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Me, Going To Dinner With A New Friend For The First Time
  • Them:Hey, you like Doctor Who, right?
  • Me:Dude, yes. Doctor Who is like my religion.
  • Them:Who's your favorite companion?
  • Me:Oh, Donna, hands down.
  • Them:Ew, I hated Donna. She was too loud and bossy and just annoying.
  • Me:*dumps basket of breadsticks into my open purse* I'm sorry, I just remembered I have to take my cat to therapy, goodbye.
Things you're obsessed with right now...

One Song: Love is on the Radio Hopeful Mix - Mcfly (Well, Tom and his sister Carrie)

Two Movies: Maze Runner and Stand By Me

Three TV Shows: The Flash, Thunderbirds are Go and Doctor Who

Four Video Games: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks/Oracle of Seasons (equally obsessed)

Five Foods: Frosties, Milkybar, Pepperoni Pizza, Cafe Nero Brownies, Lasagna

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Maybe this was just in America, but what was with the “Doctor Who fad” from 2011-2013? I can’t recall ever even hearing of it before then, and now, most “whovians” I know aren’t even aware there is a twelfth doctor. It used to be all the rage. Even when tagging this, “Doctor Doom” was a more popular tag.The fangirls are leaving, Hot Topic is still filled with Eleven stuff from 2010. Was it just Matt Smith? Was it the 50th anniversary? Was it strong advertising? Where has my fandom gone? Its almost going back to being a cult show now.

Does anybody else find it strange that BBC haven’t announced a ‘replacement’ show for Atlantis yet?? Normally there is always some sort of fantasy drama in that Autumn time slot (Atlantis, Merlin, and before that Robin Hood, etc) so where is it? It’s looking to me like they’re just going to put Doctor Who in that timeslot, and not have a replacement show? Which really annoys me because it makes me wonder where the hell the former Atlantis budget is going now that it’s over (probably to a new reality show *rolls eyes*). Unless there has been a show announced but I haven’t heard yet?

Omg I just made a massive mistake! Everyone beware of this! Yesterday I edited a small mistake in chapter 7 of The New Doctor, and replaced chapter 7 with the edited doc.
Well I just got a review saying that they were reading my fic and suddenly the last chapter was something completely different. Sure enough, I go and check…and it’s chapter 7 of I Told You So!! Oops! 😱 Everyone remember to check and double check when adding or replacing a chapter in your fics on!

☤ he ain’t heavy father...


“Leonard!” Dr. Jackson McCoy leapt to his feet. He was nearly sure this dark supply closet was the last thing he’d ever see. For the first time, he was glad Leonard always had to prove him wrong.“Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes!”

He rushed forward, pulling his older brother into a hug. “What on Earth are you doing here? Or should I say, what are you doing here on Earth?” And if Leonard was here… What had happened to the intruders?

Leonard McCoy could barely believe his eyes. He so rarely came home, and to see his brother’s medical building in this state of mayhem. ––People running frantically, panic in the air, patients running high on stress even more than their physical ailments.


If the old McCoy blood still beat in his kin, he’d find him here, protecting his patients. And if the old McCoy bad luck still plagued him the way it did him… well, he’d also find Jack stuck somewhere without proper supplies or abilities and cursing his circumstance. Trapped sounded like a likely option, so it was with little surprise when he discovered Jack in a supply closet on the fifth floor.

The hug was short-lived, but it was relieving to feel his brother’s tight embrace around him once again. “I did come for a fine evening of fishing an’ peach pie.” He allowed himself a chuckle before scanning his brother closely. “You okay? It’s a warzone outside. They almost didn’t let me in to find you.”

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