new dolla bill


I’m tired of reading blogs with tips and reblogged SB posts. I wanna hear about y'all dates and how you causing havoc in the world. I wanna hear if anyone’s been catfished. I wanna hear about them salty ass men. I wanna see your new nails or dolla bills 💸💸💸. GIMME SOME DRAMA. So desperate.

Side note - I have a coffee date with Vino tomorrow, stay tuned. He said he has a surprise for me 🙂. I hate surprises because I cannot hide my facial expressions. Fuck.

We have two new contenders. One POT wants to go on a gym date and another POT wants to have dinner. He flies out tomorrow for Europe. My hoe sensing are tingling and telling me he is the real deal. He is also very handsome and in incredible shape 👅. He would be a whale. The POT who wants to go to the gym is a silly man. I am a personal trainer and I slaughter the gym on a daily basis. Silly men making it all too easy. I know I can I know I can I know I can - wreck a man.

Hayley A Silverman
Crude Currencies Singular (the real price of everything/what everything really costs/ to whom wants to acquire it/ the toil and trouble of acquiring it/ what everything is really worth/ to whom has acquired it/ and wants to dispose of it/ or exchange it/ for something else/ the toil and trouble which it can save/ which it can impose upon other people), 2015
Coin currencies (Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Canadian, Israeli, Russian,…), energy currencies (lumps of metal, rice, spices, bee pollen, berries), resin
each 3 17/20 × 3 17/20 inches