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Oscar Wilde inspired Look Book for Alexander McQueen - Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection - designer: Sarah Burton - photographer: Ethan James Green - stylist: Alister Mackie - art direction: M/M Paris - hair: Matt Mulhall - makeup: Miranda Joyce - casting director: Jess Hallett - models: Filip Roseen, Kalam Horlick, Myles Dominique, Safari & Tsubasa - location: London

“It’s Oscar Wilde, it’s military, it’s dandy, it’s aristocratic, it’s romantic,”


Always wanted to work for you guys and now I did. This one’s for you! @suitsupply

#NYFW #fashionweek #super #Dandy #alittlebitof #Dapper and all the #Sexy #cool #youcanimagine #suits for #mrgreeneyes #ishablaaker (at Suit Supply store, 453 Broome street, New York)

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, March 1, 1883  

A new word has been coined. It is d-u-d-e or d-o-o-d. The spelling does not seem to be distinctly settled yet, but custom will soon regulate it.

A dude cannot be old; he must be young, and to be properly termed a dude he should be one of a certain class who affect the Metropolitan theaters. The dude is from 19 to 28 years of age, wears trousers of extreme tightness, is hollow-chester, effeminate in his ways, apes the English and distinguishes himself among his fellowmen as a lover of actresses.

They are offensive, because they blow cigarette smoke in the ladies’ faces and monopolize the bar between the acts.


I’m gonna start out this post with a disclaimer that my coworker demanded to see my fish tumblr, so I promised her I’d post photos tonight before I shared the URL.

Also, here’s the new tank (acrylic)! And new place! And new bb fish! Chai’s hanging in there, too. I trimmed her pompoms the other day so she can eat better! 

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Relationship and cuddling headcanons for Kisame with a female s/o, please :D

//I’m trying to ease back into writing with some headcanons, but I’m working on a few scenarios, too. I’ll post a huge heads up post in a moment.//

Kisame is a lover… not a fighter… but he still won’t cuddle you anywhere except on a bed, in a room, with the door shut (but not necessarily locked).

Big spoon, or with his face pressed into your chest if he doesn’t feel like engaging in much conversation.


“*various muffled noises that suspiciously sound like various words for boobs*”

Very big, you feel like you’re wearing a blanket of the softest, most quality materials. He’s also a heater, which makes Winter cuddles the best experience.