can impose upon other people), 2015
Coin currencies (Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Canadian, Israeli, Russian,…), energy currencies (lumps of metal, rice, spices, bee pollen, berries), resin
each 3 17/20 × 3 17/20 inches

abstract things that remind me of each type

ENFP: kaleidoscopes, sun showers, an unexpected crack of thunder, hummingbirds, fields of wild flowers, laughing until you cry, singing in the shower, crossroads

ENFJ: jingle bells, sun beams peaking through the clouds on a gloomy day, cherry blossoms, cocktail parties, a hug after years of separation, when the clock strikes twelve on new years eve, good conversation with unlikely strangers

ENTP: the noise of a keyboard, grass stains on blue jeans, bruises with unknown origins, abandoned buildings overgrown with vines, a cracked but intact mirror, messages in the sand washed away by the incoming tide

ENTJ: the clicking of a pen, blue prints, piggy banks that counts the change as you put it in, a new dollar bill, the noise heels make on a tile floor, Kubrick stares, the ticking of a clock

ESTJ: icicles, cobblestone streets, smudged ink on a freshly printed paper, encyclopedias, maps of the old world, sand storms, waking up feeling fully rested, owls, complex algebra equations

ESFJ: the smell of freshly mowed grass, sun flowers, daisies, ducklings following their mother across a street, a lioness grooming her cubs, nursery rhymes, xylophones, the shade under a large tree on a hot sunny day

ESTP: the roar of a crowd at a sporting event, midnight drives to the beach, contagious laughter, jumping from a diving board, a cup of coffee to sober you up, the last drag of a cigarette

ESFP: carnivals, firework shows, standing up in a limo with a sunroof while driving through a city at night, opening a bottle of champagne, freckles, making wishes on dandelions, blowing out birthday candles

INFP: wind chimes, dream catchers, shooting stars, a baby giggling, throwing the bouquet at a wedding, diaries that require a key to open, heart shaped lockets with photos of loved ones, the crunch of autumn leaves as you walk home

ISFP: bullet proof vests, skipping stones on a still pond, gold fish, cat naps, teddy bears, overalls, mistletoe, pinky promises, postcards, stepping in puddles, avoiding cracks in the pavement

INTP: a shot of tequila, shell casings hitting the ground, debates, a gabble, the scales of justice, rain after a drought, horse races, having twenty tabs open at once on your browser

INFJ: zen gardens, Hershey’s kisses, family dinners, burnt toast, moss on old stone walls, dream journals, long distance phone calls, embroidered pillows, warm clothes right out of the dryer

INTJ: knowing not only your lines but everyones for a play you have a minor part in, personal schedules, chess games in the park, black and white movies, snow forts, holding your breath underwater as long as you can

ISFJ: friendship bracelets, a date at the drive-in theatre, cloud watching, swinging in sync with the person next to you, late night subway rides, running through cornfields

ISTJ: chalk on a black board, the smell of sharpies, long solitary runs, alarm clocks, neatly hung clothes, the sound of the ocean in a conch shell, a bee dancing around a beautiful flower, a cat purring

ISTP: screaming into a pillow, rosy cheeks after a stroll in the cold, when you touch a tree and are left with sap on your finger tips and palm, acoustic guitar, cannonballing into an empty pool