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1 Room Apartment in Manhattan | Manhattan, New York

1 Room Apartment in Manhattan New York styled by Emily Rickard for Ikea Magazine Spring 2017.


(Source:, Pictures by Nicole Franzen)


Cabin pendant lamp by Visibility for Good Thing

This Cabin called pendant series is inspired by the shapes of a space shuttle cabin. The New York based Visibility Studio designed the lamp so that the frosted hand blown glass emits a diffuse light to its surrounding, while the opening at the bottom casts a bright spot. Good Thing, the producing company, offers this softly shaped piece of illumination design in a warm rose color and a colder white version.


Tata Consultancy Services’ Software Development Campus in Kolkata

The new campus designed by Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign, sits on a 40-acre site and encompasses 2.1 million SF of space, housing more than 16,000 employees. The design concept was inspired by the important role courtyards play in traditional Indian architecture, specifically the role they play in fostering community interactions. As such, the entire site — including the buildings themselves — is filled with courtyards, dynamic building scales framing the courtyards, and a diverse sequence of landscaped spaces.

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