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Hey guys! As I’ve promised, I uploaded some new stuff to my Etsy shop! I’ve uploaded new charm bracelets and various necklaces, different designs from what I usually make. Also, I’d like to remind You that the Easter sale coupon EASTERBUNNY for 15% discount expires on April 7th, so if there’s anything You like it would be wise not to miss this opportunity!

Please visit my Etsy shop!

Gruvia Week Day 1 -Hair-

So, I decided to contribute to Gruvia week since I have some kind of holidays and thought about how Gray had all this hair pulled back and how Juvia would follow that “trend”. So, I went with a kind of AU about Juvia recovering fully deciding to go and find Gray and since her bangs would be long by that time, she pulls all her hair back. While she is walking down the street, this new “evil” Gray spots her and gazes at her like “dayum, girl!” xD Hope you guys like it. I didn’t really have enough time and couldn’t dedicate all the time I want but I wanted to contribute so…..Also, sorry for the background, but as I said, no time + sucking at drawing backgrounds = THIS LOL


Now I’m not one to judge before watching, but I’m a little concerned about these new designs for the upcoming Be Cool, Scooby Doo series that’s coming next year. It honestly looks like the series has taken a bad inspiration from Family Guy. Not that that show has a bad style, but I don’t think it belongs here.

I’m also a little bothered that the darker tone of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is going to be scrapped. While I understand that’s not the original tone from the 70s, it still was an interesting take.

I’m not complaining though. I’ll wait and see how this turns out. Even those live-action movies didn’t disappoint me, so this will probably go somewhere interesting.