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unpopular opinion but I think hartman’s 10 years later videos (esp now that there’s a second one) really do capture the true essence of the show

aaaand by that I mean there are some pretty good ideas buried in there, ones that I would very much like to see more of, but overall I would very much like to take all these characters and put them somewhere very far away from butch hartman

lynnlies-crossing  asked:

Hello! I saw that you make lovely flags and was wondering if I could request one as well? My town is called Kamiki and I was wondering if I could get a flag with a giant sakura tree? Maybe with little petals in the air, if that's not too complicated!

Kamiki is my second town’s name! Based on the first town in Okami. I’m not sure if yours is but I drew the tree from that game anyways since I’m tired of drawing normal trees lol


[ Click for bigger view! ]

Ostiarius, a giant alien worm thing whom deemed themselves as a king in their empty kingdom.  Dress up as king so does that make you a king? Hmmm who knows. ( edit: here’s more drawings of them [ x ] )

 But if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message! 

This is the absolute silliest thing, but recently a bunch of MICA friends and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons! We just finished our starter quest, in which we learned the hard way that one cannot stop an impending alien invasion through the power of partying. 

Characters are, clockwise from top left: @connor-draws‘s human ranger Bobby Bryce, @mollystanard‘s thief bird-person Chuck, my human cleric Beorhtsige aka “Beebo,” @maxvelocity‘s half-elf bard Banjo Harmonica, and @sterlingsundries‘s gnome barbarian Elbo. Our DM is @sterlingsundries’s boyfriend, Colin. Attire is a modern AU, because I still don’t actually know what everyone’s go-to getup is, and I wanted to draw my character in an ironic t-shirt. Though he’s wearing it unironically.


Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Star Wars style’ posters side by side with the originals.

There’s no doubt a Return of the Jedi/GOTG style poster will be made for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 when it arrives in theaters.

(GOTG/Star Wars mashup posters created by Matt Ferguson)