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Serious Post™, part four

Today’s Topic: The Important of Balance, or why being kin should not necessarily be an all consuming thing

Touchy and slightly personal subject ahead.

Discovering that you’re some variety of kin can be an amazing, yet wildly confusing, ordeal.

First, there’s the introspection.
The possible self judgement.
Then the acceptance.
The joy of dealing with the community.
The pain of dealing with the community.
The elation of new memories, if you have any.
The sinking feeling of not ever being 100% certain.
The question of “why does this matter?”
“Why are we here?”
“What is the point?”

This, for many of us, can become a little overwhelming. Consuming.

We feel like we need answers now.

But amidst the chaos and confusion and need, many of us lose sight of ourselves along the way.

You are more than your kin type.

I like strawberry jam. That doesn’t mean that’s the only relevant thing about me.

I am a musician. That doesn’t mean that I am only a musician.

You are a whole person, kin or not. Don’t throw yourself to the wayside all for a part of you. Celebrate yourself, sure! But don’t feel as if you are only your kin type. Because when the day is over, you are still you- kin and all.

Serious Post™ over.
Go team.

“Anyone with eyes...”

Here it is guys the moment we have all been waiting for thank you so much @irenedrew your pictures turned out so so beautiful and I’m so excited to be able to SEE my story alive like that. Collaborating has made this extra fun and I hope everyone who reads this story and sees your art is as excited as I am!

This story is for the prompt 

“I really want to see the Captain of the Desus ship, Rick, get fed up with the non-movement of the sip and call all hands on deck to get it sailing.”

Ill include an AO3 link if that’s your preferred format otherwise read more!

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Do you know any good or new anti blogs that aren't against fiction kin to follow? Im new to the anti community, and really dont want to deal with anti kin


Please reblog if I missed your name!

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@ people arguing against the flag: no one is claiming to want to REPLACE the rainbow flag with this one (or that POC are inherently LGBT+) it's a flag meant for LGBT+ POC to establish their own community as a safe haven from the racism in this one

You’re right right up until “LGBT+POC to establish their own community as a safe haven from racism in this one”  

I don’t think the purpose to to create a new community rather deal with the issues they face in the current one to make it better for everyone. 

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"the fandom always labels new relationships as platonic"?? haha what? have you seen the fandom after literally any new gems were introduced? people ship them on the spot. its p damn revolutionary to say their relationship is platonic, and even if you do you get jumped by someone saying its "homophobic"... to not ship a fictional couple... thats not even canon... or existed for more than an episode of screentime... alright

I think it has a lot to do with the community youre dealing with. Also, when new characters arr being introduced in a relationship people will usually happily jump on the train (ruby and sapphire, topaz) but when the show starts bringing up gay elements upon characters that the audience has known from before, they tend to be less accepting, because it might clash with their headcanons or interpretation of the character.

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Are you both against universal basic income? Being Swedish, I see BI as an effective and revolutionising way of bringing economic equality, given hour our neighbour Finland are already doing it

We’re both for it in the present circumstances, but we also see it as a support mechanism for capitalism. It’s as though the ruling class recognizes that it needs to throw enough table scraps down to the masses so that they don’t demand an actual seat at the dinner table. By that, I mean that we ultimately want to see a new economic system – socialism/communism – replace capitalism. The means of social and economic reproduction ought to be the democratic property of the human race. That which is collectively-operated needs to be collectively-controlled – this is how you make self-actualization possible for all and how you prevent class domination from arising again. But yes, as long as capitalism is around, we support a universal basic income going into effect, if at least to demonstrate to average people what is possible when they don’t need to work for some elite production autocrat in order to survive. And if nothing else, universal basic income also demonstrates that capitalism is structurally unable to provide an adequate standard of living to everyone without massive (ultimately unsustainable) wealth redistribution. (Because it is ultimately unsustainable – capitalists will do whatever they can to slash the programs, since it would entail a chunk of their profits gone and workers becoming more empowered. We’ve already seen this happen to New Deal social democracy over the last few decades.)


