new direction fest


Matt Canino and Erica Freas (of RVIVR) discuss why they request queer/female support bands when they go on tour and why it’s ok to make to your gender and sexual identity forefront in your band.


La Bella is from the greater Los Angeles area of California, U.S. Latin chord progressions and jazz influenced drumming figure heavily into La Bella’s sound. Members are involved in a variety of projects, including organizing through the Workers Solidarity Alliance, participation in the Occupy Movement and active work towards the creation of an all ages, egalitarian community and show space in California’s San Gabriel Valley (Bridgetown DIY). 

WORKSHOP: “For A Movement, Not ‘The Scene’” by Harjit Singh Gill (member of the Institute of Anarchist Studies)

A presentation, workshop, or conversation if you will on what it takes to move past a sub-culture of high-fives and stagedives; towards a movement of action devoted to social justice. A challenge (I hope) to all of us to dedicate ourselves to love, patience, and collective liberation. 

WORKSHOP: *Rose City Antifascists* Present:
“A Brief History of Anti-fascism in the Punk Scene

Rose City Antifascists formed in Portland, OR in 2007 out of an ad-hoc group of individuals who successfully organized opposition to Hammerfest, a white power music festival that was scheduled to take place in the Portland area that year. We decided that the deeply-rooted fascist organizing in our city required a longer term strategic force of opposition. Antifascist organizing and punk have had a richly intertwined history in and beyond the Pacific Northwest for decades. Our presentation at New Direction Fest will outline our region’s antifascist history and the importance of continuing the relationship locally between the punk scene and antifascism.”

WORKSHOP: “Dismantling Patriarchy, Dismantling Capitalism” by the Portland I.W.W. Patriarchy Resistance Committee

 "Dismantling Patriarchy, Dismantling Capitalism” is based on the experiences of female-identified fellow workers who have found commonality in their experience of gender oppression and have developed strategies for organizing in solidarity with people of all genders. This workshop includes role playing and group converstations, a Trans 101 handout, and accompanying zine.


Discussion on “The perceptions of narco violence in Monterrey: different visions , one issue” by Carlos Zarazua of Monterrey, Mexico

New Direction Fest 2012
Olympia, Wa