new design studio

You have lived your entire life in one room. You have filled that room with an overload of amazing things, but you have only been able to interact with what is in that room. There is a window to another room, but the door to that room has been locked your entire life. Now, that door has just opened up and you are standing at the threshold looking in. You have seen this stuff before, but now, for the first time, you can interact with all of it.

You feel weird, but you will also feel excited, curious, nervous, scared, eager, the emotions will run wild and there is nothing you will be able to do about it until you take your first step into that room and begin playing with all the new things. This will begin a new way of thinking, one that breaks your traditional mindset, and projects you into a world that very few people get to be a part of. And by the looks of what you have already accomplished I would say that you belong here with us. I know because I’m actually in the same building with you, I’m just a few doors down. Keep going. ❤️🚀

—  A message to first years 👊🏽😎

‘ARTIST IN RESIDENCE’ : artist Bradley Theodore at his studio, Brooklyn, New York

  • ‘I think of my paintings as spirits captured in color.’
  • ‘I was suppose to go to art school in Boston, but I ditched out and moved in with my cousin in New York. At first, I did mostly digital work, but then I started practicing with different types of acrylics and oils.  When I decided I just wanted to paint, I locked myself into my apartment for a year and painted images I found in the fashion magazines I collected.  Friends kept asking to buy my pieces, but it just didn’t seem right to sell them. So I left the canvases outside on the street for everyone to enjoy.  I found that taking my art outdoors gave it a whole new life.’  

photographed by Brittany Ambridge - writer: Caroline Biggs -