Stormblood E.A and Spoilers

With Stormblood less than 58 hours away (SOON), I want to address the super big elephant in the room:


I will not in any shape or form be talking about spoilers on this blog until at least July 20th. Why July 20th? Because it’s an entire month and I feel that that’s a good point to talk about Stormblood in a light way, but still avoid heavy (major story) spoilers. If I do discuss something that is a spoiler of any sort, I will tag it under #stormblood spoiler and #4.0 spoiler and I may also put it under a read more.

For people unsure of what to do when dealing with a new expansion and avoiding the lesser lovely community from breaking your heart with spoilers, here’s a few things you can do before maintenance:

1. Remove /shout and /yell from your chat tab. You can do this by accessing the chat log settings in Character Configuration and scrolling down to Log Filters. From there you can uncheck whatever chat you wish to remove.

2. Hide Player Titles! If anyone remember what happened with a certain recent patch ending and it’s title, we were given one that was…a bit of a big spoiler. To prevent being stabbed in the back by poor decision on the developer’s part you can hide Player Titles by going to Display Name Settings then Others in Character Configuration and selecting Hide on Title Display Settings. 

3. Blocking/Blacklisting certain tags on Tumblr (using XKit). If you’re not already using XKit, it is an amazing third party addon that does a whole bunch of amazing things, like removing sponsored posts and ads and blacklisting and removing any posts with a certain tag of phrase in it. I would honestly avoid checking Tumblr for the first couple of weeks but if you’re someone that follows decent enough people that tag spoilers, you can use the blacklist feature when surfing around to avoid seeing something you don’t want to see. 

4. Stray away from looking at replies from Square Enix on Twitter, especially if it’s related to FFXIV. If social media has taught me anything, it’s that when given a chance to spoiler in a stupid way then everyone will do it. Take ATLUS for example and their horrible PR effort with the Persona 5 Streaming Guidelines (which I’m still pissed about as a shitty streamer myself). They gave a chance for people to spam spoilers everywhere so what happened? Bots were created to spam major spoilers on every message on Twitter that had the phrase “Persona 5″ on it. I would avoid looking at Square’s Twitter for a while just incase it happens yet again.

5. Remember not to spoil the game for others! While it’s great to make efforts to avoid being spoiled, remember to also make sure you don’t spoil the game and it’s story to others! It’s honestly common sense, but I do know a lot of people who slip up and get upset so here’s a little reminder!

I hope you guys have an awesome Early Access Weekend and may you walk in the light of crystal!

I’ve been enjoying those ‘American Magical Schools’ posts and I ESPECIALLY enjoy all the Native and Black school headcanons but now I propose to you


The first one was in California. Obviously. Obviously.

The next was in New York, back when Chinatown was 5 streets (Mott, Park, Pell and Doyers). The New York Chinatowns ended up taking over after the Chinese Exclusion Act not-so-slowly slowly destroyed the jobs of California Chinese. They might be magical, but white people had their wizards too and they were just as racist as the muggles.

Doyers was known as the Bloody Angle (true fact) from how many people were shot and hacked to death around the sharp bend in the street. It’s true that many died (the streets ran red with blood, they say. They told the police it was pig blood, whenever the police happened to walk by to shake down the folks living there) but more just vanished. Where better to hide an entrance to their schools than around a corner that most are too terrified to even think about, much less watch? It’s perfectly safe for the children. Children are special, children are sacred, children are the future. No one touches children.

(the teachers apparate in)

Children start in kindergarden. Because come on. Magical Chinese parents aren’t any less likely to push their kids to excellence than Muggle ones. Their classrooms are underneath the streets, a huge labyrinth that goes deeper than any subway (although they had to abandon some of the upper floors to make room for the trains, they got to steal lots of abandoned stations after a while)

They teach the lessons in Chinese. Most of the older professors determinedly refuse to learn English. It isn’t just the European schools that are stuck in their old ways. 

