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Peasants and lower class

Triumph over powerful enemies

Nobility of the common person

This symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried, not to mention it was truly simple and sweet moment.

If it didn’t make you smile, even just a little, you’re numb and bitter.

I have to admit, I’m dying over all the Disney princess/ animals of the forest memes that are trending right now. Stay awesome, Bernerds… fight the good fight with internet savvy.


Peter Julian has just announced he’s running for the leadership of the Federal New Democratic Party (NDP).

He wasn’t even on my radar, but now I’m very interested. These are some very bold, clear visions for the party; reject oil pipelines, invest in renewable energy, respect indigenous rights to oppose projects on their territory, inclusiveness to people with disabilities, eliminate university tuition, go after tax havens & the 1%, massive investments in affordable housing.

Sanders backs Ellison for DNC chairman
Sen. Bernie Sanders is supporting Rep. Keith Ellison to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“He is supporting Congressman Ellison for the DNC,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs told POLITICO on Thursday.

Donald Trump’s presidential victory has thrown the future of the DNC’s leadership into uncertainty. With Democrats banking on the fact that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, they assumed she would pick a successor to interim-DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile. But Trump’s victory means there will instead be elections for the next DNC chair. Brazile has said that she does not want to stay on in the role full-time.

A number of Democrats have been suggested as possible replacements, including former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison, and New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. In the House, besides Ellison, Reps. Xavier Becerra and Steve Israel have also been mentioned, but they’re considered longer shots given a reluctance to having another sitting member of Congress in the role after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s troubled turn at the top.

The Minnesota congressman has been angling for the job, working back channels to position himself as a strong candidate to run the DNC. Ellison, a Sanders supporter when the Vermont senator ran for president, has previously discussed being DNC chair with Sanders.

I’m not here to blame anybody. I’m not here to criticize anybody, but facts are facts: when you lose the White House to the least popular candidate in the history of America; when you lose the Senate; when you lose the House, and when two-thirds of governors in this country are Republicans, it is time for a new direction for the Democratic Party.
There is a Transgender woman running in the 2017 provincial election in BC, Canada.

I just thought I should bring this to tumblr’s attention. Transgender activists rarely have the opportunity to run for political office, but Morgane Oger just became the official party nominee in a riding in Vancouver, for one of the two large political parties in the province of British Columbia.

To my knowledge a transgender person has never successfully been elected as a MLA (member of legislative assembly) in Canada.

Morgane Oger is running for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Vancouver riding of Vancouver-False Creek. She’s running against Sam Sullivan (one of Vancouver’s former mayors), who belongs to the BC Liberal Party.

The BC NDP = Centre-Left Party.

The BC Liberals = Centre-Right Party.

If you want to know more about the political views of the BC NDP (because most people vote on policy not the person as much), you can read more here. They’re a social democratic party (similar in views to people like Bernie Sanders with support for expansion of public services and social justice).

If you want to support her campaign, you can sign up here, and there is an option to say that you’re interested in volunteering or donating to her campaign.

The election isn’t until next May, but I thought I’d spread the word about it now.

But to criticize [reformism] on the level of intellectual debate is to miss the point.  So long as activism is viewed as a petition to the government there will be a push towards reformism, and so long as the movements are unable to solve the problems they present activism will be viewed as a petition to the government.   This is not an issue of understanding, and correct theory cannot prevent this tendency towards reformism no more than a poem can stop a fire. So long as taking government power is seen as the real objective of radical politics, all the journal entries and articles in the world will not be able to stop the march towards the Democratic party and the project for a new labor/social democratic party.  The creation of mutual aid societies, not aimed at supplying the events of the milieu but at providing the social services which people need in their daily lives, is a way not only of creating a solid alternative to the push towards collaboration, but is desperately necessary in these dark times.
—  Organizational Materialism, Jean Allen

(Republicans) Have Polluted Our Minds as Well as Our Air & Water (w/Guest Jeffrey Sachs)

The only way to stop corrupt GOP politicians who put profits 1st over people is to elect an entirely new generation of politicians who serious about getting money out of politics. We shouldn’t expect anything anything serious from the Democratic Party.

For decades, the Democratic Party has treated black people as though they are lucky hostages who have no choice but to remain true to their captors since they would certainly die if released to the wolves who call themselves Republicans. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that I have no choice but to vote for Hillary. Of course I have a choice. We are not checkmated. What the BLM activists are demonstrating is that we have a wide range of options available, and we do not have to play by their rules of the game. We do not have to vote Democrat or Republican. If we choose, we can build a movement, form a new party, or launch a revolution instead.

This kind of talk scares relatively privileged people of all colors who are willing to keep settling for the “lesser of two evils” in one election after another so long as their relative comfort remains undisturbed. What they fail to realize is that, thanks to mass incarceration, there are now millions of people in this country who have nothing to lose but their chains.

—  Michelle Alexander

petition to make “nice hair though” a meme 2k15

Mel Boozer at the New York City Gay Pride Rally, 1982.
Photo: Jeff Sanyour

Mel Boozer worked to raise LGBT and racism issues within the Democratic Party, working on Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential campaign and helping found the mostly black and LGBT Langston Hughes-Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club in Washington, DC.


Campaign Calls on Bernie Sanders to Lead a New Party.  

Nick Brana, former Sanders staffer, says it’s time to give up expecting progressive change from the Democratic Party and that Sanders should lead his base in creating a new party.


Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.

Rosemary Brown (1930-2003): Canada’s first black woman to be elected to a provincial legislature & the first black woman to run for leadership of a federal political party in Canada. She belonged to the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canada’s major left leaning party; she narrowly lost to Ed Broadbent for leadership of the NDP.

‘U.S. Get Out Of Vietnam Now!! Year of Solidarity with Vietnam / October 8-11’, Sponsored by the Black Panther Party, Young Lords Organization, and Students for a Democratic Society / Revolutionary Youth Movement, Chicago, 1969.

oohsoscary  asked:

Does Canada have 2 mainstream political parties like the us does and the rest are "alternative" so to speak. If so what are they?

It’s kinda different? Like they have the Liberals (Justin’s party) and the Conservatives which is the opposition party, but the other parties aren’t as marginalized as third parties are in the US. The other ones that I know of are the New Democratic Party (which is democratic socialist as far as I know) and the Green Party. I’m pretty sure there’s other ones but I’m not very familiar with them. (I’m not Canadian so)