Potions take place in certain restaurants since no one wants to deal with trying to air out an underground tunnel when someone inevitably fucks up and adds the kirin scale before the beetle eyes and stuff like like. You know the ones. The little holes in the wall that are always smokey and smell strange and only have one person there who doesn’t speak any English and just hurries you out. Most muggles assume they’re fronts for the Triads. Admittedly, some of them were. Or are. It can be good to have powerful people on your side and magical children aren’t just born to non-criminals. Triad men want their kids to get a good education too.

It was rarer when things were first starting, but nowadays it’s common for families to send their children to muggle schools during the day and magical schools in the afternoons and weekends. Sorry I can’t hang out, the kids tell their friends, Chinese school. Well, it is Chinese and it is a school so… not really a lie. They don’t really need a Muggle Studies professor since there’s not much room in New York to be secreted away from muggles. There is one very very overworked Muggle Studies teacher, but they mostly have to deal with helping magical FOBs deal with the fact that in New York there aren’t any magical communes the likes of Hogsmeade or 神奇的地方. They have Chinatowns and they have old muggle Chinese families who don’t pay any attention to them except to make sure that their money is good and their Cantonese authentic (Mandarin is okay, but village dialects are better. Show that you haven’t lost your roots). The muggle residents may not care that you’re magical but there are too many tourists around to risk being too obviously magical. Yes you can get away with almost anything but insisting to the white people that it’s ‘just how it is in China’ but come on. Someone’s going to figure out that beetle eyes aren’t actually a Chinese delicacy.  

Dancing The Moon (The Mountain Wolf Book 2) - Shifter Paranormal Romance

External image

Steamy sexual tension, absorbing characters, non-stop action, and a fight between good and evil propel the story forward…

A small mountain town hiding a dark secret. Lone Pine is a picturesque tourist town nestled in the Colorado Rockies. But the town also harbors a dark secret: a bloodthirsty werewolf pack masquerading as an outlaw biker gang. Opposing the pack is a group of paranormals known as the pack hunters, and they’ve gone to war against the werewolves in an effort to restore peace and safety to their mountain community. A young woman dealing with her new life as a werewolf. Naomi was attacked by one of the Raging Wolves, and she’s coming to grips with the fact that her life will never be the same. Her sexy male friend Kyle Blackwood–himself a lycanthrope–is helping her through the transition. But their friendship quickly turns into something much more, and sparks fly as they explore their animal urges and human struggles. A young woman coping with an unexpected tragedy. Rachel faces an unexpected tragedy that causes her to question everything. Rachel’s a skinwalker who can take the form of a wolf at will. Derrick Tate is her mate, and the handsome saloon keeper struggles to hold their relationship together while the war with the Raging Wolves threatens to consume them. A dangerous wild card arrives in Lone Pine. A wild card in the form of Alex Burkhalter. More than a mere werewolf, Alex has powers that make him far more dangerous to the paranormals in town. His presence changes the balance of power in a major way, and it’s a race against the clock to find him before he can put everyone’s life at risk.

people wonder why my relationship is strong

i’ll tell you 3 things

  1. we put God before each other. we put Him first and grow together in our mutual pursuit of Him. we pray and fast and do bible study individually, as well as together.
  2. we put in work. we’re not lazy when it comes to our love. we get creative and come up with new ideas. new ideas to communicate, to deal with the distance, to make each other feel special
  3. we are slow to anger and quick to forgive. now this part was hard. i’m a new yorker with a smart mouth and he’s the same way. and when you’re dealing with 2 people who are used to being right, you have to come to a conclusion where sometimes you see that you’re both right and the issue is not who is wrong, but how do you communicate in a way that you realize both perspectives are valid. we worked hard hard hard on this one. and now, before we even get a chance to disrespect each other, we woosah, pray on it, and talk to each other not like opponents, but like two people who love each other

that’s it. that’s the bulk of it. that’s why it works. that’s why we work.

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So what's up with this free two years of college? And where do I sign up?

The new deal with community colleges is going to be proposed in detail during the State of the Union Address on January 20th at 9p EST. President Obama has given a preview of sorts to the plan here.

Other topics that will be covered in the State of the Union that you should tune in for: digital privacy protection and faster internet speeds